Saturday, October 22, 2011

[video] Stalley ft. Rick Ross "Lincoln Way Nights (Shop Remix)"

[video] Scram Jones "Know What I Know"

[video] Jedi Mind Tricks ft. Demoz "When Crows Descend Upon You"

[video] Quelle Chris "The Son (Shitting on Niggas)"

[video] CBG (Chill Black Guys) "NOPE"

Lots of blunts. Assorted White Girl Mob and Odd Future fam in this as well.

[video] Old Money "Dolla Van"

[video] Slim The Mobster "South Central Blues"

[video] C-Rayz Walz "Blvck Like Burt Reynolds"

[video] J-Love "Vocal Scalpel" / "Another Victory"

[video] DJ Cosla & Tribeca "The World's Best"

[video] junclassic "Stunnin'"

RTD Playlist (Week Of 10/21/2011)


Friday, October 21, 2011

rockthedub presents The KhemLab

Finally. It's been two years since Kid Hum and RTD dropped Offshore Drilling. Two years since guys like Cy Yung, Whygee, Sky 7th, junclassic and others joined forces with Main Course, Deal - The Villain, The Jake and a merry band of features (including the one like Nico The Beast) aligned themselves as The KhemLab. Two years of starts and stops, and finally a powerful push over the last few months to get this done. And it's hear. 20 tracks full of raw lyrics, tough beats and a bevy of topics, ranging from murder fantasies to cuts devoted to needing new kicks. I'm excited for you guys to hear this project in it's entirety, mainly because it started from nothing and became something I'm truly enjoying. The crew also flips cuts from Diamond District and DJ Concept & DJ Mickey Knox' BYOP EP, alongside a serious grip of original beats - shouts to Anno Domini, Centric, Four Finger Ring, Sharp, 2 Deep, J57 and the rest of the 'Lab. But enough from me - take this journey with us. Don your labcoats and help us decipher this thing called Hip-Hop, and experiment with what the music can really become.

DOWNLOAD rockthedub presents The KhemLab [mirror]

[preview] Kid Hum - Love to Give

With the hoopla from #TheKhemLab taking over the last two weeks, I forgot that the homey Kid Hum was dropping a new album! From his last correspondence, Love To Give drops on the 24th of October (AKA this coming Monday), and I know he said it will be available on Bandcamp. I'll have the full details up on this when they become available, but if you peep the tracklist (after the jump), the album features "Abbey's Psalm", the lone instrumental track that you hear on The KhemLab project that dropped today. Fucks with that, and get prepped for the rest.

hasHBrown ft. Delo "New Polos"

I was never a Polo nigga. I never had the money to get into all of that stuff, and while these days, I support New Era and New Balance, I don't pledge to one brand for all that shit. Mainly because I still don't have the loot for it. hasHBrown stays fly with his, so it makes sense that this cut highlights his fashion sense, as well as how he outshines the game. Break Something is still due later this year, and this is a heater from that project. Bong.

DOWNLOAD hasHBrown ft. Delo "New Polos" (prod. by Jett I. Masstyr & Chris Rockaway)
hasHBrown - New Polos ft. Delo-prod. by Jett I Masstyr -Chris Rockaway-2011 by JettIMasstyr

Rob Jay ft. John Dew "Wise Man"

Rob Jay drops a track that plays like an autobiography of how I see him. He's one of those "wise beyond his years" niggas, and this track shows that, effortlessly. Millionaire Before 30 drops on the 24th of October, and typing that, realizing I hit 30 recently, fucks me up - I'm so far from that number in my bank account. Oh well, still have millions of memories fucking with this music, and Jay is a big part of what I'm coasting to currently. Enjoy dat.

DOWNLOAD Rob Jay ft. John Dew "Wise Man" (prod. by Ammbush)

[video] Sonnyjim "Zone One (Kosyne Remix)"

[video] Raymond Strife ft. Swisschz "America's Finest"

#OccupyWallStreet: Outing the Ringers

Jay Smooth, you're the man.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

[video] Ess Vee "Just A Touch"

[video] Mean Doe Green ft. Black Zeek "Flowmasters"

The KhemLab "Ya Gone"

Here's the final leak from #TheKhemLab project that we're dropping tomorrow. I won't go too ham into the shit, but I finally got everything sorted out last week, and feel that this is a strong compilation... that most of you will sleep on. Anyways, atop an instrumental from DJ Concept & DJ Mickey Knox's BYOP EP, Main Course, Whgyee and Sky 7th go hammer over some sly horns. One of the more powerful/immediately impactful bangers from this compilation, these three really brought their individual flavor to this one. Shouts to Main Course, who has helped a LOT in getting this project completed. Grab this, and rock to "Put It To Rest" and their "Streets Won't Let Me Chill" flip, then get ready for our opus when it drops, tomorrow morning!

DOWNLOAD The KhemLab "Ya Gone"

"Making Beats, Straight Off The iPhone"

@DivineDrummah makes a dope beat, using an iPhone 4. Peep that Jennifer Hudson sample. 

[video] Everliven Sound "The Lone Ranger"

Their Everlations album drops January 2012 on Beats Broke.

Cypher Thursday (10/20/2011)

[video] Jasiri X "Occupy (We The 99)"

Hat tip: Bol.

Bonus Beats Jasiri X "Occupy (We The 99)"

[video] NAIRA ft. Young Scolla & D.Julien "inkDREAMING"

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (10/19/2011)

[video] Strobe & Essex ft. Edo G. "Walk Tall"

[video] C-Rayz Walz "Miss It"

[video] Azad Right "The Fire"

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

[video] DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah "Forgive Me Love"

Botchamania 189

Bonus Beats Botchamania 188

[video] Phil Adé "Deadlines"

[video] Statik Selektah ft. Sean Price & Termanoloy "Population Control"

Statik's Population Control drops on the 24th of October, but you can pre-order via iTunes today.

[video] Spoken Thought "The Formula"

MF DOOM "My Favorite Ladies" The Hank McCoy Remixes

First drop from the #MONTHOFTHEMASK series finds Hank McCoy putting his own spin on MF DOOM's "My Favorite Ladies", which may be about females... or about shit that can get you loose(r). Part of the allure of DOOM's spit was when I realized "hey, he twisted a rhyme that could be smoked a few different ways". Not groundbreaking shit, but he always surprised me. Still does. Hank provides a couple of remixes to this sly one, sampling a couple of solid throwback sounds, giving you different ways to rock to this one. Big up to #DSTRCT9, RTD-approved shit. Enjoy that.

DOWNLOAD MF DOOM "My Favorite Ladies (Hank McCoy Remix)"

DOWNLOAD MF DOOM "My Favorite Ladies (Hank McCoy Remix 2)"

Emilio Sparks Experience – Episode 24: The Farewell Michael Episode

Been waiting for the latest episode of the podcast. Looks like Michael Bongiorno is leaving the Emilio Sparks podcast; all is explained here, and the one like Joe So Delicious is also in the house.

DOWNLOAD Emilio Sparks Experience – Episode 24: The Farewell Michael Episode

Sa'id "Heartbreak Hotel Remix"

Dope remix, with an even doper breakdown. Sa'id, the man behind the awesome Beat Tips Manual, cooked up this Jackson 5 remix, but took it a step further and went IN on the different ways to attack sampling a track. It's pretty insightful, and thorough, but the thing is - that Beat Tips Manual goes in WAY deeper. Read up, listen to this, then grab the book. Trust.

DOWNLOAD Sa'id "Heartbreak Hotel Remix"

[video] J.Good "Rolling Stone"

[video] S.U.H."Material Girl"

Via YNotMyDream.

[video] City Slickers "Phenomenal"

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[video] King Fantastic "On Q"

[video] A.P. "All I Seen"

[video] Dave Raps "Cognac Shades"

[video] Smoke DZA "He Has Risen"

[video] Kooley High ft. King Mez "Skyview"

Kooley High presents... David Thompson coming Dec. 6th, 2011.

Side-B Radio (10/16/2011)

Newest latest episode of Side-B, which featured Guru's nephew Justin Elam-Ruff speaking about GURU, as well as his current projects. Hook also plays a grip of fly shit, from Max B, DJ Priority, Venemous2000, Jedi Mind Tricks, Big Ooh and plenty more!

The Woodside Boys "Clappin'"

LinkLove this shit at times. Lyle will randomly hit me like "can't WAIT to send you this track PreZZure annihilated", and I'll be like "hmmm". Then he'll say he flipped the same track RZA flipped for "Liquid Swords", but a different section, THEN say PreZZ gets his Kendrick Lamar on. And I'm like - I NEED THIS NOW! Hour or so later? Fucking megaton bomb in the form of a laidback organ x PreZZ' signature blend of comic relief and biting reality. One of my favorite tracks from him, hands down. The Woodside Boys project is still set to drop on RTD on Halloween, and this is on it. As is "I'm The Best". You're scared now, ain'tcha?!?!

DOWNLOAD The Woodside Boys "Clappin'"

[video] Big Quarters "C'mon"

[video] B.A.D Company "Fight Music"

Bonus Beats B.A.D Company "Fight Music"

Support Bowie

Bowie is looking for some FANancial Aid in getting his album, Passion & Confusion, completed. $1500 is all he's asking for. Hit up Kickstarter for more info.

[video] LANSTARR ft. Cochese "#WIN"

[video] Young Lyxx "The Real"

[video] Polo Donatello ft. J. Cannon "I'm Throwed"

So this is how you Kentucky kids do it. Johnny Juliano beat sounds like it wants to rival those Lex Luger bangers.

Monday, October 17, 2011

[video] Karizma "Bad Boy"

This bad boy is produced by Starkey.

[video] Delta Heavy "Hold Me"

Pre-orders are available now.

[video] Wise Intelligent ft. Rahzii Highpower "ZION"

This video was shot during this summer's African American Pride festival in Trenton.

[video] Kid Daytona "Fly Lullaby"

Spooky - Mix & Blend Promo Mix

The madman Spooky flipped this promo mix for the Mix & Blend party, which goes down on the 27th of October in London. He also recently celebrated 100 posts in two years. Shit, I wish I could space my shit out that way! In any case, get more info on the Mix & Blend party HERE.

DOWNLOAD Spooky - Mix & Blend Promo Mix

Mike Classic "Battle Cry"

Classic said he wrote a Bible of rhymes. Ponder that a minute. I usually use these spaces to expound on why I think a nigga needs or does not need your attention, but anytime it comes to Classic, I end up saying it - and you keep sleepin'. Let the man give you his battle cry, then tell me he's not worth another listen. Dude's a fucking problem, and I definitely see him needing some bigger buzz. Homey is determined, and has the bars to back it up.

DOWNLOAD Mike Classic "Battle Cry"

D/Will & Les Izmore "Eyes In The Sky"

Something about hearing the dusty vinyl in a sample that makes me wish I had a turntable here to just listen to shit. In any case, the way D/Will flipped that beat does feel like some floating in the sky shit, with Les Izmore looking up, philosophizing about shit like "who am I? Where am I going?", those questions that makes man man. The discovery has to be in the application, but your best bet is to plot it out before implementation. Or did I go too deep? The Granny Smith Theorem drops Halloween 2011.

DOWNLOAD D/Will & Les Izmore "Eyes In The Sky"

Atari Blitzkrieg "Striving 2wards Freshness"

Am I the only one who chuckled about a cat named Atari Blitzkrieg doing a project that pays homage to the Super Nintendo, Super? Anyways, 'Tari Blitz dices a sick Krohme instrumental (that has heavy use of the Amen break), painting pictures of a '90s kid living in Hip-Hop and video gaming. I was never a huge SNES head - I fucked with that Genesis, but the SNES was definitely superior. Super features MCs like Big Pooh, Motion Man, Breez Evahflowin, John Robinson and more, with beats from marink d and Jazz Spastiks. Check for Super, and enjoy this cut from it.

DOWNLOAD Atari Blitzkrieg "Striving 2wards Freshness" (prod. by Krohme)

Starrskream ft. Al Mighty "Starving"

While the Starrskream duo is DistantStarr & Le N?ko, I had to post this cut that features Starr's MAGr homey, Al Mighty. What's fly is, MAGr was the first cats I heard rocking to Hudson Mohawke tracks, bridging that Hip-Hop/EDM gap, so Starr x Le N?ko are like an extension of that. "Starving" is how I'm feeling right now (need a meal), and the bass in this cut is what your woofers are needing right now. This cut is taken from The No Sleep Project, which you can cop for less than a nickle bag on Bandcamp. Philly meets France, and it's sho is fawnky!

DOWNLOAD Starrskream ft. Al Mighty "Starving"


The homey DJ Ambush asked me if I'd like to present a #MONTHOFTHEMASK series, celebrating the works of the one like DOOM, aka MF DOOM and a bunch of other aliases. No hesitation on my answer. With Halloween and my birthday in the same month, it was a no brainer. I can't wait to showcase the music of the DSTRCT9 familia, as well as the other mixtapes and visual art that will be part of this series. Hit the jump for an idea of what you'll get, as well as two of the covers for different #MONTHOFTHEMASK projects. More on this as I receive it. #ALLCAPS

Rome Cee "Virtue"

Rome Cee keeps it moving, dropping the second cut from Grey Area, and goes ham over some Audio Games production. Feels like his word explain this one better than mine ever could: "I wrote Virtue from the perspective of King, Don or Boss, in constant battle everyday to maintain control and power in a world with no morals. I feel these are the values and lifestyles of some of the long forgotten leaders of the past". Preach.

DOWNLOAD Rome Cee "Virtue" (prod. by Audio Games)

The Plexiglass Fountain "We Got Today"

With all of the "Occupy ______" protests going on worldwide, Cyclops & Tokyo Cigar dropped a pretty poignant track on the Internets last week. Although, their sentiments lean more to how guys like Dallas Penn see things, it's dumb easy to get lost in the strife, worries and bullshit of the daily grind. Do you for you right now, instead of waiting for an inevitable. Carpe diem, my nigga. Carpe diem. The Year of the Dragon: 2012 A.D. is on the way...

DOWNLOAD The Plexiglass Fountain "We Got Today"

[video] Hardaway Smith "Pillows and Linen"

Sunday, October 16, 2011

AWKWORD: The "I" Freestyle x Cultural Hangover Radio Interview

On September 1, I joined The Cult (DJ Reese, Add & Ciana Monet) for Cultural Hangover Radio at Montclair State University's 90.3 FM Studio. The Cult and I chopped it up about the origin of "AWKWORD" & "The People's Champ"; my upbringing in Connecticut; my World View project; and what it's like collaborating with Hip Hop legends. The chemistry was palpable, and the interview shifted seamlessly from comical to serious throughout... then, I freestyled for nearly 50 bars over the classic DJ Premier beat Jay-Z used for "So Ghetto".

I (Freestyle) [Live on Cult Hangover Radio] by AWKWORD

Cultural Hangover Radio Interview x "I" Freestyle by AWKWORD

The High Life - Iller

Dre Robinson - Starvin 3.5: This Is Me

Hi-Def Presents: The Boom Bap Volume 1

D-Man x Producers I Know Present: Cuffing Season Has Returned

Praverb the Wyse - Professional Hobbyist

2woLetterz - Chasing Dead People Vol. 2

Ced Hughes - Ced Colossus!?