Saturday, August 13, 2011

[video] Kool Keith & Denis Deft "Las Vegas"

Life+Times Presents Troublemaker - Pantystep

I wasn't quite sure why Jay-Z's Life+Times blog was presenting what's essentially a dubstep mix until I heard Watch The Throne. Still not sure why Troublemaker is calling it "pantystep", when I imagine it's not that far off from "luvstep". Lots of steps. Dope mix featuring cuts from Rusko, SBTRKT, Joker, The-Dream, Frank Ocean and more.

DOWNLOAD Life+Times Presents Troublemaker - Pantystep

Kansas City Cypher (7/29/2011)

Word is this cypher was impromptu, and filmed outside of the Record Bar in Kansas City, MO. Featured MCs include Ces Cru, JL, Kutty Slitz, Milkdrop, Les Izmore and Vertigone.

Are You Built 4 The Beat Jersey Cypher

Here is the New Jersey Cypher brought to you by Redd Pen Media. Mr. Hype recruits New Jersey heavyweights Apollo The Great (Camden), Big Ooh (Trenton), T. Dot (Willingboro), Porta Rich (Camden), A.P. The Mayor (Trenton), Balboa (Willingboro), Kilogram (Trenton), and Wifi Fame (Willingboro). Each emcee takes a stab over Half-A-Mil’s “Some Niggas” instrumental.

[video] ASAP Rocky "Peso"

I'm not sure I'm drinking the Kool Aid on this one yet, but the Chopped & Screwed version of "Peso" I got sent earlier is dope.

Bonus Beats ASAP Rocky "Peso"
Bonus Beats ASAP Rocky "Peso (Chopped & Screwed by Slim K)"

[video] Uptown X.O "Black America"

[video] FKi "I Can't Stop"

I had a feeling this was gonna happen. FKi isn't afraid to spit over the original Flux Pavilion track that was recently sampled by The Throne.

Bonus Beats FKi "I Can't Stop"

T.H.E.M. Presents A Typical Weekend...

A recap of the H-Town Sneaker Summit 2011 weekend. From a show to mixer to t-shirt release, the Houston Elite MC's plan on keeping up a hectic pace for the rest of 2011. August 24th John Dew's TECHNASA drops, Hollywood Floss' One Fan At A Time mixtape drops September 20th with more music coming soon from the collective. Video features: Hollywood Floss, John Dew, hasHBrown, Thurogood Wordsmith, and the Exclusive Doofus clothing line.

Dave Raps "Cashmere Dreams"

Loving that cover. Loving Brocka's blend of heavy bass and all them keys and synths atop, really making a lot go down. I don't have any kinds of dreams regarding cashmere. I do want that cash to c'mere, doe. See what I did there? #DAVEDAZE 26 - four days left! Probably should expect another one of these later today.

DOWNLOAD Dave Raps "Cashmere Dreams" (prod. by Brocka Tha Beatsmith)
Dave Raps - Cashmere Dreams (prod. by Brocka Tha Beatsmith) by DAVE_DAZE

Dave Raps "To Live & Die in L.A."

I been on some shit, and missed the last few #DAVEDAZE jawns. This is a fucking ingenious blend of some of the best parts of "Niggas In Paris", with Dave being handed the instrumental from the beginning and that heavyweight shit at the end and toasting to L.A. over it. Fucking sick. This is #DAVEDAZE 25 - I'll be posting #26 in a minute.

DOWNLOAD Dave Raps "To Live & Die in L.A."
Dave Raps - To Live & Die In L.A. by DAVE_DAZE

FuseBox Radio (Week Of August 10th, 2011)

DJ A Sharp Presents A-List, Vol. 6

Here's the sixth installment of DJ A Sharp and Phace's A-List mixtape series, which is aimed at showcasing that NJ Hip-Hop talent. This tape alone features heads like Tone Liv, Steve Smiff, Tenacity, Skrewtape, DJ Absurd, Arty McFly, Sol Zalez and more. Straight '90s appeal to this one - you know you remember those dope series that you couldn't just wait to hear the next installment of? That's the flavor of the A-List. They are always looking for new material, but have a few points of criteria: 1) must be fresh material, 2) no censorship or edited version and 3) no candy rap! If this means you, I'd say hit up @Asharp79 and @Phace_973 on twitter.

DOWNLOAD DJ A Sharp Presents A-List, Vol. 6

DOWNLOAD Vol. 1 | Vol. 2 | Vol. 3 | Vol. 4 | Vol. 5

Sol Infinite Within Destination

Here's a project I've been rocking to over the last few weeks. Sol Infinite recently dropped Within Destination, which is a trek into the merky mentals of a talented Jersey Hip-Hop artist. No surprise that Self put me onto these - he has a track on each side, and is like the encyclopedia of dope NJ Hip-Hop. Also love that this project is constructed in two sides, like your favorite mixTAPE. They are both available for a limited time, and should be required listening for those of you who grew up on that moody/subterranean Hip-Hop and find that sound missing in today's scene. Might even wanna grab these and put them on a Maxell. Seriously.

DOWNLOAD Side A | Side B

Know that these are only available for free for a limited time!

Mike G "Chevron"

It's been a bit since I've posted an OF track - probably burn out, as the last year for them was crazy hype. Then MellowHype dropped and the buzz died. Anyways, Mike flips the perceived OF aesthetic and kicks some shit that feels raw, without the added disturbia of say Tyler's work. He isn't the illest MC of the bunch, but he might be the realest. This is reportedly taken from Mike's forthcoming Award Tour EP.

DOWNLOAD Mike G "Chevron" (prod. by Hodgy Beats)

[video] Wais P "Nose Bleed"

Friday, August 12, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 8/12/2011)

Sing a happy song...

Nero "Crush On You"

Nero "Crush On You": The Jets' "Crush On You" might be one of my favorite bubblegum Pop tracks of all time. The melody throughout the song? Just perfection. I heard Nero's version of this sometime last year, and figured it was just some bootleg refix for DJ destruction. Nah. This was coming out on their debut album, Welcome Reality, which until about 10 minutes ago, I wasn't able to get a press copy of for review. Anyways, the back and forth, flippin' a that vocal over that Electro-freakin' beat, then just dropping the floor right from underneath and punishing with that bass? My weekend = set. Enjoy this one, forreal. UK release on the 15th of August, with US import available on the 23rd of August.

[video] Caspa "Sir Rock Alot"

Disc Jockey Nappy Unsane.

Nappy is a DJ of a number of things - dubstep and Hip-Hop are two that come to mind. When I met him, and when our friendship really flourished, was over the rise of Drum & bass in the late '90s/early 00's. I sent him a gang of DnB a while ago, and he sorted out this mix. It's more of a summer-y vibe, heavy on the liquid styles, featuring everything from bootlegs of Drake's "Best I Ever Had" and Kanye's "Flashing Lights" to classic movements from High Contrast, DJ Marky, Calibre and Logistics. Perfect throwback DnB mix for a beautiful weekend, seen. We'll be coming for more of these, trust. Shouts to Squincy Jones on the artwork.

DOWNLOAD Disc Jockey Nappy Unsane.

Mishka Presents Keep Watch Vol. XXVIII: Spooky

The man behind the thunderous Grime flip of Nappy's "This Is Anger", Spooky was asked by Mishka to sort out a Grime mix for their podcast series. He seriously went in, featuring his own cuts alongside riddims from Teeza, R1 Ryders, Chronik, Teddy and more. Big tings - perfect for your rowdy Friday workday.

DOWNLOAD Mishka Presents Keep Watch Vol. XXVIII: Spooky

[video] Prince Ea "Backwards Rappers"

If you don't get this, you might need to rewatch. Caught me off guard, but I respect the message and the way it was delivered. THIS is the kind of ish I like to see more of.

[video] Common ft. Nas "Ghetto Dreams"

This track (alongside "Nasty") got people thinking Nas is back. It also has twitter going ham, asking for a Common/Nas album. We'll see. I'll just accept what good ish we get.

[video] Kanye West & Jay-Z "Otis"

This isn't normal RTD fodder at this stage of the game, but is still one of my favorite tracks of the summer (no, my view never changed). Also, I'm kind of loving the fact that they went in on that Maybach, and genuinely seem to be having fun in this video. I'm also wondering what is going to be saying about this one. Niggas at my job have had me on that Illuminati watch all week - but they won't fuck with Outer Perimeter.

EDIT Looks like The Throne will be auctioning off that Maybach for charity. Props.

[video] MaLLy & The Sundance Kid "Heir Time"

We'll just call this "Subterranean Homesick Blues" for the Hip-Hop nation. Love that.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Whygee ft. Lyriqs "Allie Lungshank"

Whygee ft. Lyriqs "Allie Lungshank": The boy Whygee? He has some shit sitting around. I know - he's got a fucking EP he sent me that's bananadirty, but I'm not sure when it's touching down. Over a fly beat from Prospeck, Why and Lyriqs drop some tales of the lovelorn, the cats who fall head over heels for a female who ends up sticking them in the end [II]. He has a number of cuts about love, both found and lost, but I like how this one goes. Shows the seedy underbelly, feels like a back alley comic book. Fine work.

Trife "FreeAtLast (Rapper Dedication)"

Trife "FreeAtLast (Rapper Dedication)" (prod. by Centric): Tough talk from Jersey's own Trife, over a properly-used "Walk On" flip from the boy Centric. This is nothing more than an introduction to a bad nigga, the preface to the story that is Trife breaking down his cipher for the game. Take heed. Free At Last.

The Jake Dream Season: Available Now!

After some hook-ups, I am finally able to officially announce that The Jake's Dream Season EP is available now on iTunes. Seven tracks, bringing that Soulful Hip-Hop vibe alive, with features from J. Gunn, TWICE, Keisha Shontelle, Rhymageddon, Lazarus and more. This should be siphoning into a number of other digital download stores - I'll update this post if/when I see those links going live. Please support The Jake - I've been waiting a bit for you guys to hear this one! EDIT Dream Season is available right now on Amazon as well - and Juno!

If you need some bits to preview, check out the following cuts from the EP:

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (8/10/2011)


[video] Money First ft. Richie Lane "We Soaring"

Their Digital Money album is out now.

The Combat Jack Show (8/10/2011)

I took it down kind of early last night (well, a little early for me), so I missed the majority of this episode, but I know it was a doozy. Dallas Penn wasn't there, but Donwill and Premium Pete returned; featured guests included Alvin Blanco, Aryana Starr and Mr. Mecc. Shouts to A-King for getting this one on the Internets dumb early - again.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (8/10/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show (Alvin Blanco, Aryana Starr, Mr. Mecc) 8-10-11 by PNCRadio

[video] The Black Sunn & 810 "I Don't Care"

[video] BH ft. Jay Verze "The Realest"

This right here is tough. Imma need the MP3 for this, seriously...

[video] Trek Life ft. DJ Buddy "So LA (Remix)"

[video] William Cooper ft. Ill Bill "Beware Of The Pale Horse"

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[video] Lambizzle ft. Soulogik "It's A Riot"

[video] PH ft. Sha Stimuli, SkyZoo, Ruste Juxx & L.R.Blitzkrieg "County Of Kings"

[video] Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun ft. Buckshot "Night Time"

[video] Dre Robinson ft. Reggie Hills "Gettin' To It"

Bonus Beats Dre Robinson ft. Reggie Hills "Gettin' To It" [clean | dirty]

Riot On The Dance Floor

This is crazy - City Gardens was a club that stood in Trenton, NJ - like, not far from where I grew up. It catered more towards the Punk/Rock scenes, and when it was thriving, I wasn't even legal. Anyways, this is a clip from the documentary that's been done about the venue and the promoter who ran it. Word is they set up a Kickstarter and reached their $20K goal in four days!! Can't wait to see the full length feature on this piece of Trenton history.

Sadly, the venue was closed for a WHILE, then turned into a Hip-Hop club that did everything from hosting OJ Simpson on his tour years back to becoming a sex club. Now it's closed. For shame.

Mayhem ft. Dominique Larue "Lookin Up" (prod. by Jerz)

Mayhem ft. Dominique Larue "Lookin Up" (prod. by Jerz):The boy Mayhem is preppin' heads or his Early May 3: Mo Retro tape (which drops on the 26th of August, and is being presented by StreetLogik, HipHopMayhem, DigitizedHipHop, Bostonianz617 & Brawlers Inc.); for now, we get another treat over a wild string/vocal-driven track from Jerz, finding May and Dom kickin' some fly shit, straight up. Something for the heads out there who are trying to detune the chatter and really focus on the path they need to be on to achieve their goals. And shit. Lovin' this one, perfect for a summer afternoon of hard work. Cuts by DJ Family Tyz. Shouts to Rev.

B. WattZ "Exaggeration"

B. WattZ "Exaggeration" (prod. by Bhonstro): Here's a cut that feels like stepping into B's mind and having his thoughts/feelings/memories rushing past through his head. Love the beat Bhonstro threw here - moreso for the pads used than the drums, but it's the perfect bed for WattZ to express his thoughts to. Some deeper shit for you. Taken from his Human Nature project.

maticulous ft. Reef the Lost Cauze & Soul Khan "Once Invented Remix"

maticulous ft. Reef the Lost Cauze & Soul Khan "Once Invented Remix":Two of the nicest MCs out right now, going ham over some maticulous beats? Why thank you, BBAS camp. He recently released an EP (which we highly recommend), and has Mello Instros dropping on the 23rd of August for free, so really - you shouldn't even be complaining. This is some shit to crack a beer to and remember why you fuck with real Rap in the first place. Nasty.

Blame One "Dropping Bombs"

Blame One "Dropping Bombs" (prod. by Coper):Here's a track that J57 sent over the other day. This cut celebrates the collaboration that Chemistry and Blame One did, creating a combo t-shirt and New Era which you can pick up via I'm all about hats and shirts. And dope Hip-Hop. And Blame One. Not so much about J57,but you already know. Word is Blame and J57 have their own collaboration - an album - dropping soon. Booyah. Bomb dropped.

Dave Raps "Black Magic"

Dave Raps "Black Magic": #DAVEDAZE tackles the massive "Taylor Gang" instrumental, and Raps keeps it tough. I've had cats at work talking to me about Illuminati and secret societies, and thought this was going to be more of that, but it's more just Dave kickin' that fly shit over a truly heavy instrumental. That Lex Luger? Probably. Enjoy dat!

Dave Raps - Black Magic by DAVE_DAZE

[video] Kardi "Joke!"

[video] Von Pea ft. Elucid & Che Grand "Thanks For Your Children"

If you're not up on Pea's Gotta Have It, you really need to get to know.

The Woodside Boys "I'm The Best"

The Woodside Boys "I'm The Best": Here's a treat that I've been waiting to drop. Ever since CM Punk dropped the best promo on RAW, I'd been wondering when someone was going to take Punk's fourth wall breaking and apply it to the Hip-Hop game. Oddly enough, I got sent this track from the Woodside Boys (aka PreZZure and Lyle Horowitz) a few weeks back, and was floored. I know they are working on a project that rockthedub will be dropping on Halloween 2011, but wasn't expecting this one at all. The fact that cats get it, and applied Punk's darts to their position within the game? And hit with the same bite as Punk did? Amazing. PreZZ rides that plodding riddim from Lyle perfectly. I know, the Woodside Boys project isn't dropping for a few weeks, but with Punk winning at Money In The Bank, and that awesome new t-shirt dropping, I HAD to make sure this one dropped before the big main event at Summerslam this Sunday. I'm rooting for Punk - not just because he's the "voice of the voiceless", but because he truly is the Best In The World right now.

[update] This Is Anger EP

I told you guys back in April that the This Is Anger EP was going to be dropping this year. Just got word back from Nu Urban, and the "This Is Anger" EP, with remixes from Spooky, Teeza, Linton Brown, Sheer Dropz, Tim Reaper and The Two. Fifteens will be released digitally on the 19th of September. Nappy and Definate did the damn thing on the original, and these remixes breathe new life into it. Trust. You might think you're ready... but you're not.

[video] Adebisi "Blaxlife"

[video] Clan Destined "War Games"

Danny! Payback (Cover)

I'd tell you guys all the info about Payback that I know, but I don't know much. I know it's Danny!'s next project, and is due out late September. Rumor is you should be able to decipher the guest appearances if you decode Danny!'s Tumblr. I'm also told that "Been Away Too Long", a cut from the project, should be out in "just a few days". #shrug - mum's the word until the word is spoken.

[video] Blu ft. Nia Andrews "My Sunshine"

[video] Evidence ft. Fashawn "Same Folks"

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

[video] Dre Skuffs "Jahyummy Freestyle"

Shouts to Jah Yummy!

[video] Cool Nutz ft. Bosko "Gas Team"

Dave Raps "Rich Nixon"

Dave Raps "Rich Nixon" (prod. by The Olympicks): #DAVEDAZE has Dave going for his over another Olympicks instrumental. Love these kind of tracks, and Dave doesn't disappoint. There's no games being played on this one at ALL - but like he said, a lot don't really get it. Kind of short, but Raps gets his point across. Not disappointed. Would like to hear Dave go in with this kind of focused fury more often. Day 23.

Dave Raps - Rich Nixon (prod. by The Olympicks) by DAVE_DAZE

[video] Tayyib Ali ft. Dave Patten "Live on the Road"

Bonus Beats Tayyib Ali ft. Dave Patten "Live on the Road"

Decay & Fluent Are City Slick

Been a minute since I got a Green Llama blast, so praise Jah for that. The next release from the Llamas comes from City Slick, which finds Decay linking up with the boy Fluent. It's another one of those projects where if it weren't for the power of your Internets, it wouldn't even have gone down. Shit's fucking disgustoid, though. They sent over a few jawns, and I'm kind of blown away. These are taken from their follow-up album, The Money And His Fool, and find the gods going in over some leftfield slappers ("Back On It" is my personal favorite). Not sure when The Money And His Fool is set to drop, but let's up it's soon.

DOWNLOAD City Slick "Back On It"

DOWNLOAD City Slick "The Hustle"

Wordsmith "Grudges & Growing Pains"

Wordsmith "Grudges & Growing Pains" (prod. by Benny Rome):You know what happens when them horns come out... Wordsmith has allowed his Nu Revolution crew to shine, but he's back with his next tape, King Noah, addressing a number of social issues, from homophobia to racism and politics. There's a lot of hatred out there, no doubt, but you haters need a fucking hobby, forreal. Try rapping - even though you won't match what the homey Words has going on. Bmore through your door.

J-Live - The Live Identity

I love how J-Live plays up the fact that he's a Triple Threat. Literally. His imprint is called Triple Threat, he's a talented DJ, ill producer and he's a phenomenal MC. It makes sense that for the run up to the release of his next album, Said Person Of that Ability, he'd sort out "The Live Trilogy" (which is a play on the "Bourne" films), a collection of mixtapes that featuring old, new, rare, hot and classic J-Live material, from the mid-'90s through jawns from the new LP (which drops September 27th). Shit, the nigga hosted and mixed the tape, even! Come on. Your favorite artist doing that? Personal favorites on this tape include "Braggin Writes", "Walkman Music", ""The Way That I Rhyme" and more. If you're not a fan, better become a fan. Wordup.

DOWNLOAD J-Live - The Live Identity

[video] Jermiside "I Been Down"

Video directed by Ilyas. Track taken from Live And Let Live.

[video] Oddisee "The Blooming"

DeeDotMillz "The Light"

DeeDotMillz "The Light" (prod. by Fratello Beatz): Here's a cut that Dee sent over from his Tres Distingues project, which is produced entirely by French production team Fratello Beatz. This one is fly - love the use of that vocal sample, both turned down in the verses and blasted in the hook. Dee uses this to express what the fuck is going on when you're grinding on the underground. It can be hard, and you'd think cats would understand, but I guess you have to show someone how you're walking if they can't fit into your shoes.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Jersey Fresh Jam 2011 (8/20/2011)

On the 20th of August, the Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam is going down at Terracycle. They are like seven years running, and each year the extravaganza gets larger. The Vicious Styles Crew has been putting in work in and around the Greater Trenton area, both with beautiful murals and such, as well as giving back to the youth and the community as a whole, so really, this is like a celebration of what Graf can do for a city. And the nation. ANYWAYS, I already told you guys about the Pre-Party on the 19th of August, but here's some info on the Jam...

[RTD Interview]: The Jake

Funkmaster Flex told cats to not drop any material around the time Watch The Throne drops, but the release date for The Jake's Dream Season EP on RTD Records has been solid for like six weeks. Anyways, we've been in promo mode for Dream Season over the last four weeks, and I figured it made sense to let you guys know a little behind one of the underground's finest producers. He's thick into the Soul of the music, and it shows. Putting in work over the last four years, New Hampshire's The Jake is one of my current favorites in terms of tracks. He has those vibin' tracks, and knows how to pick talented MCs to take those beats to the next level. The EP is fresh, now get to know the brains behind it...

NJRFSU "Juan Beeg Vroom"

NJRFSU "Juan Beeg Vroom":Shouts to Buck Marley for sending this one over. I actually got put onto the New Jersey Rebels when they sent over some tracks for the Jersey Fresh Jam mixtape I'm helping put together. Not gonna say these cats are Odd Future, but they definitely give off that flavor - except these guys going in a bit more with their skills on the mic. Krash, Marley and Kusher do some damage to Kreayshawn's "Gucci Gucci" beat, which I'm surprised hasn't been brutalized like it needs to be. Good to see this element coming to the Jersey Hip-Hop scene - need more cats taking chances.

[video] K-Sise "Rewind + Replay"

Rewind + Replay is available for $free.99 via Bandcamp.

Ralph Rip Shit, Zilla Rocca & Hekla Kosh "Knock Knock"

Ralph Rip Shit, Zilla Rocca & Hekla Kosh "Knock Knock": Here's another one that's criss-crossed the Atlantic. Initially started in 2007, this cut finds Ralph Rip Shit (still one of my favorite Rap Names) and Rocca doing the damn thing over a Hekla Kosh track. Something about this one is so infectious - the vocal that got turned into a sample helps give the track a warmth, with the start/stop drums and that droning bass undernearth really adding dope elements for those keys to dance atop. Just an awesome track that I'm glad these guys let loose. Be on the lookout for Ralph & P.L.O.'s "Hold That", as well as more material from Rocca.

Disc Jockey Nappy EPK

I gotta say, the boy Definate did the damn thing with this one. I hate when cats call mediocre maneuvers "A MOVIE!", but this one really flows. Where a lot of EPKs are niggas taumbout what they have going on, this one shows you exactly what Disc Jockey Nappy does. Get familiar. Hit me for bookings. THUGSTEP anywhere. For a fee.

Dave Raps "Money Luther King"

Dave Raps "Money Luther King": The funny thing about these #DAVEDAZE leaks is that Dave keeps vocaling these instrumentals that I fuck with, but don't like the cats who got 'em. Case in point - "Money Luther King" has Raps coastin' over Big Sean's "Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay", spitting that dumb dumb flavor over it. Some dope shit to wake up to. Only 8 more #DAVEDAZE jawns!?!?

Dave Raps - Money Luther King by DAVE_DAZE

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Slaine & Statik Selektah - State of Grace

Dave Raps "'96 Shit"

Dave Raps "'96 Shit": This shit right here? Baller as fuck. Shoulda called it "lavish shit", as that Olympicks track is so beautiful. Loads of classic references over that beat is another #DAVEDAZE winner.

Dave Raps - '96 Shit (prod. by The Olympicks) by DAVE_DAZE

Willie The Kid - #TheCrates

Nardwuar vs. Casey Veggies

FuseBox Radio (Week Of August 3rd, 2011)

Wally Clark x Op Supa -Tron Beat Tape