Saturday, October 08, 2011

[video] Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz ft. Q-Unique & Slaine "Metal In Your Mouth"

[video] Jéan P "Opposites Attract"

[video] Casey Veggies "Euphoria ll"

[video] I.B.E ft. Dodi Phy "Holdin Somethin"

[video] Wingspan "Wait A Minute"

[video] Skutelis "Urbāni radoša brīvība"

RTD Playlist (Week Of 10/7/2011)


Friday, October 07, 2011

The Combat Jack Show (10/5/2011)

The Combat Jack show continues to roll on. Word is the boy A-King wants the show to be tighter, and this episode was packed with guests, so it made sense. That's right, Azad Right, Jasiri X and the man like Lil' Cease all stopped by to the show on Wednesday, speaking on a number of topics. They even went in on the freestyle tip (as you saw above)! Another great episode in the chamber, trust. Shouts to the entire team.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (10/5/2011)

The Combat Jack Show (Lil Cease, Azad Right, Jasiri X) 10-5-11 by PNCRadio

[RTD Interview]: L.A.

Over the last few years, the mainstream has questioned why there's a lack of females on the mic, while only pushing chicks like Nicki Minaj. On the underground, there's a growing crop of fierce ladies who do the damn thing, and one who's fallen onto my radar is L.A.. She recently dropped her The L.A. Riots project, which blew me away, and she's been building steam on these here Internets over her short time as an MC. Figured it made sense to get to know homegirl, how she got into this game and what prompted her to bring it back to 1992 with her latest release...

[video] Tweekbeatz "On The Contrair"

Bonus Beats Tweekbeatz "On The Contrair"

[video] Quan "Feel So Good"

Eric Roberson EPK

[video] Ka "Cold Facts"

[video] Imam T.H.U.G. "Chop Suey"

Not mad at this video at all. Looks like the bulk of the budget was spent on liquor.

[video] The Box Story "Funky Elegant"

Bonus Beats The Box Story "Funky Elegant"

Thursday, October 06, 2011

[video] Soul Khan "Alec Baldwin"

Directed by Brian Robinson for Hyer Ground.

[video] Dom O Briggs "Zach Galifianakis Musik"

Rome Cee "Black Ring"

I hope you cats didn't sleep on Rome's The Extra Mile, but if you did... check this jawn out then hit a U-Turn and get on that path. Cee has the sharp lines on this one, building it on the ring around Mike Tyson's eye. Dope how this one manifests from one idea into all different zones. Short workout, but it's not light-work - you'll be KO'd before the round's up if you fuck around. The Bmore representer is dropping The Grey Area in the Winter of 2011.

DOWNLOAD Rome Cee "Black Ring" (prod. by Dischoe)

Sketch Tha Cataclysm "Kidney Stones"

Taken from Indie Rappers Do It For Gas Money (Vol. 2), Sketch takes a perfect throwback-flavored Willie Green beat to help flesh out the "love letter/hate mail" of an album to the listener. Kind of an ill idea, when you think about it - I imagine as much as artists, especially indie artists, love their fanbase, it's hard to justify a lot for heads who are trying to eat off of the funds they make, and without that machine to sort of cushion certain blows, they can get caught out there real quick, with nothing to show for it. Part of the game, but yeah I don't hear cats attacking this topic in this manner. Sketch goes buck on this beats, with loads of words and lines flying by you. Definite rewind track here.

DOWNLOAD Sketch Tha Cataclysm "Kidney Stones" (prod. by Willie Green)

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (10/05/2011)

[video] Stealth "Higher Learning"

Bonus Beats Stealth "Higher Learning"

King I Divine Makes A Beat

If you fox with this, cop that East 54th via iTunes or Bandcamp.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Vacate Wall Street

@Dallas_Penn (with the fresh haircut) explains why he feels you need to #vacatewallstreet.

[video] Meyhem Lauren "The Silk Shirt Ambassador"

[video] Tim T "Do It"

Not sure why the beginning of this video was on that melodrama, but I'm not mad at the Jersey niggas flippin "This Is How We Do It" into a new school bouncer. I never went to parties like this when I was a shorty, but I figure if I rolled with some down ass people, I'd be going ham in spots like this. Taken from Tim T's Heather's House.

[video] 9th Wonder "Make It Big"

9th breaks down how he made it big. This beat is nuts.

Donny Goines x KarmaloopTV

J-Zone's Putting Out A Book

If you're like me, you're an old fan of the man like J-Zone. Whether it's on the boards creating heat (hell, he has a placement on the forthcoming Has-Lo project) or the hilarity he brings in his rhymes, you always got his ill personality and wit in anything he did. Do remember, though, Zone is a hustler and a smart motherfucker, and on the low he's been writing some ill pieces on his different perspectives on the Hip-Hop game, both past and current. I'm happy to see that homey has actually written a book, Root For The Villian: Rap, Bullsh*t and A Celebration Of Failure (of which you can check an excerpt of the first chapter via egotripland). Zone's book is about the music industry/business, but given his unique view on life (which mirrors a lot of the sentiments I hold on things), it turns into something more. Peep Zone's breakdown after the jump, read the Chapter 1 excerpt, then cop the book when he drops it. I will have this read soon - need to get back on my literary dean! I know this is set to drop in Fall of 2011, although via, Zone is looking at a November 1st release date. Keep on the look out for all of that!

Billy Woods x Elucid "Bank of America"

A couple of weeks ago, I posted the awesome "Demolition", which was by Elucid and AM Breakups, who I learned are working as Cult Favorite. Be on the lookout, them fools have a grip of tunes on deck. Thematically, atop a better use of Nina Simone than The Throne used, Gutta revisits some of the feelings from "My Mayor Is A Billionaire", and in an era where #OccupyWallStreet is the name of the game, cuts like this from niggas are necessary. More of that Black CNN shit we need. This is another jawn from The Cost Of Living... you still sleeping!? Backwoodz stand up.

DOWNLOAD Billy Woods x Elucid "Bank of America" (prod. by Marmaduke)
Bank Of America by E L U C I D

Mane Rok & Dyalekt "Black Magic Woman"

Here's a dope project I got from the L.I.F.E. Crew, featuring MCs Mane Rok & Dyalekt dropping an EP rapping over nothing but tracks utilizing Santana samples. My mom put me onto a number of Santana classics when I was a shorty, so this idea stuck out to me dumb quick. For this cut, taken from Santanamation, they (obviously) use "Black Magic Woman", flowing that intoxicating fury over a nicely used sample. Something to kick back or roll up to. Apparently this dropped early last month. Get involved.

DOWNLOAD Mane Rok & Dyalekt "Black Magic Woman"

Black Collar Biz ft. Monay Sharee "Man In The Mirror"

The boy Black Collar Biz ain't playing. This track right here? Shows the maturity he bleeds while cats his age still stuck on dumb shit. It's good to hear him bring what I see in him during his live performances to these tracks. He kicks his story on this one, briefly, but feels like he's speaking to the babies out there. A few of my co-workers and I were speaking about how crazy our kids are going to have it based on the niggas they will have to look up on. You have to impart that knowledge on them like your grandparents tried to raise you. They need to learn those lessons. Look at yourself, learn from your mistakes, and pass that knowledge to the youth. Rise up.

DOWNLOAD Black Collar Biz ft. Monay Sharee "Man In The Mirror"

[video] JF Coop "Southside Reconstruction Part II"

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Venemous2000 "Rock The Bells"

One of the cats I truly enjoyed speaking with over the Summer of 2011 Garden Variety shows was the homey Venemous2000. He has a dope personality, is a great emcee, and has them real aspirations for his shit. This DJ Priority-produced BANGER is right up my alley, too. They definitely sampled some classic LL Cool J lines, but this isn't some cornball bullshit. Straight Hip-Hop fury. Love those tough drums, and that deep bass. This shit goes ham. Be on the lookout for their Pre-Legendary Status album.

DOWNLOAD Venemous2000 "Rock The Bells" (prod. by DJ Priority)

Cymarshall Law & Mr. Joeker - Hip Hop In The Soul 2

I said it before, and I'll type it again: Jersey's Cymarshall Law is the truth, and when he touches Mr. Joeker beats? It's a match made in Hip-Hop Heaven. Law has a dope way he throws harmonies on his lines, and adds or mutes the intensity needed for these beats. They recently dropped their Hip Hop In The Soul 2 album, and word is you can cop or download for free. I say grab it for free, and support it. This is pure love for the genre being filtered into a cohesive project. Niggas know.


Side-B Radio (10/02/2011)

This week's edition of Side-B is a special one. Hook and Divine speak on the Garden Variety show from this past Saturday, but the real meat of this show is the interview with Black Deniro. Hook speaks on his views of the radio scene and their continuous lack of reflection of the Hip-Hop game as a whole. And to showcase what the fuck needs to be done, he drops things like "Rap Casserole" by Emcee Jermaine, which will be on Jermaine's forthcoming RTD Records EP. Yup. Enjoy this one!


Keithy E Demo Tape x Converse Shoe

At the beginning of the year, I know I said my sneaker loyalty is towards the New Balance 574s, but I had to highlight these Guru-inspired kicks. Like the "Demo Tape" t-shirt, these custom Converse kicks feature the cover art to Guru's demo tape on them. More info via The X LABEL's blog; shouts to Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff. More flicks after the jump.

Homework Beats Vol. 1

Sometimes I get ideas and don't know what the hell to do with them. Other times, I get an idea and work that shit out an hour later. This mix is one of the latter. Helping my son with his homework, I noticed he responded well to working while listening to music. Not full-on lyrics and stuff, but beats. All of my mixes had odd cuts and curses in them, though, so I figured I'd knock out a quick mix of instrumentals that should get him going, and keep him rocking while busting out his letters and numbers. Nothing too crazy on this one, just some dope instrumentals. A little over a half hour. Maybe more in the future.

DOWNLOAD Homework Beats Vol. 1

[trailer] Has-Lo Conversation B

Conversation B is the re-imagined In Case I Don't Make It project, featuring beats from J-Zone, Small Professor, Exile, Oddisee, Kev Brown, Apollo Brown and many more, including the Audible Doctor-produced "Reincarnate" that you hear in the above trailer. You can pre-order Conversation B via iTunes or UGHH today; the full project drops on November 15th.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Juan Epstein (10/03/2011)

Juan Ep Back forreal! The last three months have given us Juan Epsteins, and for that, I'm grateful. For their latest episode, Juan Epstein chat with comedian Aziz Ansari. I recently rediscovered his Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening album the other day, so I feel like I willed this to happen. Dope podcast, with them touching on everything from improv to Kanye. Pause.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (10/03/2011)

[video] Mayhem ft. Craig G. "I Ain't Lyin'"

Rob Jay "My Past Life"

As we continue to inundate you lot with that New Houston flavor, here's a jawn from Rob Jay, taken from his forthcoming Millionaire Before 30 EP, which I will say I've had the opportunity to sample. It's produced entirely by Ammbush from the Drums & Ammo / SWTBRDS camp, and will be a real treat for you fans who like a little substance with your entertainment. Rob's first leak features him imagining himself of a Harlem kid from the 1960s. He's ill with the visuals he paints with his rhymes, building a moving portrait of the problems our community had to endure to get to where we are now. And you niggas still wanna party ya life away. Pick up a dream and follow it. Millionaire Before 30 drops October 24th.

DOWNLOAD Rob Jay "My Past Life" (prod. by Ammbush)

Po Politickin "Industry Spotlight" Interview

It's not often that I get interviewed for the myriad of things I get myself into on the daily. The homey Po from has been someone I've spoke with off and on for the last few years - he's also a fan of pro wrestling, and has contributed to blackrasslin. He hit me the other day, asking to interview me for a series he was doing, shining light on Industry cats, and it just went live this morning. I always feel like I'm pretty far removed from "the industry", but I guess with some of the movements I've made, I have a lil' bit of say on things. People listening though? In any case, you can hear me talking that shit about how I got into starting RTD, a bit about the projects I've helped present and create, and some opinions and knowledge for those in this game and/or trying to get into this game. Thanks, Po!

DOWNLOAD Po Politickin "Industry Spotlight" Interview

Disc Jockey Nappy - Sheen

New month, first new mix from Disc Jockey Nappy. You'd actually be surprised with how many mixes are on stash, and on smash. You'd also be surprised at how easily these mixes come about. Don't be fooled, though - Nappy might be a wizard at the quick turnaround, but everything retains quality. Shouts to Ricardo and the Fried My Little Brain family for helping present this 20 minute trek into some dubstep you might not be up on. Tunes included from the likes of Caspa, 16bit, Lunice and others, with remix pressure from Skream, Ty Cody and more. Fall funk for your earholes. Expect a new mix next week. Seriously. And if you're in Brooklyn tonight, you can catch Nappy do this live. Many shouts to Squincy Jones for the artwork slamdunk.

DOWNLOAD Disc Jockey Nappy - Sheen
Rock The Dub x Fried My Little Brain Present: Disc Jockey Nappy - SHEEN by Disc Jockey Nappy

UllNevaNo "Hand Movements"

New leak from UllNevano's Color Brown Part 2, which will find him killing beats from Apollo Brown this time around. Dropping in November 2011 via BrickToTaFace & MixBullies. Ull has some dope shit going on - you can feel how much he fucks with that true school shit. Keep a look out for dude, trust.

DOWNLOAD UllNevaNo "Hand Movements"

[video] MiLKMEN "On My Level"

The Preview 3 drops October 10th.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Lyle Horowitz - Let Them Eat Cake

Of course the boy Lyle Horowitz drops an instrumental album around 10:30 on a Sunday night that's inspired by "the last 20 years of 18th Century France as well as the uncertain economic and political landscape of the present times". Features from the likes of Adam Warlock and the boy PreZZure; remember, we'll be presenting Lyle x PreZZure's The Woodside Boys project on Halloween. Until then, love these beats and those rhymes. Viva la revolution!

DOWNLOAD Lyle Horowitz - Let Them Eat Cake

Divine Drummah vs. Jamal Gainey

Video taken from last night's Garden Variety show.

DJ Wonder - RIP Sylvia Robinson Mix

Sincerely Yours - Self-Titled

Big K.R.I.T. - Returnof4eva (Chopped & Screwed by Micheal "5000" Watts)

FuseBox Radio (Week Of September 28th, 2011)