Saturday, August 20, 2011

[video] Angerville ft. Swann "Fuck What You Heard"

InVerse TangENT - The Reality Tape

Big K.R.I.T. - Last King 2 (God's Machine)

[video] Tragedy "& The Winner Is..."

[video] Pat G "New Day"

Bonus Beats Pat G ft. Iyadonna, Mark Merren & Intl Show "New Day (Remix)"

[video] Dom O Briggs "Better Than You"

If you mess with this, grab Dom O's A Gemini's Tale.

[video] Kozzie "I'm Famous"

DJ Cable Cuttin' "Night"

The boy DJ Cable cuts up Benga & Coki's "Night". Someone tell him to do a full tape like this for rockthedub.

[video] T.Calmese "Trust Me"

Friday, August 19, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 8/19/2011)

what's in the case?

The Words of Case 2

The King of Style, Case 2, recently passed. At tomorrow's Jersey Fresh Jam, I heard the Vicious Styles crew will be dedicating a wall to Case. Here he is from earlier this year, speaking to a VS graffiti class on, what? Styyyyyyyyle!

EDIT I see that Case's fam is looking for funds to help bury him. They need like $5600 - if you can spare ANYTHING, hit this link.

[video] Talib Kweli ft. Jean Grae "Uh Oh"

Benji B - Exploring Future Beats (8/18/2011)

While I should be posting this because Objekt touched down for a special mix, I really am fucking with this because Benji B dropped a track from The Two. Fifteens ("Cloudy Got 'Em"), which was featured on the RTD FiF compilation. It's the little things. Be on the lookout for a project with The 215s and a few niggas RTD fucks with. Trust.

DOWNLOAD Benji B - Exploring Future Beats (8/18/2011)

[video] Surg & Hellfire ft. Gammaray "Champagne Thoughts (Beer Money)"

[video] junclassic "Times"

[video] Apollo The Great "On The Way To Money"

Thursday, August 18, 2011

[video] Stalley "Chevys and Space Ships"

Introducing Side-B Radio

Princeton University's WPRB 103.3 has always been known for bringing quality Hip-Hop radio shows. From Raw Deal to Vibes N Vapors, they've made sure that quality underground Hip-Hop has been represented, and oddly enough, these shows have made sure that they paid homage to what's good about the Tri-State area's Hip-Hop scene. While we've not spoken in depth, over the last few months, I've seen the homey Hook Jackson and his Side-B Radio show (which airs 5PM to 7PM, Sunday nights) put on for the area. They've helped bring the Garden Variety shows more exposure, and have touched down on some legendary, city-specific sets full of NJ Hip-Hop. Highly recommend that you guys hit Hook up with your music. He's always looking for that fresh, true Hip-Hop, and I know a lot of you need that radio exposure. Email with your radio-edited jawns, or hit up @sidebradio42. Tell 'em @khal sentcha! And catch up on the last few shows, via Tumblr.

Kyle Rapps' On Air Mixtape Release Show (9/06/2011)

Bonus Beats Kyle Rapps ft. KRS-One & Homeboy Sandman "Love Love 2"

[video] Gerald Walker "The Missing Piece"

The Black Sunn & 810 ft. King Mez "Props"

Loving this cut right here. Has that '90s feel with the bass that I LOVE. Black Sunn and 810 have been getting props from around here for a bit, but I imagine a lot of cats sleep on them. This King Mez-assisted track should make some more heads convert to their brand of Hip-Hop, though. Something smooth to rock to while you're on the move. Not even a track where they are hating on the sleepers - just eyes constantly on the path. Dope shit. United Division drops August 30th.

DOWNLOAD The Black Sunn & 810 ft. King Mez "Props" (prod. by Rah Sol)

Trenton African American Pride Festival (8/20/2011)

With so much of my time being focused on the Jersey Fresh Jam and #BYOBBBQ2 (both of which go down ont he 20th of August), I forgot that Trenton had another festival going down, the Trenton African Americal Pride Festival, which is going down in Cadwalader Park from 12PM to 6PM. There's a boatload of performances going on, from Hip-Hop MCs like Wise Intelligent and Emcee Jermaine performing live to poetry from Polo (the East Trenton Poet) and Narubi Selah to people doing gospel music, dance, R&B & Jazz bands and so much more (including Jermaine's son performing). There are different areas for kids, yoga, loads of food, vendors and plenty more - seriously, check the Entertainment Schedule for the full line-up. Shouts to Candice Frederick, who broke down what's going down in today's Trentonian. They are also looking for entusiastic people to volunteer, so if you're free, get on it! I'd also hope that, while this is an African American Pride Festival, any color can come down. Get your learn on and enjyo yourselves, seriously. Big up to Trenton!

The Combat Jack Show (8/17/2011)

This week's Combat Jack show celebrated their first anniversary, which will be capped off by this Saturday's #BYOBBBQ2 in Bushwick, Brooklyn. This was a three-hour show that I missed the first hour to (!), but guests like Jeff & Eric from ItsTheReal, 88 Keys and (ho-motional ass) Ed Woods and more made the show worthwhile. You already know I've been supporting, and will continue to support, good-ass radio, and that's what the Combat Jack show is all about. Internets!

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (8/17/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show (1 Year Anniversary Edition) 8-17-11 by PNCRadio

[video] Illus ft. Homeboy Sandman & JJ Brown "Free"

[video] Grant Parks ft. Phil G, Lennon & Isis Rose "So Refined"

[video] Bamboo Bros. "When I Bleed"

Juan Epstein (8/17/2011)

About a week or so ago, I made it a point to make sure I had all of my Juan Epstein episodes on my work PC. It was only then that I realized that, while not continuous, Juan Ep has been going down for four years! Well, sometime yesterday, Rosenberg posted the Season 4 premiere, which is "just some real Juan Ep shit" that features the one and only Dominican Drew. The last time Drew was on, we got a memorable ho phone call, so I can only imagine what goes down NOW! Definitely all that I'm listening to today. On a related note, I'm going to be uploaded all of the Juan Eps I have to my mediafire account at some point. Just for ish and iggles.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (8/17/2011)

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (8/17/2011)


[video] Chrome "Wake Up"

Love the Jungle drums in this one. Word is there are remixes from Benny Page, Stinkahbell and more.

[video] Brian Breach "Right Path (High Road Remix)"

[video] OnCue "Feel Tall"

[video] A.Dd+ ft. Dustin Cavazos "Under"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I.C. NYC Episode 6: All You Can Eat

Rafi and Dallas participate in the qualifying round of a Japanese curry eating contest hosted by Go Go Curry on West 38th St. Can we eat fast enough to make it through to the finals?

Dave Raps "Home Of The Brave"

Yesterday marked the last #DAVEDAZE leak - and forreal, time flies. Dave showed his plethora of styles, over some imaginative beats, and I'm glad he did it. Hopefully he converted a few of you guys into believers. I was going to do it, but I saw Vee say he was going to sort out a download link of all 30 #DAVEDAZE tracks, just in case you missed something. Smart man. Enjoy this last ride out, though. Thanks, Dave!

DOWNLOAD Dave Raps "Home Of The Brave"

Dave Raps - Home Of The Brave by DAVE_DAZE

hasHBrown ft. El Prez, Hollywood Floss & John Dew "Here 4 The Weekend"

Loving the sample that got flipped on this one. Looks like the New Houston conglomerate, featuring hasHBrown, FLAWSE and Dew felt like hopping into the proverbial lowrider with El Prez and coast over some shit you can cruise to. When I went to the Left, I was only there for the weekend. I saw some shit but I didn't get into any kind of fun like these cats do. Anyways, These cats sound like one unit one family over this Adjectives track, forreal. Look for hasHBrown's Break Something, which is still set to drop Winter 2011.

DOWNLOAD hasHBrown ft. El Prez, Hollywood Floss & John Dew "Here 4 The Weekend" (prod. by The Adjectives)

Neak ft. Scheme, Sincerely Yours & Slot-A "Snotty Noze"

Wow. The homey Neak has a shitload of snot dropping on you guys at roughly the same time. First off, this "Snotty Noze" jawn? Mean. That Trumaine beat is different - steady pace, with a fly melody and loads of atmosphere playing underneath. Perfect shit to allow cats like Scheme, Sincerely Yours and Slot-A to merk alongside the Neak one. Now, Neak has two EPs on the way: Love Greater and The Prequel. One is produced entirely by Slot-A, while the other is produced entirely by Rashid Hadee. Right?! He's also got a video up on MTVu's "The Freshman" for "It's Your World", and it'd be appreciated if you sent some votes his way. Word. Hook on this one is insane TW.

DOWNLOAD Neak ft. Scheme, Sincerely Yours & Slot-A "Snotty Noze" (prod. by Trumaine)

[video] Pure "The Stars"

Dude is bouncin' like this is the '90s, but I'm feeling this track.

Bonus Beats Pure "The Stars"

[video] Zero Star ft. Maggz "Bonus Track"

previous Zero Star ft. Maggz "Bonus Track"

[video] Mean Doe Green ft. Chuuwee "I'm Him"

[video] Mac G Herc "27even"

Mac G says The video is an unorthodox tribute to Amy Winehouse, Club 27 and everyone affected by drug addiction. I was inspired to make this song and video by the death of Amy Winehouse and the fact that the world has once again lost a great musician. I want to bring some attention to what artists actually go through, how devastating drugs can be and how genius is often viewed as insanity by the general public. The video is groundbreaking, provocative and at some points repulsive.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

[video] i-EL "(Untitled)"

Ilyas is shitting on you other Rap niggas and your videos.

[video] Vasco "Love/Hate"

Directed by Alexander Richter & Tom Gould.

J-Live "A Day In The Life"

It's not even been a week since J-Live dropped The Live Identity, and he hits us with something free. This jawn is a cover of a classic Diamond D & Brand Nubian track, and taken from the second mixtape of The Live Trilogy series, The Live Supremacy, which I imagine will be dropping very soon. Constantly playing off his Triple Threat status of being a tough producer, DJ and MC, the "day in the life (of three black men)" is about, well, the triumverate that lives inside his own mental. And you niggas wonder why he's my favorite MC. Hell, he even flips his delivery to mimic each MC he's paying homage to. J-Live FTW. Said Person of That Ability, 27th September.

DOWNLOAD J-Live "A Day In The Life"

A Day In The Life (Diamond D & Brand Nubian Cover) by J-Live

Dominique Larue ft. Add-2 "Murderer"

I love when like-minded heads get together to do some interesting shit. Especially when I fucks with both of them. On the 29th of August, Dub MD and Dominique Larue will be releasing Sam Jackson, a project that's inspired by (and feels like a dedication to) Samuel L. Jackson's movies, featuring a number of his most infamous/classic quotes (with cuts by DJ Bern). On this one, watch how quickly Dom can fly into that double time flow - almost like how Sam Jack goes into that elevated, authorative voice. Add-2 brings the fly shit as well, and I love the beat from Swedish producer Severe. Some big body shit to wake up to, chief.

DOWNLOAD Dominique Larue ft. Add-2 "Murderer" (prod. by Severe)

[video] Nemo Achida "Big Lights, Deep Shades"

[video] Logic "Young Sinatra II"

[video] Kosha Dillz Hot 97 Freestyle

Check out Kosha Dillz recording a freestyle for Peter Rosenberg.

[video] Dregs One "Go Harder"

[preview] PreZZure "Bang!"

The boy PreZZure threw a preview of this jawn that'll be found on his Dark Side Of The Good Guy album, which is set to drop on the 3rd of November. I'd go in on what the shit it's about, but he included a nice write-up - check it out: This ain't a fuck song, It's a real song. "Bang!" is about addiction. I personified addiction as a beautiful woman. A promiscuous demon so to speak. We all like to fuck with our addictions. We can't help it. We're addicted. We love the feeling of the high. Whatever your high is depends on your preference. For some there's drugs, alcohol and/or sex. Regardless once we've come accustomed with our addiction, we get lost in it. It consumes us. We fall victim to the addiction. This is simply an anthem for those who know the symptoms. Beware of addiction. Don't become a slave to your habits. At least not to your bad habits.

Bang! by PreZZure

Monday, August 15, 2011

Nickel Plated ft. Action Bronson "Raped & Smothered"

I was going to drop this earlier today, but shit, this is kind of R-Rated. Not for daytime listening at all.The insanity starts with the hilariously violent snippet in the intro, and turns into a seriously sick beat from Nickel Plated, which builds a dope melody over some sweeping old school vibes, giving Bronson a perfect bed to do what he does best, and dismantle sick beats. And he does it like the chef that he is. This jawn is taken from The Dotgotit Mixtape, Vol. 2, which is due out to drop late September/early October. Bong.

DOWNLOAD Nickel Plated ft. Action Bronson "Raped & Smothered"

Dave Raps "Virgin Girl"

Raps grabs an old school sound to weave tale about an intoxicating, untouched female. Lil' bit of liquor, lil' bit of game, and homey has her in his clutches. Lock and key. #DAVEDAZE is on number 29 - wow.

DOWNLOAD Dave Raps "Virgin Girl"
Dave Raps - Virgin Girl by DAVE_DAZE

Jon Connor On Invasion Radio

Jon addresses the ridiculous MC Breed beef (well, the beef his wife is trying to bring), and kicks a freestyle. Big up to Sav.

Hollywood Floss "Attack Of Hollywood"

Hollywood Floss "Attack Of Hollywood": Flawse takes a page out of GZA's book and flips his own version of "Labels", this time utilizing the names of celebrities. Clever and comical, dude knows how to showcase his skills. ID3 says something about Ari Gold Tendencies? We'll see...

EDIT Bringing this one back to the top because a new version of this hit your Internets, with a new beat from Chris Rockaway.

DOWNLOAD Hollywood Floss "Attack Of Hollywood Redux" (prod. by Chris Rockaway)

Young Lyxx ft. Zip Kennedy "How I Does It"

When I speak about THUGSTEP and how easy it can be for MCs to spit on dubstep, tracks like this are exactly what I'm speaking of. The boy Young Lyxx is from San Diego and lives in the ATL, and has a project, Happy To Be Here, set to drop on the 30th of September. The homies Heroes x Villains have their own EP dropping on Mad Decent, ATLANTA, and it looks like this cut seems to be featured on both. The genius about this cut is that it maintains that Dirty South flavor just as much as it does the dubstep aesthetic in the track. Proper hybrid sound, and the logical next step in bridging this gap. Expect more from Lyxx as well as Heroes x Villains, trust we.

DOWNLOAD Young Lyxx ft. Zip Kennedy "How I Does It" (prod. by Heroes x Villains)

Maria Isa "Secured"

Something dope from the girl Maria Isa, who is dropping her Sip It Vol. 1 mixtape. I was thrown off by way this track started out, but got into the tale she weaved. Felt like something a scorned female from Maury might pen. It's hard feeling that sense of security, and having the rug pulled out from under you. Makes it that much harder to give in to the next one who might be "the one". Shit helps you grow, but growing can fucking suck sometimes. Shouts to Jon Jon for sending this one over.

DOWNLOAD Maria Isa "Secured"

Secured by blackjon66

[video] Green Street ft. Fresh Daily "What's Cookin' 2.0"

Taken from Don't Look Down.

Ess Vee ft. BA "Leave Me"

For the first leak from his The Veelude, Ess Vee links up with BA for "Leave Me", which finds them writing a proper kiss-off to a chick who sounds like she was getting supported financially and dicktually. Sometimes, if you keep saying something to a person too many times, they gonna take you up on that shit, so if your answer to each fight is "I'm leaving", don't be surprised if your partner is like "bye". The Veelude drops sometime in September.

DOWNLOAD Ess Vee ft. BA "Leave Me"

Mr. Miranda "Eastsider"

One state I've never visited is Arizona, but rocking to this ode to East Phoenix from Mr. Miranda, I feel like I've at least taken a slow ride through some of his childhood memories. Any wise man knows you need to know where you came from to know where you're going, so paying homage to the cities, corners and people that helped grow you is always necessary. Love that West Coast knock from Dn3 as well. This jawn is taken from Dave's Story: The Best of Mr. Miranda '06-Infinity, which drops next month.

DOWNLOAD Mr. Miranda "Eastsider" (prod. by Dn3)

Mr. Miranda - Eastsider ( Produced by Dn3 ) by MrMiranda

Dave Raps "Reflections"

I can't front - these reflective/introspective jawns always do it for me. Not sure what it is - probably the part of me that wants to know what makes people tick. Dave acquires a Dom Kennedy instrumental and breezes over it. Let the man take a seat and show you what's on his mind. Perfect track to lounge to. We're closing in on the end of #DAVEDAZE, by the way... gone too soon.

DOWNLOAD Dave Raps "Reflections"

Dave Raps - Reflections by DAVE_DAZE

Dave Raps "Airline Show"

Still going through my inbox, need to hook you guys with the most recent #DAVEDAZE jawns. This is an original track Dave flipped over an instrumental from Young McFly that I'm truly fucking with. Niggas stay being too fly for you, you feel me? Give a listen, though - he drops some gems in this one. Damn.

DOWNLOAD Dave Raps "Airline Show" (prod. by Young McFly)

Airline Show (prod. by Young McFly) by DAVE_DAZE

[video] The Kid Daytona "Summertime"

[video] Al Jieh "Love Mind"

[video] Phene "My Life"

Sunday, August 14, 2011

#BYOBBBQ2 (8/20/2011)

Here's the first flyer for for the #BYOBBBQ2, which is going down in Bushwick, Brooklyn on the 20th of August. I'm going to be going around crazy that day, as that's the same day of the Jersey Fresh Jam 2011, but you know, I need to make both. Dope performances with Action Bronson, Danny Brown, Maffew Ragazino, Jon Connor and more, with cats like Meka and Benhameen - as well as J Period - on the decks. Should be a dope event. Can't wait, seriously. RSVP ASAP, Internets! Shouts to Combat Jack and Dallas Penn for hooking this up!

EDIT Had to bring this back up with the official flyer for the BYOBBBQ2. RSVP via!!!

[video] L.A. "Spittin' Out Blood"

previous L.A. "Spittin’ Out Blood"

Scripts-N-Screwz "DUI"

The SNS boys have started up their #SNSSundays series, where they are going to be dropping something on Sundays - be it a new song, vlog or video. This one is for you weekend warriors, well, those of you who like to cruise whilst drankin'. Which I don't condone. But if you choose to do it, drive slow as fuck and rock to this. This isn't for speeding, more for moving 5 MPH, all day. Maybe while you put something in the air, you smell me?

DOWNLOAD Scripts-N-Screwz "DUI" (prod. by Loose Screwz)
SNS-D.U.I. by loosescrewz

[video] Roebus One "Frail"

[video] Planet Asia "Air Balloon"

[video] Willie Joe Ft. Stevie Joe "On 2"

BuckMarley and Revolt Radio Presents The Revolutionary Riot Report Volume 16

Adam & Eve

Some serious Jersey Graf to get you ready for this Saturday's Jersey Fresh Jam.

Poe Mack – Soul of a Mack

[video] Dutch New York "Ready For The Lights"

[video] Drummer Boy "My Girl Sports Diamonds"

For a track about his chick rockin' diamonds, the video is definitely dedicated more to sexy underwear and reefer smoke. Not really mad at either, are you?

Bonus Beats Drummer Boy Reverse Psychology