Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday, October 19th 2007 playlist

niggas post that music like it's their fuckin' job.

l-l-l-l-l-l-leak unit!

There's a wild new mixtape collaboration out there (shouts to BGDB for the heads up): Mick Boogie, Terry Urban and 9th Wonder present The Graduate, hosted by Kanye West. Peep the tracklist:

League Crew/Kanye West: Intro
Kanye West and 50 Cent: Flashing Lights (Mick Boogie Mix)
Kanye West and Nas: I Wonder (Terry Urban Mix)
Kanye West and Jay-Z: Never Let Me Down (9th Wonder Remix)
Kanye West and Jay-Z: Big Brother/Encore (live)
Kanye and Mos Def: Good Night
Kanye West: I Still Love Her
Kanye West: Stronger (Original Unreleased Verse)
Kanye and Nas: Major League (Mick Boogie Mix)
Kanye and Biggie: Kicks Open Doors (Terry Urban Mix)
Kanye West: A Million And One
Kanye West, Little Brother and Lil Wayne: Breakin My Heart (Mick Boogie Mix / produced by 9th Wonder)
Kanye West: Champion (live)
Kanye West and Jay-Z: Everything I am (Terry Urban Mix)
Kanye West: Freestyle
Kanye West and Common: Get Em High (A-Trak Remix)
Consequence and Kanye West: Complications (Mick Boogie Mix)
Kanye West and Ludacris: Breathe In (9th Wonder Remix)
Kanye West and Talib Kweli: The Bounce/Two Words (live)
Kanye West: Two Words (9th Wonder Remix)
Kanye, Dr. Dre and Busta Rhymes: Imagine 2008 (Terry Urban Remix)
Kanye West, Consequence, & Patti Labelle: Anything
Consequence and Kanye West: Skillz (Terry Urban Mix)
Kanye West and Common: Glory (Mick Boogie Remix)
Kanye West and Termanology: Everything (The Diddy Song)
Kanye West and Consequence: Dont Forget Em
Kanye West, Common and Lupe Fiasco: Southside (Terry Urban Remix)
Kanye West and Little Brother: Naaw (9th Wonder Bonus Track)

Cotdamn this looks tasty.


Grab that new DJ Ayers Australia tour mix, Feel My Wallaby:

Twista & Pharell - Give It Up (Smalltown Mike & DJ Ayres Drumline remix) *
Dave Nada - Kelly Bundy **
Dave Nada - Back It Up **
Tittsworth - On And On
Top Billin - Make Me Cream
Caps & Jones - Put Your Leg Up remix
Switch - A Bit Patchy (DJ Ayres party break)
Jimmy Jones vs Debonair Samir - Watch Out for the Big Girl (DJ Ayres edit)
DJ Ayres - Go Back
DJ Ayres - Give It Up or Turn It Loose ***
DJ Ayres - Nu Nu *
DJ Ayres - Everybody Everybody (Quiet Storm remix) *

* Coming soon on the "I Like Make Dance" EP
** Out now on the "Kick Out the Jams" EP
*** Coming soon on Gamm "Doin James - Part 1″ EP

Get your party on.


DPD has the drop on that DnB mixology for you: this week's FYLP features the following - a new, nasty mix from Fanu, Adam Form's Rubik Records podcast, the return of Gasm's HEAVYBAG show, titanZERO and Proket on label mix duties, DJ Jambo bringing the pressure and Equinox on Jungletrain.


KRS-One was recently saying that he is looking to re-start his "Stop The Violence" movement with some of today's Rap stars, which seems odd when many Rap stars of today use a load of violent images in their work. In any case, you can't deny a classic:

"Self Destruction"

and for good measure...

"We're All In The Same Gang"

Stop that violence, my people. Increase the peace. Until next time...

Little Mac on Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

Yes, that's Little Mac from Punch Out! looking all brolic. I so wish I owned a Wii.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Butcher Battle 1 Finals: Kodyak vs. Tantrum

shouts to DJ Vlad for this one:

Some of this is kind of wack though.

Lil' Wayne "Gossip"

Word is this is the diss to 50 Cent. I'm actually feeling this, even if it's all subliminal:

(Spotted the video @ illRoots, BGDB got the MP3)

My thoughts on Nas and Nigga

After peepin' Rizoh's compilation of all things news-related inre: Nas' rumored Nigga album, I have to ask: why is there such a big beef about titling your album Nigga? We allow albums (with parental advisory stickers, no less) to be riddled with all kinds of niggas and bitches and ho's and gats and the like, we allow Urban Radio shows the opportunity to use the word DURING MORNING RUSH HOUR, we allow Don Imus to return to radio, but we want to beef with Nas over the title of this album? We praise Richard Pryor for his use of the word, as well as Paul Mooney, turning it on it's ear and making light of situations, but we hate on Nas for his choice? What's the content of the album - is it a dissection, ala Bill Cosby, of the Black American struggle, life in the hood, and a way to flip the word back, or decry its usage? Some of the best art is satire - was Nas working on something in that nature, ala "These Are Our Heroes" (even if the ending was a bit corny)?

The sad part is, I don't think the Nas of today has the BALLS to release an album entitled Nigga. Nasty Nas would put it out, but "The Artist" won't. He can't even put tracks like "Black Zombies" or "No Idea's Original" on his commercial albums, so why would I believe he could pull off something of this magnitude.

I asked Rafi his thoughts on the issue, and he hit me with this beautiful response: "you know what would be even better though? if Nas could make an album where the most note-worthy thing about it wasn't the title." Many of the blogging world, especially the Hip-Hop bloggers, heard about Nigga being the possible title of Nas' LAST album, last year, so this is not necessarily new news, but the fact that it's the same fucking story screams "publicity stunt"... and makes myself and others just go dust off Illmatic and remember the times...

When A Toothless Man Strikes...

My co-worker looks like this man, only slightly younger, with longer hair... and less teeth. I've never been told why he has no teeth, is skinnier than Paris Hilton and walks with a cane, but I figure it's either a) a crack habit or b) getting hit by a Mac truck, possibly while smoking crack.

That's not the point of this story, though. This is just what I have to deal with, day in and day out, when I attempt to perform work-related duties.

Without giving away the name of my employer, I will just say we handle many functions for the state of New Jersey. We run many reports, and make sure proceeses go through so people can get loot. Now, my department has a few main reports that need to be ran daily, including one that must hit the State by 9AM or bad things happen (apparently, I've seen that report be 30 minutes late and no one got fired). Our crew is about 5 people deep, but we rotate schedules between 3 people. One person might run "the report" 2 days a week, and we just switch it off between the 3 of us. The thing is, my co-workers are not competent enough to 1) give me training on all of the procedures and programs and 2) make up a simple schedule. When this happens, I have a Toothless Man over my shoulder, confusing me further.

Two weeks ago, I was told I was to run "the report" on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which was no problem, except that on Thursdays I knock out this larger spreadsheet that's not diffuclt nor time-sensitive, just time-consuming. It can be started after "the report" has been sorted, and really causes no fuss. There ended up being a big hub-bub, but no "OK you can run the spreadsheet on another day". So my schedule, the one I wrote for myself read "'the report': Tues & Thurs, spreadsheet: Fri". So Thursday of last week comes, and I'm running "the report"... but so is Toothless Man. Since I'm on the ball, I locked him out when he tried to access it... and here he comes! "You're doing 'the report'?" he asks; "Yes, that's the schedule, right?" I say. "OH NO, you are to do 'the report' on FRIDAY, because you do the spreadsheet on Thursday" he barks back. I look at my paper, say "OK" and finish 'the report', advising him I'll do the spreadsheet the next day - which I do. I asked him Friday, "I am doing the spreadsheet today, right?" "Yes, because you did 'the report' yesterday"...

Flash forward to 45 minutes ago. I notice he is away from his desk at 8AM, which is odd, b/c 'the report' needs to be knocked out early. I get a few mintues into printing out all of the data for the spreadsheet - and here comes Toothless Man on some "you're supposed to run 'the report' today". HUH!? I look at him like, what? He says "yeah, you do 'the report' on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and work the spreadsheet on Fridays", which is essentially what I told him last week. I am fucking dog tired, and not in the mood for foolishness, so I laughed it off, handed him the pound of data I printed out, and knocked out 'the report'.

*sigh* I think my department is incompetent. I just got an e-mail from my manager asking me why 'the report' was sent out so late... when I sent it to the State @ 8:49AM, and he emailed me at 8:50AM.

Is today just not my day?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"Hulk Hogan, we comin' for you, nigga!"

Peep Booker T on the slip-up:

You like how he knew he don' fucked up, and Sista Sherri (RIP) was all "LOL" and shit.

I post this b/c my nigga Booker T left the WWE this week. Makes me sad.

Huey Vs. Uncle Ruckus

The beat underneath their battle is the truth. It's on some 70s Kung Fu goofiness meets ill Hip-Hop mastery:

From "...And Die Trying". I still need to peep episode 2.

Amanday All Day: Doin' Dishes

She does have a small ass kitchen:

Monday, October 15, 2007

SMH @ Katt Williams

Please tell me my hard-earned monies spent on your DVD did NOT contribute to this assault on regular fashion, Katt. And is that supposed to be a noose around your neck? What's really good?
EDIT (May 5th 2008): I've since found out WHY Katt was wearing a noose around his neck, and it makes perfect sense. On his "It's Pimpin' Pimpin'" Tour, Katt let it be known that it was not the nooses that scare niggas... it's the HANGING that scares niggas. It was an effort to attack those who were hanging nooses all around. Katt likens it to throwing bullets on the ground, hoping to scare someone. Damn funny, and real shit.

(Pic from Fresh, passed to me by E)

Lean Makes You Fat

Moe Dee, you on that drank?

First and foremost, RIP to Big Moe. Now, peepin' MGG's post over at XXL, I learned something today that my boy E confirmed: drinkin' that drank makes you big. Lookin' at guys like Paul Wall and Mike Jones, you can tell that some arteries and shit have been clogged and are making it harder for the shit to pass through. Plus, check out Beanie Sigel: he been on pills AND lean for years, and he is a mountain of a man. It just makes me think: who else is on that drank? Kool Moe Dee is looking massive these days. Could he be on that purple rain?

With this newly-acquired info, though, I doubt Lil' Wayne be on that lean. He is too fucking skinny to fit the bill. I don't doubt he fires up that green on the reg, but he looks like he missed a whole gang of meals.

I'm just saying.

So kids, stay off that lean - it can kill you!

Ghostface Killah f/Sean Price- "Pisstachio"*

*Niggas gotta have fun sometimes, no? E and I were going back and forth about this whole Ghostface Vs. Wu thing, and I got bit by the bug. We ended up on some collabo shit, Ghostface Vs. Sean Price. Check it out!

verse 1 - Ghostface Killah

Teddy Ruxpin ass banana Snapple head niggas
Spagehetti head chocolate nutriment ass niggas
Drippin' pastries on my clarks
While I'm eatin' guppies wit the sharks
Flew into the heavenly skies
G O D sitting on the throne with apple pie
I threw a razor in his face on the low
Punched the kid in the head, he had an afro
Shit was crazy how lazy the drugs made me
But the fiends tried to creep
Poppoed in the magazine, gun talker of the year award
Don't ever fucks with Theodore
Pop-pop as my gun talked back,
Rest in peace, cop the flowers paid respects to Jack
I raw dogged his baby mother on Valentine's
Big footed bitch, Pumas size 9's
Cunt juice and oil
Left the bedsheet soil
Pretty bitches freak the ferry boat with the foil
Super team cream laser eye beam with the scope knocked out
Leave the pope locked out
"Niggas you cant smoke in my house"
Bazooka Joe timers
Shaolin project grinders

verse 2 - Sean Price

Beat batterer, give P a beat, battle ya
Snatch ya heart like Euros did slaves out of Africa
One shot to the dome then I rattle ya
Abra-ca-dabra, David Blaine with the magic,
poof-poof, the hammers blow and make it tragic
It's a shame when these niggas act drastic
How the fuck is these niggas gon act drastic
Don't let me get nervous or somethin'
Tear your spine out the frame then fuck up ya function
I bring the gems, Pa
on you and ya friends, Pa
Niggas getting shook for they dough, give up the ends Pa
Flash the fo' fifth with the fo' fifth flasher
Flashin n' forfeit ya cash before I blast ya
Have the pastor ask you who the best in rap disaster
Once Ruck now i go by my government name
Sean Price number 1 then I fucked up the game (P!)
The Ruck without rock I be, I self lord and master
Grasp the gat faster than sheep running on pasture
Face smasher
Broke rapper take the stash and open gash her
Sean P, not the Youngblood but I'm like a young Blood
Shoot up ya whole territory then make the new slugs hug
Powerful posture pumpin pellets into the game
How the fuck you get into my game? me?
Two arms, 3 legs, and 4 shotties
I write my murder in ink like Ja and Irv gotti
5 dime hotties built like Rihanna on stilts
Sean P perfectly pinching up the quilt
Brokest rapper you know, do all kinds of tracks for dough
and when I'm ready to blast off, y'all niggas gon know

chorus - Ghostface Killah

We dudes makin' jokes in the class yo
Brolic dudes who smash broads and eat Pisstachios
Stay gettin cash yo
Sell crack, fuck bitches, then collect Pisstachios

verse 3 - Ghostface Killah
Eating Herr's chips flipped the script like Spongebob on Urkle
Touch the purple nurple let the eyeshadow cleanse ya soul
This be Big Ghost, the man with the big toast
Spotted Big Red, we took a long trip coast to coast
He drank the orange tonic
I had some kush
I puff the la slowly
He pissed in a bush
Grabbed a lil turtle on the tush, got the eye jammy
Ghost the illest Wu nigga never to win a Grammy
Remember being at Mammy house, stay off the couch in the corner
Got my first feel off that lil Jack Horner
Rhyme scorner, coke general, game provider
Ghost wylin like a sweater in the drier
the African David Bowie, most niggas don't know me
Check the scale bitch, throw it on ya clit then blow me
Straight off!

verse 4 - Sean Price

Powerful P
Poppin' Pistols Protection Profession
Pop session
Rhyme wreckin'
Mike checkin
Waitin' on heaven with the reverend
Barry Bonds grand slam bats when I rap
Sean P and Big Ghost like cocaine on the track
No Bobby and Whitney
I'm not the rapper that'll battle on Smack
I'm type to smack a rapper then sell 'em some crack
Fuck a DVD if it don't pay Franklins to P
Props to P don't mean shit if I can't pay power to see
That's my word to my son and my word to my bitch
Monkey Barz, Jesus Price, Mic Tyson, man I'm tryin' to get rich
3 solos then I'm done, yo I'm out this bitch
Duckdown, Theodore, Wu-Tang and the Boot Camp Clik
Grab ya Timbs, Clarks and hoodies, we runnin' this shit

chorus - Ghostface Killah

We dudes makin' jokes in the class yo
Brolic dudes who smash broads and eat Pisstachios
Stay gettin cash yo
Sell crack, fuck bitches, then collect Pisstachios

Joe Budden speaks on leaving Def Jam

You know I have to ride for Joe Budden. I mean, we're both from New Jersey, and this nigga can SPIT! Eskay interviewed Joe for, and Joe let's it all hang out, and fucking makes SENSE while doing it.

Jay told XXL in 2006 that the reason Def Jam hasn’t released your new album is because you never handed in a completed project.
That’s an empty answer also. That doesn’t say anything. That doesn’t give the people anything. I’ve been recording for ages. You’ve never asked for a Joe Budden album. Nobody at Def Jam has ever asked for a Joe Budden album. I was without a recording budget for two years. Two and a half, three years I’d say. I was without an A&R for two years. Everybody keeps talking about what they don’t have, like, “We don’t have the album, we’re not blocking it.” Nobody’s talking about what happened and what’s happening. Let’s deal with facts and let’s deal with reality. I put "Gangster Party” out, it got spins, ya’ll left it for dead. I said, “Put me in with Timbaland,” I came back with a hit record and ya’ll never did nothing with it, and then ya’ll left me to sit there. And then I said, “okay, three years later, maybe they’re right, maybe I don’t have the records. Let me go get in with Just Blaze.” And then I tell Just Blaze’s manager to call up there and pay for the session and they don’t wanna pay for the session, so I paid for it out of pocket. Again. Everything I did at Def Jam was out of pocket. So I really have just all this time been waiting for this day to come.

That makes a lot of sense. It's not like Joe was laid up. Anyone who heard either of the Mood Muzik mixtapes knows that Joe stayed on his grisly. I still put on tracks like "Dumb Out" and, well, dumb out. I also don't see how they didn't think dude was marketable - "Pump It Up" was a beast!

Hopefully Joe can get into a situation where he is properly released and reclaims his spot as one of the best in the game on a worldwide level.

The Observation Deck (15th Oct. 2007)

Now why you gotta go and do that?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Nas LIVE @ The Roseland Ballroom (Oct. 2007)

I already posted one video over @ Flawless Hustle (shouts to Hav & SBK); this is another piece of that night. Nas performs "Nas Is Like", "Nastradamus", "Ether" (sans Jay-Z dissin'), "Black Republicans" (sans Jay-Z) and "You Da Man" for a hungry crowd:

Shouts to Wes AGAIN for this video.