Saturday, October 15, 2011

[video] Math Hoffa ft. Method Man "Double Barrel"

[video] Erykah Badu "Out My Mind, Just In Time: Movement II"

[video] Eligh & Amp Live "Tattoo Song"

[video] Spec Boogie "Brother's Keeper"

[video] Maffew Ragazino ft. Mad Stuntman & Rockie Evans "City of God"

[video] Nitty Scott MC "Auntie Maria's Crib"

[video] Joe Dent ft. Tabius Tate "Natural"

[video] Skillz ft. Travis Barker "Celebrate Life"

RTD Playlist (Week Of 10/14/2011)


Friday, October 14, 2011

[video] Kendrik Lamar "Rigamortis"

My favorite cut off of Section.80.

Pugs Atomz "Who R U"

Weird day today. Sometimes, niggas wear so many hats, and I'm not talking bout 59Fiftys. Anyways, it's hard to know who you are and what you're doing when you're pulled in fifty 'leven places. Or maybe you replace those you's with me's. Or is that I? Anyways, I need more beer in me, and you need this Pugz dismantling of a Toki Monsta instrumental. Interesting bit here doe. Enjoy that. Get high to this.

DOWNLOAD Pugs Atomz "Who R U"

Drake ft. Nicki Minaj "Make Me Proud"

Not posting this because it's a dope song - it isn't. Not even going to sit here and grandstand about any of the current discussions on the Hip-Hop/dubstep genre-bending that seems to be primed to fuck radio in the ras. All I'm gonna say is - when this chapter in history is written, you might not even mention me. Mention DJ Nappy, and mention THUGSTEP. That'll do.

DOWNLOAD Drake ft. Nicki Minaj "Make Me Proud" (prod. by T-Minus)

[video] Sincerely Yours "Keeper (Remix)"

[video] Puck "UpWord Kid"

[video] John Dew "King On A Throne"

Skream & Benga - In New DJs We Trust (10/13/2011)

[video] Laelo "Trading Places"

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Action Bronson "Blue Chips"

Here's a new jawn that BamBam Bronson dropped via twitter. Really love the swing of this one - it goes through a couple of different variations, perfect for Bronson's flow. Him and Party Supplies really go in together. Paper in the fucking sweatpants, man. Wifey would love the Guy Fieri reference.

DOWNLOAD Action Bronson "Blue Chips" (prod. by Party Supplies)

Help Kickstart 1 More Hit

If you remember, I posted about the documentary on Pharcyde-producer J Swift's drug use, abuse and hitting rock bottom, 1 More Hit, three years ago. I've really been wanting to see this since before then, and heard over the Summer that DVDs were ready to be sold. Looks like they are securing distro, and have opened up a Kickstarter to raise the $17K needed to get this one out there, including the final cut, digital transfer and music clearance (word is Swift did a gang of music for the movie over the last four years), as well as marketing. Your pledges of $25 and more will get you a DVD version of the flick, among other things, so really, get on it. Check out the trailer and clips of the flick, and contribute. Crack is wack, and this movie will continue to help people realize that.

[video] Vasco "Tio Otis"

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (10/12/2011)

The Combat Jack Show (10/12/2011)

Ill show from the Combat Jack famalam. Uncle Murda was scheduled (again) and canceled (again), but the legendary Milk Dee of Audio Two stopped by. The crew also chatted a number of things up, including use of the word "nigga", Jack possibly ditching his BlackBerry and other points of interesting interest. You already know!

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (10/12/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show (Milk D) 10-12-11 by PNCRadio

Tragedy Khadafi "Ill-Luminous" (Fanboy Video)

Another @Dallas_Penn production. Fingers crossed for DP to use some Loganime in one of these somday!

EDIT Part 1 of Jaap's Tragedy Khadafi interview is up on TRU today.

[video] AP the Mayor "When I'm Dust"

[video] Tenacity "I'm Different"

[video] Jersey Demic "Top Gunnerz MC Anthem"

Anthem for the Top Gunnerz, or any of you ridaz.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

[video] DaVinci ft. Roach Gigz & C Plus "Beer, Bitches, & Bullshit"

[preview] Concrete Sound System ft. Elucid "Pushin In The Red"

Does what it says on the tin... and so much more.

[video] Front Page "Pay (per) CutS"

Not sure what's iller, the fact that homey took it back to Dummy-era Portishead, or honeydip in her undies.

[video] Jon Hope "Consequences"

[video] YC The Cynic ft. Soul Khan, Von Pea & Sene "More & More"

YellowCake links up with three of the finest MCs you niggas sleep on, over a beat from J57. #McDuckBack, and not being stingy. Video directed by a nigga named PhotoRob. That name rocks.

My Man Shafe "I'm Cookin'"

The boy Fresh hit me with Shafe's latest single from Who's That?! My Man Shafe..., which is now being held off until a release at the end of the year. Possibly. Hopefully. Rocking over a Budos Band sample, Shafe gets his cook on - but not in the Lil B #letthatboycook sense, the classic "we're marinating some serious funk" cook. No hard drums, which allows Shafe to get a nice flow overtop. Seasoned just right IMO. Homey actually performed this in Philly at The Khyber this past August, check the performance. Need that album, Shafe!

DOWNLOAD My Man Shafe "I'm Cookin'"

MistaJam On BBC Radio 1Xtra (08/10/2011)

The homey Spooky stopped by MistaJam's show the other night, and brought forth a SICK mix. No #ThisIsAnger, but I'm not sure niggas is ready for that one.

DOWNLOAD MistaJam On BBC Radio 1Xtra (08/10/2011)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

[video] Tyler, The Creator ft. Jasper And Taco "Bitch Suck Dick"

[video] Nas "Nasty"

Lots of good things dropping on my #Dirty30.

The Garden Variety Show (10/22/2011)

I told yall the Garden Variety show was going down twice in Trenton! On the 22nd of October, they're hitting the Trenton Atelier once again, featuring the likes of Black Collar Biz, Myk Dyaleks, Surg, Sol Infinite, Earl Grey, Phace, Ceez and plenty others. Sounds by Divine Drummah and Super Brown Bum, and hosted by Edobeci. $5 donation, doors open at 9PM. What other excuse can you POSSIBLY have?! Hit the Facebook for more details.

Eleven Eleven Podcast 10.11.11: DJ Nappy

Earlier today, Hera and the Eleven Eleven Agency dropped their latest podcast, featuring the homey DJ Nappy dropping a number of tracks that we first used to fuck with when we got into dubstep in 2005. Oddly enough, the timing of THUGSTEP was so hectic, he didn't give these the proper listen then, so he rocked them now and came up with a DOPE mix for 11.11. Nice throwback on that dubstep I remember being enamored with. And it's a dope mix that dropped on my birthday.

DOWNLOAD Eleven Eleven Podcast 10.11.11: DJ Nappy
11.11 Agency Podcast 10-11-11 by Disc Jockey Nappy

FREE: Von Pea Pea's Gotta Have It

A little less than a year ago, Von Pea dropped Pea's Gotta Have It. Not sure if he did it because of my birthday, but he's temporarily let this one go on his Bandcamp page. For free. If you still haven't gotten this one, you're fucking up. You need to grab this for free. Then PAY the nigga $8 or whatever as an "I'm sorry for sleeping on your awesome album". Seriously.

DOWNLOAD Von Pea Pea's Gotta Have It

Check out the interview I did with Pea on my birthday last year.

Side-B Radio (10/09/2011)

Another great week from the Side-B fam, featuring a boatload of Jersey-centric artists, including Internal Quest, Spitatainment, Venemous2000, Skrewtape, Dre Skuffs, Shawn Love, Rhymageddon, AP The Mayor and plenty more. You should already know. And if you fucks with Side-B, you need to get on that WPRB Pledge train.

Interview With MTV's OMA Blog

If you know me, you know I try to get a lot done online. One of my gigs is Content Editor over at Dogs On Acid, which I've been a member of since 2001. The site actually celebrated it's 10th year of existence, and got nominated for Best Music Forum for MTV's second O Music Awards (you can vote now)! I think it'd be ill if DOA won something like this, while celebrating its 10th year of being one of the go-to spots for EDM heads online, worldwide. Out of the blue, I got hit up to be interviewed for the MTV OMA Blog, in a piece where they wanted to know what it took to run a forum like DOA. You can check that out HERE, and read me jabber on about the different things I get into, how DOA came to fruition and some of the things that make the site unique... and continue to last. They never asked, and took "khal ripkin" from the name I have on my twitter page, which makes me chuckle and is NOT something I want to change (although now I really do need a Baltimore Orioles 59Fifty - size 7 1/2). In any case, please check out the interview (nice, random birthday gift), and if you can, swing some votes our way. We're up against Rap God Fathers and a site called Banjo Hangout. Shouts to @nettap. Thanks!

Zane Lowe - Insider Tour Mix

The one like Zane Lowe has been killing universities across the United Kingdom, and recently put together this mix of tunes that are getting major play on his Insider Tour. Love how he drops a lot of different genres, with tunes from Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Camo & Krooked, Nero, ShockOne, Chase & Status and plenty more. Might need to crack a brew and celebrate proper to this one!

DOWNLOAD Zane Lowe - Insider Tour Mix
Zane Lowe - Insider Tour - Mix by Zane Lowe

Sauce Money ft. Wais P "Chicken & Watermelon"

Damn. Nothing like some new Sauce Money to make you realize how great Hip-Hop can be. Dude just starts spitting and you're hypnotized. Pushing the rewind button, trying to figure out what the hell he just said. Always fucked with dude, lyrically. And the artwork that came across with this? I need that on a t-shirt. Or I need chicken and watermelon on my plate.

DOWNLOAD Sauce Money ft. Wais P "Chicken & Watermelon" (prod. by Team Demo) [clean | dirty]
Sauce Money feat. Wais P "Chicken & Watermelon" (Street) by clockworkmusic

Joker ft. Jessie Ware & Freddie Gibbs "The Vision"

While this is NOT the first time we've heard Gangsta Gibbs on some dubstep, this is the first I'd heard of him hopping on Joker's "The Vision", the lead single from his debut album of the same name, which is due out on the 8th of November. I'm not seeing this Gibbs-feature on the tracklist, so I'm guessing this is some promo business. Loving it. And you still scoff when I bring up THUGSTEP, don't you!?!? If you're in NYC, Joker will be at Terminal 5 on the 22nd of October, alongside Skream, Benga and Dillon Francis, so you might want to head on out there. Then grab that album in November. You already know. Liquid flows here.

Torae "That Raw"

Here's something to get high to. That Torae album For The Record is shaping up to be something special. Obviously, getting a beat from Pete Rock will infinitely help out whatever you're working on, but Torae not only tackles it head on... he fucking goes in. Got that Jansport flavor to it. Throw your hands in the air and rewind type shit. For The Record, November 1st.

DOWNLOAD Torae "That Raw" (prod. by Pete Rock)

Bonus Beats Torae "Do The Math" (prod. by Large Professor)

[trailer] The Avengers

I'm so far behind on my comic book movies... and my current pull lists, but here's the trailer for the forthcoming Avengers movie. I think it drops May 2012.

Dre Skuffs "October"

October is my favorite month of the year - not only for my bornday (aka today), or Halloween, but I just fucks with hoodie season. And when I find out that someone shares my birth month, I look at them in a different way. Just some weird shit. Dre Skuffs shares an October birth month, and he flung this track into my hands. Love the throwback sound on this one. He kind of gets a lil Fif on in this one, which I'm not mad at. Just something to help celebrate the 10th month, the best month, to.

DOWNLOAD Dre Skuffs "October" (prod. by Bang Musik)

A3C + 2 Boots (a comedic short by hasHBrown)

What a way to start A3C...

blctxt contxt - A Smart Black Boy | The Sonic Inception

We've already leaked a few jawns from this ("A Smart Black Boy", "Goodbye", "Cooking Up"), so why not put the $5 in the nigga pocket and grab the full EP? Beats from King I Divine, Illastrate, Swiff D and more, and blctxt contxt has the ill rhymes. Really captivating voice, but he also spits some real shit. I'm fucking with this right now, and you need to be, too.

PURCHASE blctxt contxt - A Smart Black Boy | The Sonic Inception

B.L.A.P. (10/11/2011)

Maybe A-King heard it was my birthday, too? RSVP!

[video] Marger ft. Scrufizzer & No Lay "Goonz"

[video] Kosha Dillz "Sweatpants Song"

[video] Stalley "Larry Bird"

[video] Dom Kennedy ft. Casey Veggies & cARTer "CDC"

This is one of those tracks that slipped right by me. Benhameen dropped this on the latest Combat Jack show, and I'm all about this. Pour something up and rock to this.

Bonus Beats Dom Kennedy ft. Casey Veggies & cARTer "CDC"

[video] Hazardis Soundz ft. Reks, J. Nics & LMS "Bottom 2 The Top"

Monday, October 10, 2011

R.O.E. "Blue Sky (Random Thoughts)"

Not sure if R.O.E. knows, but my birthday is tomorrow, so he actually hit me with an early birthday gift a few hours ago. Grabbing Common's latest No I.D.-produced excellence, ROE really kicks some random thoughts atop the finest track. Straight heat, too. More like a book of rhymes, with ROE just thumbing through the pages, picking his inner-most thoughts and bleeding them onto the beat. Be on the lookout for his TheRadiantChildLP, which he's trying to drop this December. Coast to this one for the time being, though.

DOWNLOAD R.O.E. "Blue Sky (Random Thoughts)"

WPRB Membership Drive 2011

Here's a note I got from Side-B's Hook Jackson, regarding this week's WPRB Membership Drive: WPRB 103.3FM is having their annual membership drive for the entire week of 10/10/11. This will be Side-B Radio’s 2nd. time participating in this and we’re excited. The membership drive pulls the entire station together and you work with people you normally wouldn’t see at the station but we are coming together for one common goal to raise money so our station can function. Being an independent radio station we don’t have a big corporation behind us and that also gives us the freedom to play records that you normally wouldn’t hear on commercial radio. You have programs like Jamrock radio, Music you can’t hear, Jon Solomon plus many more different programs which makes this station special because there’s something for everyone and no matter what time of the day you will hear various styles of music. I’m asking the Side-B Radio family to help out and pledge this year to the station in large numbers to let management know that the hip-hop community has a strong voice at the station and we do get involved and if that happens Side-B Radio will become one of the cornerstone shows on WPRB and we can bring more ideas to the table about implementing hip-hop meaning more exposure for you! The money goes towards maintaining the station’s equipment either repairing or updating certain things around the station (computers, turntables, cd racks, working phone lines for interviews.) Below is a link if you want to pledge online and different amounts you are able to give. You can also pledge during the show this Sunday 5pm-7pm by calling the studio lines. Make sure when you pledge it’s on the behalf of SIDE-B RADIO and to show my appreciation I will thrown in mixtape from one of the artists that I play on my show. Thank you for not just your support of Side-B Radio but to WPRB 103.3fm. We are one of the last strongest independent stations in the country let’s keep it like that! Thank you.

[video] Venemous2000 "Rock The Bells"

The things I miss when I don't hit the Jersey Fresh Jam! Looks like Venemous2000 and DJ Priority filmed this at this year's extravaganza, with features from Divine Drummah, Rhymageddon, Mr. Fickle, Tone Liv and MANY more. Peep that graf!

previous Venemous2000 "Rock The Bells"

[video] Raekwon "Dart School"

[video] Jeff Spec "Specnology"

Bonus Beats Jeff Spec "Specnology"

[video] Hood Hefna ft. Brill "Brooklyn Shit"

BKLYN stand-up. Love the beat on this one. Shouts to Untitled Type.

[video] K. Sparks "Sunshine"

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Bosco - Pacer

Green Street - Endless Summer

Revolt Radio Presents The Revolutionary Riot Report Vol. 18

Milly Esquire - Vintage Milly, B.E. (Before Esquire)

Recently, the B3Vision Group added Milly Esquire to their roster. Should be a perfect marriage, with Esquire massacring anything that's standing in his way. Or just continuing to be the cool motherfucker that he is. Back before he became Esquire, doe, he was Mark Milly. Before we embark on his next phase, he wanted to hit you bitch niggas in the face with some of that B.E. shit. Cuts from 2008 through 2010 make up this compilation, which should get you guys ready for his new EP, which might not have a fucking name, but will drop in December of 2011.

DOWNLOAD Milly Esquire - Vintage Milly, B.E. (Before Esquire)

[video] Meyhem Lauren LIVE At Webster Hall

Thank you, @Dallas_Penn. More after the jump.

FuseBox Radio (Weeks Of October 5th + October 12th, 2011)

Tenacity - I'm Different