Friday, October 05, 2007

DJ Sara & DJ Ryusei Freestyle Session

This is the latest I've seen on their YouTube channel. I think the first DJ is their dad or whomever is teachin' these prodigies how to cut:


Friday, October 5th 2007 playlist

That top five is all I have been keeping on repeat in the MP3 player this week. Varying styles, but seriously beautiful music.

01/A-Sides "Memory Lane" [damn, A-Sides sure knows how to pick those samples!]
02/Chaka Khan ft. Mary J. Blige "Disrespectful" [best track on Chaka's latest CD.]
03/Opus III Vs. Demonic 1 "Fine Day (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP refix)" [My nigga done done it again!]
04/Hell Rell ft. Young Dro "You Know What It Is" [Rell spits hot garbage on this, Dro does the damn thing, but that beat is what this is all about.]
05/Mala "Alicia" [One of the DMZ boys revamps an Alicia Keys interlude into a sexy Dubstep romp.]

the leak fantastic:


I recently got an e-mail inre: this UK DMC turntablist champion, JFB. He's representing Brighton, UK, and dropped two mixes for the massive: here's a Drum & Bass Mix for August 2007, and a here's one that's a "DJ Battle Jam" CD mix. Hit up dude's MySpace for more info.


DJ Trackstar's Boogie Bang 9.5 (The Interlude) is available for you guys; this is to tide you over 'til that Boogie Bang X drops:

Kanye West/Lil Wayne-Barry Bonds
Crooked I-Uh Oh Freestyle
UGK/TI-Hit the Block
Big Will-TV (prod. Mr. Skip-A-Beat)
Lupe Fiasco/Gemini-We On
Playaz Circle/Lil Wayne-Duffle Bag Boy
David Banner-So Special
Chamillionaire/Slick Rick-Hip Hop Police
Joell Ortiz-Caught Up
Tef Poe-144 Bars (prod. Dro)
Styles P-Stop Skeemin
Crooked I-New West Anthem
Joell Ortiz/Ras Kass/Stimuli/Grafh-125 pt 3
Vandalyzm/Royce 5'9/Naledge-The Last Time (prod. 9th Wonder)
Talib Kweli/Justin Timberlake-The Nature
Kanye West/Dwele-Flashing Lights
Kanye West/Mos Def-Good Night
Cormega/Dwele-Sleep Well
Common-Break My Heart
Chaundon/Keisha Shontelle-Sunday
Screwz N Scripts-Way Back When (prod. Troublestylez)
Kanye West-Champion
Little Brother-Good Clothes



There's a couple of Whoo Kid-helmed mixtapes about: both G-Unit Radio 25 (Hosted by Chris Rock) with 50 Cent and The Cons Vol. 5 (Refuse To Die) with Consequence are floating about...


Benja Styles, DJ Envy & JDS have a new mixtape out there entitled Philly Love (The Spotlight Is On); grab it, then check the tracklist:

17.E NESS "187 REDRUM"

Cotdamn. I like how Benja revamped "Hip Hop Ride" though.


This week's DNB fix over at the DPD: FYLP (oct. 5th 2007 edition) features nastiness from the likes of Wicked Sway, DJ Hayze, State of Mind B2B Trei, the last BBC 1xtra show from DJ Flight, as well as Chris Goss & Tomahawk stepping in for DJ Hype on Kiss 100, with a special Cyantific guest mix to boot!


We're gonna take it back a bit with this video selection:

East Flatbush Project "Tried By 12"


Enjoy this Indian Summer. Until next time...

Elmo Helps Lil' Dunns Cope with the War

There's a special episode of Sesame Street where Elmo is talking to a character who has a father returning from war (damn, they let ANYONE into the Army these days). It won't be shown on TV for some reason, but they will be dropping copies to over 400,000 families with parents who are off fighting Dubya's battles:

I always thought it was odd that Elmo was voiced by a Black dude.

Aftermath Studio Session Pt. 1

With Busta Rhymes dropping jewels on the costs of music (studio budgets, ringtone prices, etc.) (spotted on Spine Magazine):

Seeing Bus in the studio cracks me up. Remember him and Timbaland from MTV Diary? Never gets old.

Hell Rell For The Hell Of It [review]

Wow OK that cover scares the shit out of me. Well, no, it's just fucking ignorant. But then again, this is Ruger Rell we're speakin' of. Dipset all day? I'd sure hope not...

He keeps saying he doesn't do this for the money or the fame, but then talks about wanting to buy a yacht and all this other bullshit. Nigga, please, you're in this trying to get paid. That's why you're on Koch - it's them illusions, nigga.

"Do It For The Hustlers"
OK this beat is boring. He sounds too much like Killa Cam on this one, which isn't exactly a good thing. And I'm already starting to not believe him. At all.

This beat sounds like my son made it. He can't speak yet. I hear that lil Milk Dee in the beat. If Rell and JR Writer are the future of Dipset, I see Dipset ending... tomorrow. And what was up with that apple juice/pee pee line? Too much of that gurple?

"Deep In Love"
I hate when these dudes try to act so hard, then talking about loving their niggas. This beat would have been cool 5 years ago. Wake me when it's over.

"You Can Count On Me"
Straight G shit? "Fuck with me"? How many "I sell drugs b/c my block is fucked up" tracks do I need to hear? Even worse, dude doesn't sound emotional at all. Next.

"Streets Gonna Love Me"
A lot of "me" talk on this disc, no? I do like that beat though - nice use of the vocal sample, but the chorus is very predictable. And who the fuck is truly trying to "die" for the streets?

"Life In The Ghetto"
I'm a sucker for piano melodies. I like this track, surprisingly. The 2nd verse really gets deep into the real grimey side of the hood. A lil too much bullshit about himself when he should be sticking to the topic, but dude rides the beat well. That "get ready for dick and some balls" line sounds odd.

"Hardest Out" (ft. Styles P)
Ghost just trying to get a check off this one. He completely murked Rell on this one. Doesn't even sound like he was in the studio during his rhymes. And who said Rell was one of the hardest rappers out?

"You Know What It Is" (ft. Young Dro)
I never thought I'd be saying this: Young Dro murks Rell on this one! I like how they actually split up the 3rd verse. This beat is bananas though - I could listen to this all day.

"Show Off"
Worst beat on the disc so far. Synth-heavy bullshit. Whomever makes beats like this needs to be shot.

"I'm The Shit" (ft. Cam'ron)
"I'm the shit man/you see these flies flyin' 'round me?" Huh? This beat is vintage Dipset, though: that hi-hat heavy, epic sounding sample shit. Crazy boom-bap. I really like Rell's first verse; the whole Range Rover/Phantom shit at the end makes me smile. Is Cam talking about his IBS on his verse?

"Respect Me" (ft. JR Writer)
I get tired of niggas talkin' about money like they truly blow their noses with dollar bills, be forreal. JR kind of sounds like Papoose, for good or ill.

"I Shall Proceed (Rep The Set)"
Yawn. Why bastardize a Roots chorus? He freaks some old school sounds in the beat though; I'm on the fence with this one.

"Always Wanted To Be A Gangsta"
*Sigh* Another waste of time.

"Where You From" (ft. Juelz Santana)
This beat is kind of wild. I like the bounce to it, and it switches up nicely, too. "This Rap Ramadan/what you niggas go hungry". ROFL! How is Santana only doing the chorus?!?

"I Ain't Playin' Wit 'Em"
Um... OK!? I'm glad this is over.

What a waste of time. I don't have much good to say about this CD. The cover is the best part, and it sucks. I mean I couldn't have expected much, right?

rock the dub gives Hell Rell's For The Hell Of It 2 out of 5 stars. Nonsense beats, nonsense rhymes; Dipset no way.

hit the links:
Hell Rell on MySpace

Thursday, October 04, 2007

XXL: Exclusive American Gangster LP info

YN got the SUPER EXCLUSIVE Jay-Z American Gangster info. I am so psyched for this. Included in this post:
  • Puffy & the Hitmen reunited like the Wu and are possibly contributing FOUR cuts?
  • Expect this project to be "the lyrical side of Reasonable Doubt meets the musical majesty of Blueprint"
  • Pharrell only does two cuts, and they are the only commercial smashes.
  • No I.D. brought a track, as does Jermaine Dupri. With Bilal. Wow.
  • As of right now, Beans is the only cat YN heard featured, on a revamped version of "Ignorant Shit".
  • There's still unfinished material out there: DJ Toomp produced a cut, and there's something with a Marvin Gaye sample that's still being worked out.

Needless to say, I am super pumped for this release. I love me some Hov when he's on his grisly. This sounds like a dope ass collection.

Homie Spumoni!?!?

Spotted @ Crunk & Disorderly (big up E)

Yo, OK I'm a fan of Donald Faison's. I rememeber dude being in Sugar Hill and Clueless when he was younger, and was a big fan. I also love Jamie-Lynn Sigler (my Sopranos appreciation is well-documented). And fucking Paul Mooney is the truth. One of the best Black comedians and writers ever, no bullshit. I wasn't expecting a movie with all 3 of them in it, especially entitled Homie Spumoni. Check the plot:

Meet Renato: a pasta-loving, Dean Martin-worshipping Italian-American living la dolce vita and working at his papa's Little Italy deli. Until his African-American birth parents show up, claiming he's their long-lost son Leroy. Now that he's suddenly black, "Leroy" tries his best to shoot hoops and dig hip-hop, but all he really wants is for everyone to just get along!

Say what? We beef on Hip-Hop music, Michael Vick, Don Imus, saggy pants and the like, but we let ignorant bullshit like this through? I don't give a frigid fuck if this never made it to the theaters... why would someone like Whoopi Goldberg sign on to be in some heaping bullshit like this?

I'm half-tempted to buy this and review it. I want to see how low my people's culture can go.

You can diss on Homeboys In Outer Space and whatever other nonsense you want to; Homie Spumoni, dog? SMH...

Peanut Butter Wolf's 2K8 B-Ball Zombie War

Big up Lord Wigflip.

Hit the Stones Throw website for more info.

Playaz Circle ft. Lil' Wayne "Duffle Bag Boy" (video)

I can't get this chorus out of my head. Sorry.

Plus, homegirl that turns off the alarm in the beginning has a fatty!

The Observation Deck (4th Oct. 2007)

They act as if this nigga never played ball...

  • The Atlanta Falcons are trying to get a refund on the $22 Million bonus they gave Michael Vick because, get this, if they knew he was invovled in illegal dogfighting, they wouldn't have signed him. Huh? Oh wait, do you hear that sound? It's the bullshit alarm going off...
  • Beanie Sigel is auditioning to play Biggie? Beans is a big dude but he gonna need a fat suit, right? At least we'd have a real rhymer... let's just hope the filmmakers never saw State Property!
  • E has a couple of stores detailing the beatings/brutalizing/murderous actions some Americans take towards others. Senseless...
  • If you haven't gotten a colonoscopy yet, good news: they might make x-ray colonoscopies a thing of the near future.
  • Episode #53 features an interview with old school legend Milk Dee. Don't sleep.
  • OhWord be hatin' on New Jack Swing, and I do, too!
  • You gotta love how the Wu became the first cats to clear a Beatles sample... then they weren't. The Beatles were still kind enough to gank them for crazy loot as if it WERE a full fledged sample, though.
  • The ethics case against Herman Thomas (AKA the court judge who used to spank niggas) was dropped.
  • Apple swears it's not making your iPhone an expensive brick to exact revenge, but I guess you can't stop the determination of hackers.

I'm tired. Someone else man the post, I'm hitting the snooze...

Termanology "So Amazing" (video)

Termanology is one of the nicest unsigned right now...

Produced by DJ Premier (as if you ain't already know).

BONUS: "So Amazing" (radio edit)

Away Team "Greedy" (video)

Diggin' the track. The video? Kind of nice to see shit broken down to the bare elements...

Training Day is in stores October 30th.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I Get Money... the wristband?!?!

Talk about ignorance. I mean, it's bad enough that 50 Cent took an innocent old school rhyme and has made it this nonsensical anthem and a seminal cock-rub whenever he throws fake "50" dollar bills in the air during his shows. Now some jack-offs have mass produced these wristbands carrying the slogan?

I feel bad for Milk Dee. Is he going to see any monies off the proceeds? I hope this is feeding someone's babies or putting loot into the pockets of some Black college students. We all know that's a pipedream...


(shouts to Rafi for the initial link)

Separated At Birth?

Amy Winehouse & Mick Jagger (Pic from Rolling Stone)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"Cereal Is Dope" Outtakes

Those damn Internets Celebrities; you can't just have one amazing video like "Cereal Is Dope" (make sure you digg it); you gotta hit us with the OUTTAKES?!!? Check out this reel clips that didn't make the cut:

Get some info regarding these HERE. Rafi drops the ill post there; Dallas drops some more insightful info, and we also get TWO Lucky Charms-related clips HERE. INTERNETS CELEBRITIES FTW!

Possible American Gangster tracklist?

Over at weapons of mass distraction, there's a supposed tracklist to Jay-Z's forthcoming American Gangster from iTunes that looks mad suspicious:

1. Amen
2. Blue Magic
3. Untitled
4. Alright, Alright
5. You Don’t Know
6. And The Winner Is
7. American Gangster (Featuring T.I.)
8. Welcome
9. Ignorant Shit
10. The Demise
11. I Get Money (Remix)
OK I first assume that the "I Get Money (Remix)" is that Forbes 123 joint with 50 Cent and Diddy; if Jay wasn't trying to go radio with this, why would this be included? If you peep the original post @ wmdeez, there's other rumored tracks that are missing, like "No Hook", which was a big part of the NY Times article, as well as cuts featuring both Kanye West AND Nas. I don't see ANY of this making any sense. Not to mention that Just Blaze recently posted about the 40/40 impromptu session Hov and Blaze did on stage (with free drinks!), mentioning a cut entited "Roc Boys".

Basically, iTunes, I think you need to hold off on this until eskay posts something. I don't believe nathan until then.

Amanday All Day (webisode 3)

Diva on the VMA's. Pt. 1:

Monday, October 01, 2007

Chaka Khan Funk This review

I don't think I can pull off a full piece on this Chaka Khan disc, so I figured why not drop a track-by-track review on this. First time for any of my rock the dub reviews, so let's see how it goes:

"Back In The Day"
It must suck being an established artist trying to stay relevant. Chaka has done so much, it's hard to not compare her new output with her classic work. This track is not where she needs to go: the writing is weird, her voice is being filtered odd, and aside from the bass guitar, this is an odd intro to start out with.

"Foolish Fool"
Stupid track title, even more mindless lyrics. This sounds like a jam that ended up being recorded and kept on in a purple haze.

"One For All Time"
This one is a little better, the chorus is dope, but it's not something I'd love to listen to again and again. Kind of sounds like something I've heard before and didn't like.

The first slow jam, and it's alright. The lyrics are kind of out there, and sound like a drunken Teena Marie, but Chaka makes it work.

"Will You Love Me"
This CD is 0 for 5 right now in terms of keepers; this Neo-Soul sound is not hittin for Chaka. Her voice sounds much better, but the instrumental is too far out.

"Castles Made Of Sand"
Ugh. The first line is on some spoken word malarky; the backwards guitar reminds me of the guitar solo in D'Angelo's "The Root", but this is just a mess.

"Disrespectful" (ft. Mary J. Blige)
OK this is the best track on it. Not a good look that the heater comes in at track 7 of a 13-track disc. The beat reminds me of Amerie's "1 Thing", but Chaka and MJB freak this one just right. Keep this one.

"Sign 'O' The Times"
Appreciating this track only makes sense if you are a Prince fan. If you've never heard the original, you will be lost. This remake is not good @ all - something is just off. The arrangement sounds like Prince's original, only it's not, so it comes off kind of pointless.

"Pack'd My Bags/You Got The Love (ft. Tony Maiden)"
Who or what is a Tony Maiden? I have no idea. This track sounds like it could be dope live - they could extend that "pack'd my bags" mantra and really freak it vocally. I'd actually rather hear this cut done live than on a CD.

"Ladies Man"
Promising track that sounds a bit too modern for my Chaka taste. Some of the metaphors are silly, but what can you do. Nice, slower vibes here.

"You Belong To Me (ft. Michael McDonald)"
Why did they need to throw the vocoder on here? And did Michael McDonald HAVE to hop up on this? It sounds like Barry Gibb and the Bee Gees produced this, with a fake Stevie Wonder harmonica solo. Wow.

"Hail To The Wrong"
Another attempt at a more modern-sound that just goes nowhere. Those handclaps and the constant percussion hit (what is the stick hitting, an empty bottle or something?) just annoy the daylights out of me. I do like Chaka's non-screaming voice, though.

"Super Life"
Not really feeling this one either. Sounds like its trying too hard to sound like vintage Rufus. Those wah-wah guitars are dope, but the entire package is bland.

Which is the main thing about this CD: Chaka tries hard. Her voice is the saving grace: she has such control, she can make her voice do backflips at will - but the selection of tracks on here is ridiculous. Loads of half-hearted attempts at wooing the Adult Contemporary crowd, who'd just rather hear her belt out some classics. Maybe this disc was made with a "tour of the hits" in mind, ala her pal Prince. Go Chaka, let me hear "Sweet Thing".

Essential Cuts: "Disrespectful", "Pack'd My Bags/You Got The Love"

rock the dub gives Chaka Khan's Funk This album a 2.5 out of 5 stars. While Chaka still has "it", her selection of songs is sub-par; Chaka can still blow, but needs an overhaul in terms of songs that really mean something.

hit the links:
Funk This on Amazon
Chaka Khan on MySpace
Listen to the entire LP on

FOTM: THUGSTEP #6 (10/2007)

A lil' different styles. No Rap this month, but this shit still has an ill feel to it. Nappy threw Kirsty Hawkshaw's lovely vocal on "It's A Fine Day" (which was a cover of the Jane & Barton tune from 1983 of the same name) with a brutal Demonic 1 track (which is available for FREE on his "DIE!" EP through SWAEG Records - grab this and more HERE), giving her beautiful voice some bombarding bass and beats. It's a great contrast, and almost turns the sing-songy chorus into a sarcastic romp. Imagine a schoolgirl skipping through war-torn Iraq, bouncing on her way to school, singing a song as rockets and WMDs are going off along each side of her.

Rough in this jungle.

For previous THUGSTEP leaks, hit the link. Check out DJ Nappy on MySpace. And get involved, pigeons.

Nas: Greatest Hits?

(as seen on Nah Right)

Peep the tracklist:

1. Less Than An Hour (with Cee-Lo)
2. Untitled New Track
3. It Ain’t Hard To Tell
4. NY State Of Mind
5. One Love
6. If I Ruled The World (with Lauryn Hill)
7. Street Dreams (with R. Kelly)
8. Hate Me Now (with Puff Daddy)
9. Ether
10. One Mic
11. Got UR Self A…
12. Made You Look
13. Oochie Wally
14. Bridging The Gap (with Olu Dara)
OK what is this? "Oochie Wally" is one of your greatest hits? Why not "I Can" or "The World Is Yours"? Nas, you've had so many defining statements... why go out with the nonsense listed here? And the funny thing is? I bet this is the final. I'm surprised he isn't going by just the dope singles, for "Thief's Theme" should have made the cut (I'd even seckle for "Hip Hop Is Dead"). "Bridging The Gap"? I know you love your Dad but DAMN! The sequence is off, too! That track with Cee-Lo is from Rush Hour 3; why put that and another new cut at the very beginning? At the very least go in chronological order!

I guess it doesn't matter, though; with this dropping on November 6th, coming up against Jay and his American Gangster CD, it won't even matter. This is just fufilling the obligations of the former contract, no?

Kanye West on SNL

How come no one let me know that 'Ye was going to be on SNL!? I haven't watched the show in a while, but this shit is funny:

"I deserved that Kid's Choice Award..."

Peep this and his performances on Nah Right. Oh, and did you know Kan had a blog?

Soul Plane 2


The Boondocks, Season 2: October 8th @ 11:30PM EST.

[adult swim] The Boondocks