Saturday, October 29, 2011

15 Days of Mister Nice Guy: Day 5

[video] M.E.D. "Blaxican"

[video] Rakaa ft. Aloe Blacc "Crown Of Thorns"

SteadyFlow - Carlin & Pryor

If you fucked with the recently-released KhemLab project, you'd heard heat from both Cyrano and Sharp. I actually didn't know that these two did a lot of work together, but I'm thoroughly fucking with their SteadyFlow project, Carlin & Pryor. Great cover, great music, loads of dope beats (mostly produced by Sharp, although Centric & J. Slikk do make appearances), and a load of raw Rap for your bitch ass. And your bitch's ass. Loving it. If you're not nodding your head to this one, you might be in need of some new ears.

DOWNLOAD SteadyFlow - Carlin & Pryor

[video] Kenwood "Train Ride"

[video] Willie Joe "I'm Grindin'"

RTD Playlist (Week Of 10/28/2011)


Friday, October 28, 2011


Mirandom "Planet Silk"

With an album due out in December, Mr. Miranda and Random align again to form Mirandom and bless this beautiful Mute production, sounding every bit as "silky" as you can sound on this second leak from The Memorandum. DJ Les on the cuts adds the right touch of class atop this one. Ill rhymes, some dope beats and ginsu-sharp cuts? Makings of some classic shit to ride out to. Sip something expensive to this.

DOWNLOAD Mirandom "Planet Silk" (prod. by Mute)

Adebisi ft. Najee " Better Than Ya'll"

This an excellent track right here. The last leak from Adebisi's The Blaxploitation Life II, he aligns with Najee over some fucking magnificent excellence in the form of Reason's track. Makes me feel like pushing all of this busy work to the side and dancing on my cubicle, bottle of beer in hand. Fuck that life, fuck with this life. My spirit is better than my boss' boss' bullshit. Just say the word. Shouts to Q from TMB.

DOWNLOAD Adebisi ft. Najee "Better Than Ya'll" (prod. by Reason)

The Two. Fifteens - RTD Halloween Mix 2011

For the second Halloween in a row, The Two. Fifteens have cooked up an exclusive mix for you RTD fiends out there. 2011 has been a dope year from them, getting some great looks from the likes of Benji B, Starkey and other major players, as well as putting out projects like The Commute Vol. 1, as well as remix Nappy's "This Is Anger". They've got a grip of heat in the chamber, and are no doubt waiting to put out some serious sounds. I'll keep you locked on all of that, as per usual. For now, take a walk on the spooky side with their latest mix, featuring cuts from Hype Williams (the producer, not the video director), Scientist, Project Pat, Drumma Boy and their own productions. Fucks with this for your weekend - you HAVE to have some parties that this mix could be the soundtrack for very easily.

DOWNLOAD The Two. Fifteens - RTD Halloween Mix 2011

Vicious Cycle ft. Von Pea "Made To Love"

Not only do I love when MCs I fuck with pop up randomly on dope tracks - and I don't hear about them - but when those same MCs are doing tracks for people I consider fam, that's the goodshit. The homegirl Vicious Cycle put out a couple of tracks under the Volume Control heading, and this one not only features a pretty fly sample, but taps Lessondary vet Von Pea, who I finally met over the summer, for a feature.This is the kind of ish I'd rather bring to my son to get educated and (hopefully) become as enamored with Hip-Hop as I am. Lots of love for the music, no cookie-cutter beats - just straight from the heart, honest output. Loving that sample as well. Spend you a dollar and get you some Hip-Hop.

PURCHASE Vicious Cycle ft. Von Pea "Made To Love" (prod. by Lexzyne Productions, co-prod. by Danjah One & Money Stax)

[video] Milly Esquire "Milluminati"

This is the second track from @Milly_Esquire's "Milly Mondays" series, which I've not kept up with for no good reason. Fucks with it.

Bonus Beats Milly Esquire "Milluminati"

15 Days of Mister Nice Guy: Day 4

[video] J-Love "N.Y. Vikings"

Featuring Fi-Lo, Thirstin Howl The 3rd & Meyhem Lauren:

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (10/26/2011)

[video] Mike Maven "Soulsearchin'"

Thursday, October 27, 2011

[video] Neako "In Every City"

Botchamania 190

When Rappers Are Forced To Get Day Jobs

First off, shouts to J-Zone's grandmother for reaching 88 years on this earth. She celebrated her birthday with a bran muffin and a copy of Root for The Villain, Zone's new book, which drops on in November. I've gotten my mitts on a promo copy, and when I get a chance to read it, I'm amazed. Here he is, one of the true DIY artists within the underground Hip-Hop scene, crafting not only a story on his life through a Hip-Hop scope, but also dropping GEMS that you new school artists should really take notice of. He's a purist, and it shows, and honestly, whether it's Professional Wrestling or Hip-Hop, we all need a dose of that research and experience before really tackling our own dreams. In this excerpt from the book, Zone breaks down what happens when someone with a Rap career is forced to go back into the workforce. I fucking hate my job, and hope any rapper who is worth their weight in acetate can somehow maintain an existence in the industry, on their own terms. I wish I could. In any case, head on over to egotripland and check out this excerpt, then buy the book when he drops it... and if THAT'S not enough, check out another excerpt, "5 Rap Songs That Got Me In Deep Sh*t".

DOOMSTRAVAGANZA (October 40th, 2011)

Now before you talk shit, yes, both the flier and the post title say October 40th. That's not a typo. When Ambush hit me about helping present the #MONTHOFTHEMASK with the #DSTRCT9 crew, it was damn near the middle of October. So, as to keep this train moving, we asked the Gods and the Earths to extend October to include this DOOMSTRAVAGANZA night, which goes down at The Arts Garage in Philly on the 9th of November (for you mortals); truthfully, it'll be the 40th of October. Get that shit RIGHT. Copies of Ambush's Amtroduction To DOOM mixtape, as well as La'Trese & Summer's DOOM For Dummies mixtape will be available, and while masks are not required, they are highly recommended attire.

To further whet your appetite, we've got "The Rock Pro.Pain Flow", which features Chances R (of Society Parks) ripping through the instrumental for "Rock Co.Kane Flow", the Jake One-produced DOOM feature from De La's Grind Date album. Shit's blaze.

DOWNLOAD Chances R "The Rock Pro.Pain Flow"

[video] Ralph Dog "We Don't Give A Fuck"

Featuring Papoose, Sean Price, Sadat X, Blaq Poet, Reef The Lost Cauze, Kurious, Pacewon & Hell Rell:

15 Days of Mister Nice Guy: Day 3

[video] Benji "The Hostage Freestyle"

One of my favorite MCs that I never hear enough of. Shouts to Kaptin.

JSWISS "Long Time"

Good to hear the dude JSWISS drop some new heat on that ass. Homey has really shown me some promise over this year; he's part of a crew of younger MCs like D.Julien, Legit, Avion and others that I wish I could make a compilation with, but you know, that'd take a long time. See what I did there? Anyways, SWISS has an EP, Cool Grey, dropping on the 22nd of November, and this is his dedication to his love for Hip-Hop, as well as the first leak from that EP. Raise your glass.

DOWNLOAD JSWISS "Long Time" (prod. by U'nique Music)

City Slick ft. Scheme "The Ends Justify The Means"

This is some real shit right here. You have to balance your life - it's dope to hustle, get guap or get status, but if you're neglecting shit, you're fucking up. Devote that time as needed, or you'll see the shit you should really be holding dear float away from you. This is taken from the City Slick album, The Money & His Fool. Word is a video for this one is on the way - can't wait to see it. Green Llamas, bitch.

DOWNLOAD City Slick ft. Scheme "The Ends Justify The Means"
The Ends Justify The Means ft. Scheme by EmceeDecay

RUKUS "For The Losers"

Here's one of those aggro tracks that I fuck with. Not just for that HEAVY beat, but for the content. At varying points in my life, I've felt like a loser (for whatever reason), so to have a track with my kind of sound speaking my kind of language? All wins. This one is taken from Ruk's Confessions Of A Loser EP, which he has penciled in to drop on the 15th of November. About the subject matter, Ruk says "Its a very loose concept album that just plays like a movie - the ups and downs of being a loser - from trying to get a girl drunk to increase the odds of getting laid, to genuinely having a crush on a girl and trying to holler...from brief moments of confidence and "swag" to the reality that when you chase your dreams you're alone. Its all there". He's shooting for the stars on this one, and losers like me are more than ready.


hasHBrown "The Death Penalty"

Feel like I've been throwing hasHBrown's album title, Break Something, all Summer, and now we've got the official first single, over a beat that will get you screwfacing EARLY. This one right here? Pure example of how ill his spit truly is. He's as much of a beast on the mic as he is on the boards, but he didn't need to push buttons, just light fires with his lyrics. Break Something drops for free on the 30th of November, so if you were sleeping, or have plans to sleep, wake up, apologize, and clear some room for this one. You'll be riding this til you die from this.

DOWNLOAD hasHBrown "The Death Penalty" (prod. by YPhoenix)

[video] Vast Aire ft. Double A.B. "2090"

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1 Take Cypher ft. Skyzoo, A.Jay.D, MiLKMEN & Mel Phraze

J57 ft. Meyhem Lauren, Action Bronson, Maffew Ragazino & Rasheed Chappell "The Main Event"

I definitely just posted some Brown Bag shit, but goddamn! I fuck around with J57, because he wants to fight. He's going to catch a two-piece just for living one of these days. Outside of our animosity, this dude is a fucking monster on the production. This track is a perfect example - he provides one of those hoodie-low, multiple rewinds on the Walkman beats here, with the wild keys and loooooooooooooow bass. And he must have been rocking, as he grabbed features from Meyhem Lauren, Action Bronson and Maffew Ragazino - on one track, alongside the beastly Rasheed Chappell?!?! My lawd. Late contender for posse cut of the year. Cuts from DJ Brace, of course. Taken from J's forthcoming 2057 EP, which of course he didn't tell me a release date for. Only thing "forthcoming" will be a Timberland to his ass. #McSchmuck!

DOWNLOAD J57 ft. Meyhem Lauren, Action Bronson, Maffew Ragazino & Rasheed Chappell "The Main Event"

Koncept "Hear, Hun?"

Talk about true Hip-Hop. Whatever Tranzformer was toking on when he made this beat, someone needs to buy him a bushel of it. This is one of those undeniable headnoddin' jawns, and Koncept does the damn thing on it. Brown Bag has been the shit for a bit, even if J57 #McDuck been on that stingy ish. Bastid. #McRib all over that shit. DJ Brace on the cuts. This beat is so fucking stupid.

DOWNLOAD Koncept "Hear, Hun?" (prod. by Tranzformer)

[video] Nina B ft. Skyzoo "Picture This"

Track produced by 6th Sense.

[video] SoulBrotha "Heartbreache I"

Produced by BroadNMarket, flipping an Adele sample. Taken from SoulBrotha's Southpaw EP. I'll drop the single from it later on.

[video] Lavelle Spitz "Drop Knowledge"

15 Days of Mister Nice Guy: Day 2

[video] XV "U.F.C."

Dig the energy and that sample in the beginning.

[video] Duck Sauce "Big Bad Wolf"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

[video] Dirty Hank "Lightswitch"

[video] Infinito 2017 "Who Ever"

[video] Logic "All I Do"

Bonus Beats Logic "All I Do"

Young Gwapa ft. Waka Flocka Flame vs. Dev79 "White Boy Wasted (Disc Jockey Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

We've all been there. Niggas going to a party where you might be indulging a bit too much. Not pass out level - yet, but that shit where things like playing badminton in flip-flops or running around with a deer head, poking girls in the ass with the antlers, sounds like the ONLY thing you need to be doing. You probably went around smoking that shit. You know what I'm talking about. The shit the white dude with Birkenstocks passed you, smelling like heaven. Out of a bong, doe. Followed by straight shots of Black Label. Around like 2PM, Saturday afternoon. I definitely just described an excursion I went in on back Halloween 1999, involving breaking in this cat's new mini-bong we dubbed "Johnny 5". Ham. Oh, this is a new refix that Nappy flipped over a Dev79 riddim. Shouts to that Slit Jockey fam. We'll be dropping Nappy's Manic mix in some way, shape or form on the Halloween 2011, too. OH and word is that Waka Flocka, Meek Mill and Uncle Murda will be touching down at the Sun National Bank Center on the 23rd of November for a "Jersey's Most Wanted" concert. I don't think I'll be going. I'm not trying to get merked in my hometown on Thanksgiving Eve.

DOWNLOAD Young Gwapa ft. Waka Flocka Flame vs. Dev79 "White Boy Wasted (Disc Jockey Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

Young Gwapa - White Boy Wasted ft. Waka Flocka Flame (Disc Jockey Nappy vs. Dev79 Thugstep Mix) by Disc Jockey Nappy

The Throne "Niggas In Paris DUBSTEPPIN'"

Got this remix of "Niggas In Paris" in my inbox last night. Or today. These weeks really just fly by. This shit kind of HAM. DJ Warrior and Vision took a Hov line and a Ye line, as well as a likkle snip of melody and threw some nasty bass and harder drums underneath. No real verses, though. Aside from Von D, does Paris have a dubstep scene? Who knows. Go ham to this.

DOWNLOAD The Throne "Niggas In Paris DUBSTEPPIN' (DJ Warrior & Vision Remix)"

[video] Kyo Itachi & Ruste Juxx ft. R.A. The Rugged Man "No Prints"

Small Professor - Mistress Jawns

For the third of his "jawns" series, Small Pro compiles a batch of beats that he did on the side #chuckle. As he puts it (as he pushes his glasses right on his face), "they're all pretty much personal challenges in the form of previously heard sample refreaks and flips of suggestions by my homies". I jut say they're ill tracks. Enjoy, ho. And grab that Fortilive Remix LP that dropped last week.
DOWNLOAD Small Professor - Mistress Jawns

Rob Jay - Millionaire By 30 EP

I've been championing Rob Jay's work over the last year. Or two. Days flow into each other, sorry. This shit right here? DJ Ammbush and Rob linking up, knocking out an EP together? Awesome. Rob's got the knack for telling great stories, and shows off his humorous side when needed (check the nod to Purple Rain on this one). I'd go in for eons trying to make you listen, but really, just listen to it.

DOWNLOAD Rob Jay - Millionaire By 30 EP

EDIT I also uploaded a version with 320kbps MP3s, as opposed to the .wavs, which made their link like 300MB+. Sorry!

[video] Zilla Rocca ft. Has-Lo "Full Spectrum"

This track first leaked back in July. Shot in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

[video] Joker ft. Jessie Ware & Freddie Gibbs "The Vision (Let Me Breathe)"

Directed by Robert Semmer. Joker's The Vision drops on November 8th stateside. Pre-order now. Grab the free download of the Freddie Gibbs-version of "The Vision" HERE.

[video] Esohel "In The Rain"

Bonus Beats Esohel "In The Rain" [clean | dirty]

15 Days of Mister Nice Guy: Day 1

[video] Quan "Get Away"

Monday, October 24, 2011

blackrasslin podcast 003

I know I just dropped episode 002 on Friday, but I was at work and the Spirit hit me. With WWE Vengeance in the can, I wanted to vent about the PPV, as well as give some scenarios regarding where the WWE might be headed, especially considering that The Rock is returning VERY soon. Also dropped some tracks, featuring heads like Company Flow, Quelle Chris, Roc Marciano, Random Axe, Scienz of Life and a snippet of a forthcoming cut from The Woodside Boys. Take a walk with me.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 003

[recap] Garden Variety (10/22/211)

I always enjoy myself at the Garden Variety shows. Shouts to Self and Kasso for continuing to shine the light on the Jersey Underground, and for heads who come out and experience these shows. In my side convos with guys like Mr. Fickle and Sol Infinite, as well as building briefly with Phace and Divine Drummah, there's not only a shitload of music that I need in my possession SOON, but there's still the ever-present Internet fame vs. Real World fame thing going on. Shows like this help me actually SEE people, and not just admire cover art, but there's a next level that our scene desperately needs. Hopefully 2012 can help us all achieve our wishes. In any case, as per usual, I've snapped a grip of pictures, which you can check out via Facebook. Hit the jump for video from the performances by Rap/Music, Joey Dynomite and Earl Grey. See you next month!


Here's a dope release that I've been waiting to drop. The boy B. Young, now known as YNG_BMC, recently dropped this EP, which is produced entirely by Tha S Ence out of Philly. Dude's flow fits perfectly with S Ence's brand of Hip-Hop. Seriously some dope shit to wake up and get your day right with. I have been a fan of dude's work for a bit, and in passing he let me know that he's got more work he's putting in, so hopefully over the next couple of months I'll have some new treats, but dig in to these with a bowl of Wheaties (or weedies). Getcha mind right.


That's Rocawear: L.A.

The girl L.A. rocks "I'm Alive" for a Rocawear ad. Props to her!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

DJ JS-1 & DJ Skizz - The Official 2011 CMJ Mixtape

TenDJiz - 2010GIZ (New Miami Mixtape)

Fortilive x Small Pro - The I Vs. I Remix LP

KAZE - Jersey In The Rafters

Knocksteady Podcast #74: DJ Craze

Podcast #74: DJ Craze - Knocksteady Live by Knocksteady

blackrasslin podcast 002

I hope you guys enjoyed the first episode of the blackrasslin podcast, as I think you'll enjoy this one a bit more. I felt a bit more comfortable on this latest episode, and got my rant on regarding the #OccupyRAW program, as well as ran down the Vengeance PPV card. Spent a bit of time campaigning for Alicia Fox as well. Some jokes, a lot of nerding out, and some dope Hip-Hop to boot. What's NOT to love?

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 002

Five Steez & DJ Ready Cee - The Momentum: Volume Two

FuseBox Radio (Weeks Of October 19th, 2011)