Saturday, November 05, 2011

[video] Proph™ "The Show"

[video] DMP "We Ain't Playin"

[video] Logic & Raze "Thirsty"

[video] Likwuid "Likwuidation Reprise"

[video] Uptown XO ft. Gordo Brega "World Wide"

[video] NJ Rebels "Ima Get It"

[video] Stik Figa x D.Will Present "The Build Up"

[video] Roc C "3 Words"

[video] Showbiz & A.G. "Suspendid Animation"

[video] DOOM "Gazillion Ear", you bastards!

[video] Statik Selektah & Lecrae "Live & Let Live"

[video] Earl Grey "No Euthanasia"

[video] T.Shirt "What They Said"

[video] Neako "GHOST!"

RTD Playlist (Week Of 11/04/2011)


15 Days of Mister Nice Guy: Day 11

Friday, November 04, 2011

[video] The Roots ft. Big K.R.I.T. "Make My"

PremRock & Willie Green ft. ft. C-Rayz Walz, Soul Khan & DJ Addikt "Had To Be Me"

I think I saw something on PremRock & Willie Green's album being out on Isolated Wax, but I must have missed their first single. Shouts to Sophia for putting me onto this, the second single, featuring mans like C-Rayz Walz, Soul Khan and DJ Addikt. Something fly for those of you out there who appreciates that true shit. Willie Green has been making a name for himself with the beats, and while this is some of the first times I've heard Prem spit, I'm feeling this one. C-Rayz and Khan don't fuck around on their bars, making this one a pretty solid collaborative piece of excellence. Prem and Green are touring in Europe right now, so show some support and cop that album!

DOWNLOAD PremRock & Willie Green ft. C-Rayz Walz, Soul Khan & DJ Addikt "Had To Be Me"

YC The Cynic "More And More (NC Mix)"

Gotta love this one. YellowCake The Cynic and McDuck link up for a special North Carolina version of his "More And More" banger, featuring a grip of heavyweights: Rapper Big Pooh, King Mez and Chaundon. Some fly shit to rock to, maybe sip some 'gac and puff on a spliff to. Love that piano, too cold. Not sure what YellowCake has on the horizon, but I know some shit has to be bubbling. Him and Alex sent me this shit twice. Love it. Love them.

DOWNLOAD YC The Cynic ft. Rapper Big Pooh, King Mez & Chandon "More And More (NC Mix)" (prod. by J57)
More And More (NC-Mix) feat. Rapper Big Pooh, King Mez & Chaundon by YC The Cynic

Dre Skuffs "So Simple"

Hah Dre is funny. I had a funny situation on the bus, seeing these young niggas get on board, trying their hardest to be fly as fuck but neff didn't have the loot to pay for bus fare. Me, I keep it no frills but have enough for me and mines to not starve. You can make something out of nothing - and although I wish I had everything they wanted, I can only give them what I can afford. Keep it simple, stupid. Makes shit a LOT easier. Not sure what Skuffs has dropping soon, but he's onto something here.

DOWNLOAD Dre Skuffs "So Simple" (prod. by N-Omega)

blackrasslin podcast 004

Newest latest edition of the blackrasslin' podcast. Excuse the wind on the mic, I was frustrated at work and had to get some shit off my chest. The topic of the word that day was R-Truth and Dolph Ziggler, expressing essentially my love for their current work, and my frustration at their positions within the company. Pause. Also played some new shit, including an exclusive cut from Daniel Joseph & Tone Liv, as well as jawns from Elucid, Deal - The Villain, Action Bronson and others.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 004

[video] Black Collar Biz "What's All The Hating 4?"

Forever Black drops in 2012, as does DJ Ra-Lee's The Reunion. Ra-Lee produced this one.

[video] DaVinci ft. Tenille "Paying For My Past"

[video] Pac Div "Posted"

[video] Nova Starz ft. Rickie Jacobs "Time Machine"

15 Days of Mister Nice Guy: Day 10

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Juan Epstein (11/03/2011)

Looks like these Juan Epstein updates are dropping about once a month. I randomly pulled the last couple out again, and this one, featuring Patrice O'Neal, drops. As you know, he suffered a stroke recently, and our prayers are with him in this time. I recently watched Elephant In The Room and pissed myself at work. Classic. This episode was recorded about a week prior to his stroke. Stay up, Patrice!

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (11/03/2011)

Kooley High ft. Median "Yeah Yeah"

Clock out and take a long pull of something stanky. Rock to this one from Kooley High right here, get you in that zone. Beat feels like some Tribe Called Quest/Ummah shit, forreal. My kind of chill out vibe. They are dropping David Thompson on the 6th of December via Fat Beats. Not sure what else is crackin' off on that, but this right here? Is that a double bass? My type of hype right here.

DOWNLOAD Kooley High ft. Median "Yeah Yeah" (prod. by DJ Prince)

Cymarshall Law & Mr. Joeker "Triple Shot of Gin"

I'd like some gin. Tired of the bullshit at my job - kind of wish I could stay at home and do this for a living. Not some lavish living, but enough to pay my rent, keep the lights on and make sure the fam is fed. I never sit down depressed in a glass of alcohol - the shit makes me smile and turn the bass up. Bass in this one is knockin', btw. This was left off of Hip Hop In The Soul 2, and features cuts from DJ Phillie Blunt. Cy Law stay busy.

DOWNLOAD Cymarshall Law & Mr. Joeker "Triple Shot of Gin"

[video] YFame ft. Sean McGee "Change The World"

I fucks with these uplifting tracks.

[video] The Black Opera "Villains"

Wish I knew this had dropped on Halloween.

Bonus Beats The Black Opera "Villains"

[video] Pac Div "Flexin'"

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (11/02/2011)

After a brief hiatus, Dallas Penn officially returned to the Combat Jack show last night, and that nigga brought the funny. With the new format, his commentary is what was needed, point blank period. Or "no challenge" as the young niggas say these days. In any case, special guests Jarobi and Dres stopped by to give some history and insidery on A Tribe Called Quest and Black Sheep that you might not have been up on. This will go down as one of the best, trust. #NativeTongues #GetReadyForCombat

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (11/02/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show (Jarobi & Dres) 11-2-11 by PNCRadio

15 Days of Mister Nice Guy: Day 9

[video] Freddie Gibbs x Statik Selektah "Lord Giveth, Lord Taketh Away"

This shit feels like a short episode of The Wire.

[video] Kidz In The Hall ft. Freddie Gibbs "Player Of The Century"

I need to listen to Freddie Gibbs more often.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

[video] Black Milk & Danny Brown "Black and Brown"

While this track was featured on Album of The Year from 2010, the video drops in time for Black & Brown's Black & Brown EP, which is out now.

The Day The Unions Joined Occupy Wall Street (10/05/2011)

[video] The Real Laww ft. Toon "Professional Hater (Remix)"

I was wondering where all the Halloween jawns were - this would've been great to post on Monday!

Tef Poe - Power Over Everything

If you've been reading along, you knew this one was coming. Tef Poe's mixtape full of freestyles, mixed by Trackstar the DJ, aka Billy Ho. Features include T.Prince and L-Gifted, and even includes a Tech Supreme beat, bitch. Had no fucking idea this one was dropping. Ol' drop shit out the sky whenever I want ass niggas. Love this, though. War Machine 2 is on the way.

DOWNLOAD Tef Poe - Power Over Everything

[video] Savant ft. Nora Perez "Make Your Move"

Nemo Achida "Stoop Music"

It's time to clock the fuck out of that hellhole you call a 9-5, and if you fuck with proper ghetto/urban cities, you know all about the stoop. Sometimes, you run past ya boy's spot and be outside 30 minutes, shooting the shit over a brew or 2, just posted on the stoop. This that throwback cool that soundtracks your rants on daily worklife, the shorty you're trying to give the time to and who should be MVP. Or debate those real life struggle topics. Can't hit the barbershop everyday, but niggas got the stoop as long as the weather ain't too crazy. This is the first single from Nemo's Nemotional album, which drops on the 15th of November via

DOWNLOAD Nemo Achida "Stoop Music"

Jahyummy Presents Hot Box, Part 1

The fam over at have sorted out Hot Box, Part 1, a mixtape that I'd recommend firing up while you're firing up, preferably in a whip with your crew, as that's how the true hot-boxers do. Loads of weed-friendly artists, like Smoke DZA, Styles P, Mac Miller, AP the Mayor, Young Buck, Freddie Gibbs and plenty more. Also features cats like Big Ooh, Dre Skuffs and Curren$y. Seriously, get your puff on to this one.

DOWNLOAD Jahyummy Presents Hot Box, Part 1

Hawdwerk & Jansport J dropping BlackBalls!

BlackBalls drops November 10th. Or, on your head anyday, if you live in Santa Monica.

Bonus Beats Hawdwerk & Jansport J ft. Ina Williams "Alive"

Good BIZ "King Of The Clones"

Good to have them Good BIZ cats rocking some new shit. It's actually been a minute since I've heard their new shit, but this is the first leak from their long-awaited Sound Investment album, which is set to drop on 11/11/2011, and it has that message that I fuck with - BE ORIGINAL! There's been so many Lils and Yungs, with niggas jockin Jay-Z, Pac, DMX and whomever else has sold millions. If you can't make it being yourself, what the fuck would you want to be someone else for? Is the power of the dollar so enticing that you feel compelled to be someone else? Might be good in the short run, but when you look in that mirror and see another dude staring back at you, you'll heed these words.

DOWNLOAD Good BIZ "King Of The Clones"

[video] Malkovich ft. Sum "What I Know"

Bonus Beats Malkovich ft. Sum "What I Know"

[video] Pavy ft. G.o.D Jewels "Nobody Cares"

[video] Yinka Diz ft. Marky "Wind In My Caesar"

[video] Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose "No Good"

[video] The Internet "Cocaine"

And shit like this is why I fucks with OF. I don't sniff that white, though. Never wanted to. This jawn makes me feel like The Internet is taking that Neptunes sound to the next level.

[video] Jus Nice "WhatO"

[video] J NiCS "Till Death"

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

[video] Boom Blake "Got It On Lock"

15 Days of Mister Nice Guy: Day 8

[video] Rapper Big Pooh ft. Choklate "They Say"

[video] Koncept ft. Laurence Lafond-Beaulne "Feel So Good"

Side-B Radio (10/30/2011)

The other day, I was lamenting on how I had first heard Company Flow's "Blind" on Vibes & Vapors, the Thursday night Hip-Hop show on WPRB 103.3 FM in Princeton, NJ. I got introduced to the bulk of my underground Hip-Hop jams from this show. Side-B Radio has continued on in it's path, but heads have always wanted to hear the V&V crew get back together. This past Sunday, both shows got together and kicked of a SERIOUS reunion show. If you remember V&V, you'll love the fuck out of this!

DOWNLOAD Side-B Radio (10/30/2011)

Lessondary Radio: The Army Edition

If you fucks with Tanya Morgan, there's two things you should know: they are now a duo, comprised of Donwill and Von Pea (peace to Ilyas), and they have a project on the way entitled You & What Army. That EP is set to drop on the 22nd of November, and to preview some of the jawns, TM have returned to their Lessondary Radio podcast with a special "Army Edition", which features an hour-long mix (of Von's) that showcases their collabos (with the likes of 9th Wonder, Skyzoo, King Mez and Che Grand), as well as some firey unreleased jawns. The brothers also wax poetic on what their hiatus has been filled with, as well as You & What Army. Them niggas still here. Enjoy it. And because I'm a nerd, I gotta say that finally meeting Don and Von this summer, after years of covering their shit, was a good experience, however brief it turned out to be.


EDIT TM uploaded a tracked out version, with a tracklist.

Halloween 2011 Mixtape Round-Up

Truth be told, all I was worried about, Halloween release-wise, was The Woodside Boys and DJ Nappy's MANIC tape. There were a grip of projects that also dropped yesterday, and like going through the scores of candy we scooped up in our travels last night, let's catch-up on the tapes that dropped that you might have missed. Guys like Fat Joe, Freddie Gibbs, Jim Jones, ASAP Rocky, Young Chris, Iron Solomon and others had tapes out. If I missed someone, let me know.

[video] Skyzoo "Written In The Drums"

#MONTHOFTHEMASK Villainous Workout

[video] Apollo The Great "Realer Than Most"

Bonus Beats Apollo The Great "Realer Than Most"

[video] Hell Razah ft. R.A. The Rugged Man "Return Of The Renaissance"

Hell Razah's medical condition made it difficult to shoot many videos from his new album "Heaven Razah," but we're now proud to present the official video for "Return Of The Renaissance" featuring R.A. The Rugged Man. Intro from Razah himself, giving an update on his status with brand new footage. Video also featuring Timbo King.

All proceeds from Heaven Razah go to Razah's recovery: iTunes | Amazon.

[video] Quelle Chris ft. Denmark "Symbolic (Basquiat)"

[video] Starkey "Open The Pod Bay Doors"

Monday, October 31, 2011 presents The Woodside Boys

One thing about me, I love seeing cats collaborate. Nothing gets me hyper than talented individuals combining their creative efforts and making something new, refreshing and exciting. I'm not sure how many months ago it was - I wanna say it was this past Spring; I was having a conversation with Lyle Horowitz, and he was talking about some of the tracks he's done with PreZZure, and I said something to the effect of "you guys should knock out an album and have rockthedub drop it on Halloween". That must have sounded good to them, because I started getting rumblings of them really churning out some ill shit - even dubbing themselves The Woodside Boys. I'm not sure what a Woodside Boy is, but I know these two cats locked horns and created a pure beast. PreZZ goes ham on this one - he really taps into the darker, more sinister side of his psyche, with tracks like "Ghost" (my personal favorite) and "Possessed" really blur the lines of crazy MC and crazy MC who might fucking kill you. You've already heard "I'm The Best", where they flipped what is arguably the best promo on WWE programming of the last few years into an anthem for slept-on MCs. 10 tracks of terror, from two cats who should be highly sought after. Trick or treat... Woodside or die.

DOWNLOAD presents The Woodside Boys

[video] Dumbfoundead "Town (Acoustic)"

Taken from DFD, which drops tomorrow.

15 Days of Mister Nice Guy: Day 7

And here's Day 6, which dropped in the early AM.

[video] Thirstin Howl III "Natural Born Skiller"

Michael Jackson "Thriller (Wick-It Remix)"

Here's a nice Club banger into dubstep destroyer that Nappy posted on Generation Bass a few weeks back. The boy Wick-It is a fool for this one. I'll bop to this, rocking my "Thriller" t-shirt and taking lil' man out for trick-or-treating. Run ya candy, bitch!

DOWNLOAD Michael Jackson "Thriller (Wick-It Remix)"
Michael Jackson - Thriller (Wick-it Remix) by Wick-it the Instigator

[video] Chances R "The Roc.Pro Pain.Flow"

Juju Gives Away Dubplates... And More

Juju posted a .zip of dubplates and mash-ups for free via twitter. It's mostly his non-DnB fodder (which was more of what I was hoping for), including released singles like "Punks", as well as bootlegs of Yellowman and Gregory Isaac tunes. Makes me wish there was more dub-wise dubstep out there. Also makes me wish he was rockin' more releases in general.

DOWNLOAD Juju - Dubplates & More

[video] A Merican Girlfriend "Tinfoil Hat"

Disc Jockey Nappy - MANIC

Sometimes, it's hard to believe how long things can take to come out. The mix you're about to partake in, I've rinsed on my own for months. Artwork's been done, all of that. Oddly enough, there are times where delays work in your advantage, and opportunities to present works at a more appropriate time abound. Right now, the clock has just struck Halloween. The night where it's OK to let your freak flag fly, give in to your fears and essentially bug the fuck out. As long as you don't hurt nobody. For this latest mix from DJ Nappy, it morphs from being just a mixture of 40+ tracks (in 62 minutes, no less), but it becomes an audiobook. MANIC tells the story of one's descent into dementia, fueled by the sounds of dubstep, Hip-Hop and their bastard fuckchild, THUGSTEP. Original production from the likes of Silkie, MRK1, Borgore, Downlink, NumberNin6 and The Two. Fifteens (among others), with remix and refix pressure from 16bit, Santi Junior, Hipnotikk, Rastah.Mouse, North Base and plenty more. Turn this one up (loud) and wake the neighbors. Original artwork by Kelsi (click here for the full monty), with a nice addition by Squincy Jones.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

[video] Tyler, The Creator x BADBADNOTGOOD "Fish"

This is sick as fuck. I knew Tyler was a producer, but I'm still fucking amazed at how he plays the keys. I grew up with a lot of kids who'd play instruments, and loved sitting in on their jam sessions. This took me back to junior year in high school. Hit the jump to see Tyler perform "Seven" with BADBADNOTGOOD.

Jigs In Paris

@Dallas_Penn says "I took a few flicks from my trips to Paris in 2001 and 2005 to make this clip. Hopefully this video will catch some of the buzz created by KanYe performing in his Illuminati indoctrination gown".

Word is DP returns to the Combat Jack show this Wednesday. Chea!

Willie Green - Four Seasons: Fall (Movement 3)

IsaiahThe3rd - Death of the 3rd

Freeway – The Intermission

Signif - Embracing Rejection

Immortal Technique - The Martyr

MiLKMEN - Preview 3

FuseBox Radio (Weeks Of October 26th, 2011)

Potholes Presents Midnight Snacks