Saturday, September 03, 2011

[video] Prodigy & Boogz Boogetz "It's A Body"

[video] Shaz Illyork "Skeleton Key"

[video] Astonish "All I Need"

Bonus Beats Astonish "All I Need"

[video] Soul Khan "Lost Ones Freestyle"

Bonus Beats Soul Khan "Lost Ones Freestyle"

[video] Stalley "Sound of Silence"

[video] Big Ooh ft. Tdot iLLdude & Kas "Truly Yours"

[video] Braille "Feel It"

[video] Dee-1 ft. Shamarr Allen "I'm On It"

You heard Dee-1 previously on the Combat Jack show.

[video] banksthegenius "Yall Know The Name"

Bonus Beats banksthegenius "Yall Know The Name"

Shlomo Motion

A short film set to the music of Earl Grey.

Friday, September 02, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 9/02/2011)


[video] Edo G "Dummies (Remix)"

Flight Distance ft. Crack Moses, Lay-D Shelz & Soul Khan "Foreign Objects"

Ain't that about a bitch. How McDuck gonna send me a track and not send much info on the shit? This what I know: Flight Distance reps Canadia, and are fam with the Brown Bag crew. They even rocked the MEG Festival with those nuccas, alongside The Beatnuts and The Left (Imma change my name to the khal). Anyways, this cut features the homey Soul Khan, who makes everyone sound like they're trying to hard. Shit comes easy to dude, and while all MCs on this do the damn thing, I'm gonna just play favorites. Thing is - I'm not sure what else he has going on. Those hooligans don't stop making music, so just keep it locked for the next next new new from the BBAS crew crew.

DOWNLOAD Flight Distance ft. Crack Moses, Lay-D Shelz & Soul Khan "Foreign Objects"

Side-B Radio (8/29/2011)

I'm amazed they even got in to do the show - with the rain and nonsense that Hurricane Irene brought to the East Coast last weekend, Hook and Divine power through a solid show, which features tracks from L.I.F.E. Long, Von Pea, Audible Doctor, Dre Skuffs, Green Llamas, Naughty By Nature and more. Solid show.

[video] ScHoolBoy Q "There He Go"

It says "featuring Kendrick Lamar", but he just be playing hypeman in the back. #ThereHeGo

The Two. Fifteens "Patch'd Upp Rugby Slapp"

I felt dumb special. Some of my relationships afford me the opportunity to receive pre-release material, with strict instructions. Most of them include "you fucking share this and we'll gut you like the spineless fuck you are", so most of the time I won't even mention I have them. But after a don like Starkey dropped this on 1Xtra, I guess it didn't make sense to hold onto this. The Two. Fifteens feel like they're on the brink, and if they keep churning out beats like this? No telling who will be picking them up. Loving this one - super deep bass, has some dubstep tendencies but a few of you smart rappers should be able to throw a few sixteens on this. If you missed "Extra Cheese Slapp", know that the two of these just got released as promo exclusive jawns. Drop them in your mixes, rattle your speakers with 'em. Do whatever it is you need to do.

DOWNLOAD The Two. Fifteens "Patch'd Upp Rugby Slapp"

Cymarshall Law & Mr.JoeKer "Great Ones Too"

I've always said Cymarshall and JoeKer had a great chemistry, and everytime I hear them collaborate, I realize it more and more. It's like Cy's lyrics blend effortlessly over Joe's beats. For this tribute to Stevie Wonder, Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan, Cy breaks down the stores of each of these greats, and utilizes their passions and struggles to give him his own rush of motivation, to continue to be great. Talk about proper inspiration. Hip Hop In The Soul 2 drops October 4th. Be yourself, and stay true!

DOWNLOAD Cymarshall Law & Mr.JoeKer "Great Ones Too"

[video] Nato Caliph "Physics 720 (and the Universal Laws of...) (Remix)"

Danny! "I Don't Wanna Hear That Shit"

Here's a nice, early morning kiss-off for the Labor Day weekend. You ever have one of those chicks that you wanted to get it? One of those females who you KNOW would be perfect for you, and you for her, but for some reason, as Chris Rock said, you ended up in the friend zone? And you have to start hearing about how this bitch got done in the ass and the dude who smashed spit on her and kicked her out the crib... or she got into a sex party at the club while she was drunk and needs to talk to someone? This is the anthem for the nigga who really just doesn't want to hear that. You friend zone chicks, man - y'all fucked my life up for a while. I'm with Danny! on this one. This shit has a dope bounce to it - has a bright feel to it, and if you don't happen to, you know, listen to lyrics, you will be humming this around the wrong person. Video dropping next week, from what I hear. Payback's on the way (and is a bitch).

DOWNLOAD Danny! "I Don't Wanna Hear That Shit" (prod. by Danny!)

[video] e.d.g.e. "O My God"

Taken from All Flow Everything.

[video] Rock the Bells West Coast (Kosha Dillz Edition)

Nice little travelogue.

[video] Sinitus Tempo "Utopia (My Place)"

[video] Shape "Wikitweaking (Space Jesus Remix)"

Thursday, September 01, 2011

[video] The Black Opera "M.A.S.H."

[video] Jay Rock ft. Kendrick Lamar "Code Red"

Kanye x Flux Pavillion x Jay-Z "I Can't Stopp (Benzi & DJA Edit)"

For some reason, The Throne diluted the fury that is Flux Pavilion's "I Can't Stop" for "Who Gon Stop Me". DJs Benzi and DJA tried to rectify that with this blend. Well, not really, but they did a slick little edit for better mixing. Doesn't take the entire lyrics, and they throw in Flux's dynamic original more often. With Labor Day Weekend upon us, this is a good likkle tool for you THUGSTEP DJs, right? Huuuh?!?!

DOWNLOAD Kanye x Flux Pavillion x Jay-Z "I Can't Stopp (Benzi & DJA Edit)"
Kanye x Flux Pavillion x Jay-Z | I Can't Stopp (Benzi & DJA Edit) by BENZI

[video] araabMUZIK "Streetz Tonight"

[video] J Rawls "Jewel"

The Combat Jack Show (8/31/2011)

In what we'll deem as the first episode of Season 2 of the Combat Jack show, we also get the first "post-Dallas Penn" show, which features CJ speaking his mind about the situation.That's how thick the Internets are - you have some friends who are willing to speak their mind, tell you where they think you're at fault, and still peace it out. He even drops a pretty wild piece of info on DP. Big up for that. I literally LOL'd at them dropping the ending of "Victory" at the beginning, even though I understand both sides. DP ain't gone gone, and I imagine he'll be back at some point. CJ asked "where my niggas is at?!?"... we right here, B. Right here.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (8/31/2011) [via PNC Radio]

The Combat Jack Show (Post Dallas Penn) 8-31-11 by PNCRadio

[video] Shazz Illyork ft. Meyhem Lauren "Low Down"

[video] Subscape "Turn Me On"

This anthem is taken from the forthcoming Universal EP on Dub Police, which you can pre-order via iTunes.

True Tiger - UKG M1X 1Xtra (8/31/2011)

The other day, True Tiger sat in for the mighty DJ Q, and his dizzying mix of UK Grime and dubstep had heads like Nappy and Spooky going nuts the other day on twitter. Hit the download link and see why...

DOWNLOAD True Tiger - UKG M1X 1Xtra (8/31/2011) [via QRIP]

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (8/31/2011)


KarmaloopTV x #BYOBBBQ2

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Go See Warrior

Most of the time, when stores/entities hit me with "do you want to sign up for our service", I shy away. Don't need no more random mail to the house or the inbox. But with lil' man getting impressionable, we've been taking him to the theaters to see all kinds of movies, so we decided to sign up for AMC Stubs. Well what happened? I got an offer to see Warrior for free (!!!), and I'm so glad that I got that opportunity. I'm no movie buff, nor am I the biggest MMA fan, but I follow both, and have to say that this movie is the truth. It's a raw depiction of the behind the scenes of MMA, but also tells a gripping tale. Let me tell you - the crowd I was with? They popped for EVERYTHING. Applause. Shock. Laughter. Just reeled into it. I was damn near edge-of-my-seat towards the end. Just that damn good. Great performances from everyone, from Nick Nolte to Kurt Angle as "Koba". If you fucks with the trailer above, I recommend going to see Warrior when it's out on the 9th of September. Even Complex fucks with it.

[video] Futuristic Lingo ft. Kimik X "Press Her Button"

Is this about playing with some girl's clit on the dancefloor?

J. Gunn ft. MC Lyte & Brandon Pierre "Applaud Me"

After featuring him throughout the Dream Season EP, J. Gunn is embarking on his promo for his forthcoing Faithful Struggle mixtape, which is being presented by DuBose Music Group. Word is that MC Lyte has been supervising all projects from DMG behind the scenes for the last three years. Gunna is one of the four artists she is putting her stamp on, so loads of props to him for that. For this debut single from that project, they do the damn thing. Has a great, thumping Soul feel, but that doesn't mean J slacks on his darts - he keeps it just as potent. Take heed.

DOWNLOAD J. Gunn ft. MC Lyte & Brandon Pierre "Applaud Me"

Pugs Atomz - Enjoy

It's not a mixtape, because there's no DJ, but here's a free LP from the homey Pugslee. I'm loving how his work with DJ Vadim and The Electric, and his travels worldwide, has seemed to open up the pallette of beats he's spitting on. Even though cuts like "On The One" (with the best Theo Huxtable sample use in a while), you can drop this in your favorite rave and have the heads rockin'. I say that because aside from heads like Vadim and Grant Parks, he's taken to rippin' shit from SBTRKT, dog. He knows how to rock a club on the mic, and still twerk a Hip-Hop banger with the likes of Naledge, Brandun Deshay and his Gent$ crew. Now if I could only get the nigga to do a dubstep EP...

DOWNLOAD Pugs Atomz - Enjoy

Pugs Atomz- Enjoy LP by Pugs Atomz "Enjoy LP"

The Black Sunn & 810 - United Division

Been waiting for this one. When I finally met Alex from Move Forward, I let him know "them Black Sunn and 810 niggas is tough". He thanked me and we peaced out. I know the duo was just in BKLYN, and now they drop their Unidted Division, which should be a proper introduction to cats who might never listened to them before. For a couple of young cats, they have that flavor from '96. Not just in the beat selection, which has a nice feel, kind of mixed between Soulful samples and just expertly-chopped samples. And they know how to play catch with the mic, giving each other equal time to shine. Flows like water, too. Shouts to Black Sunn & 810 for this perfect August album.

PURCHASE The Black Sunn & 810 - United Division

[video] Roots Manuva ft. Rokhsan "Get The Get"

Word from TOAST is that the "Get The Get" single drops on the 19th of September.

The Paxtons ft. Sincere "Five Dollars"

Feels like a blast from the past. I feel like I'm always saying "It's been a minute since I've heard new Paxtons shit", but it's really been almost a full year since The Manhattan Project dropped! Fear not, doe. The above video marks the beginning of their next phase, which is capped off with the September 6th-release of Avenue A, the first of a four part series (which concludes with Avenue D, which drops in 2012). The homies haven't lost a step, either. That's more my thing - I hate when niggas go in the studio for a grip and emerge with some sub-par shit. Feels like The Paxtons are truly moving onto the next level of their sound. This shit tough, too. Get crunk to this fo real fo real.

DOWNLOAD The Paxtons ft. Sincere "Five Dollars" (prod. by Urban Legendz)

[video] Cool Nutz feat. Dubble OO, Mikey Vegaz & Kenny Mack "The Town"

[video] The ILLZ "Los Angeles (Existen)"

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

[video] Uptown XO ft. Diamond District "Told You So"

Taken from Monumental II, which dropped today via Rocksmith and 2DBZ.

[video] STS "The Cliche"

The Accomplices ft. Malicious "Drop"

We already introduced you to The Accomplices, aka The Jake & BroadNMarket, who are dropping their Got Away: The EP on the 7th of September (which is also my son's bornday - win!), and Broad sent over this cut with Montreal's own Malicious, who is a cat I'm pretty sure I had never heard of before. And I'm kind of blown away - that beat is dope, and I knew it would be, I'm just loving how Malicious attacked it. He's as hard as the drums on this, but his flow also retains a smooth quality to it. Precision sharp, every word holding weight. Just a heavy track to drop on the people. Loving how this EP is sounding! Be on the look out for that one, trust we.

DOWNLOAD The Accomplices ft. Malicious "Drop"

EDIT Looks like I have heard Malicious before.

Theo Martins "For Helena"

Here's some of that other other from Theo Martins. He always has found it easy to incorporate his influences in his music, and "For Helena" finds homey flipping some indie Pop shit into some other other. I'm not sure if the girl is the game, and he's crafting a metaphor for him being right on the cusp of getting "put on", or if he's just trying to get that chick to open the door so he can play hide the salami. Or is it pound the pastrami? In any case, it's a captivating piece of music done in a quickshot. Probably the audio equivalent to good cocaine. Or am I totally off. Word is T Mart has a fucking cassette on the way? This nigga.

DOWNLOAD Theo Martins "For Helena"

Hollywood Floss "Stalker"

The boy Flawse likes telling stories. I hope this one is more creative expression and not relaying a real life situation. I never had a stalker, and back in the day, I probably wished I had one. Get some excitedment in my life. Over a bright banger from brandUn DeShay (who I'm seeing more production credits than rapper credits from), Floss goes from going on a date (calling himself helping a friend), and I guess he impressed the shit out of her. Or maybe he laid down that New Houston pipe game, and now he has a new dog chasing his tail. That's some hectic shit. Hopefully she aint put any burning Jordans on his doorstep or anything. Enjoy this. One Fan At A Time, September 26th.

DOWNLOAD Hollywood Floss "Stalker" (prod. by brandUn DeShay)

Gerald Walker "Please, Shut The Fuck Up"

I'll never understand someone who is trying to make it big(ger) in the music game getting seemingly so frustrated that they have to write a song asking people who are checking for them to shut up. I mean, I get the need for privacy... but it's not that easy when you willingly put yourself out there, in the eye of the public. We're sorry you can't be an everyman at this point - you have some kind of status, you feel me? In any case, Gerald tells us why he's really mad. His The Other Half Of Letting Go drops on the 20th of September (and I imagine that's a fact he'd like people to speak on), so be on the look out for that.

DOWNLOAD Gerald Walker "Please, Shut The Fuck Up"

B.L.A.P. Producer Showcase (8/30/2011)

These go down fairly regularly. Tonight's event should be special - no not because A-King is hosting it, but because it's !llmind's birthday. 8PM to 1AM, Katra Lounge. @BLAPBOYZ | RSVP at

[video] Jay Billion ft. Sadat X & Eeva "Big Bills II"

[video] Raheim Supreme "Crazy On The Mic"

Monday, August 29, 2011

[video] Quan "I Dot It"

DJ Teddy King & DJ Mondee – New Jersey State of Mind

While I've heard better NJ Hip-Hop mixtapes in my life, I can't front on this Boundless NY-presentation, featuring Ted King and Mondee highlighting Jersey artists like Redman, Queen Latifah, Das EFX, Lakim Shabazz, El Da Sensei, Pace Won, 45 King and more. I love hearing more about undiscovered/slept-on Jersey acts, but this will definitely do, especially for cats who don't realize the talent contained in the Jersey Hip-Hop scene. Shouts to Diggers Union for this one.

DOWNLOAD DJ Teddy King & DJ Mondee – New Jersey State of Mind
Boundless Presents "New Jersey State of Mind" A Mondee & Teddy King Mix by Teddy King

[video] Jeff Spec "I've Been Trying"

Bonus Beats Jeff Spec "I've Been Trying"

Ess Vee "Backyard Sippin'"

I got sent this sometime last week, and I been on some other shit. Maybe I got abducted by an alien. Who knows. In any case, I'm here now, and post-Irene, it's time to break out the charcoal and enjoy the last few weeks of summer. Taken from The Veelude (which is going to be presented by UHTN), Vee creates the kind of backdrop you'd want when the smoke from the grill is hitting your nose (alongside that cheeba scent), the honey dips are dressing less, and your family is there, cackling at times gone by. We've only got a few weekends where these kinds of excursions are permissible, so get that shit in, early. Props, Vee.

DOWNLOAD Ess Vee "Backyard Sippin'"

EDIT Oh snizzle, here's the video:

Myk Dyaleks "All Right"

Myk actually sent me this a few weeks back and, like an ass, I was gonna post it up then - against wishes. Good thing I went over that E-mail. You may or may not realize that Dyaleks has had a "color" theme to his latest projects (Make'em Yell(ow), Chord On BLEU), and it looks like that series had a name, Primary Collo(urs). While this sneak peek is short (under two minutes), it's a perfect example of what Dyaleks has been cooking on, and many feel it's the best way to (re)introduce you to his cipher. He drops his mission statement over some throwback loops. Love that synth melody, forreal. Re@d (Ow)T LOUD!!!! will be dropping on the 5th of September. Keep it liddocked.

DOWNLOAD Myk Dyaleks "All Right"

Dub MD & Dominique Larue Present The Sam Jackson Project

FINALLY! DJ Booth and Dub MD present Dominique Larue's Sam Jackson project, on the day that Michael Jackson was born. I imagine that's not deliberate, but an ode to another iconic Jackson out there? So dope. Original beats from the likes of King Mickey, Onederkid, D-Que Beats, Severe and more, with the homies M-Dot, Revalation and Add-2 being featured. I personally love utilizing movie samples in my own podcasts/mixes, so to hear Larue flip those throughout her EP? So perfect. DJ Bern on the cuts as well. Enjoy that.

DOWNLOAD Dub MD & Dominique Larue Present The Sam Jackson Project

#ThisIsAnger, Week 1: Nappy x Tetsuo x Santi Junior

Leading up to the September 19th release of the This Is Anger EP, we'll be dropping some refixes and remixes of "This Is Anger", for free. For the first refix, we bring you Santi Junior's "This Is Anger" refix, which finds him taking Nappy's anthemic aggression into a darker zone, with Tetsuo's "My World" playing the perfect blend of grind and funk for Nappy to spew his venom. Santi's come a long way - he kind of reminds me of how Nappy attacked the refixes, with a knack to find the right swing between the vocals and the riddim used. I've got half a gig of Santi refixes that I should be compiling for a large feature next month, so be on the look out for that. Until then, wyle to this. Look for a special, alternate version of "This Is Anger" from Sheer Dropz next month...

DOWNLOAD Nappy x Tetsuo "This Is My World Of Anger (Santi Junior THUGSTEP Refix)"

Nappy vs. Tetsuo - This Is My World Of Anger (Santi Junior THUGSTEP Refix) by Disc Jockey Nappy

J.Period, DJ Spinna & Spike Lee Present Man Or The Music 2

Not sure if this is going to be a yearly trend, but for Michael Jackson's birthday today, J Period and Spike Lee link up with DJ Spinna to revist their Man Or The Music tribute mixtape from last year, with an all-new second disc added to the project. I believe what would've been the third annual "Brooklyn Loves MJ" jam in the park was postponed due to Irene, but you still have this to enjoy.

[video] The Throne "No Church In The Wild"

@Dallas_Penn created the exact visual I was seeing when I first turned on Watch The Throne. I'm still not a big fan of the song, but the images put the song into a proper context.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Indo - When Worlds Collide

[video] Rhymageddon "All My Friends"

John Dew - Tech-NASA

Scripts-N-Screwz ft. Lamar Harris "Mothership"

Some celebratory shit. Or maybe some shit to play while you blast off from Hurricane Irene's path. Or staring up at niggas who got on that spaceship and left you on the Earf, stranded. SNS Sundays, week 3, and they flow comfortably with Lamar Harris. Not sure where this series is going, but I love where it's gone so far. Hook feels like some P-Funk, by the way.

DOWNLOAD Scripts-N-Screwz ft. Lamar Harris "Mothership" (prod. by DJ Needles)
SNS- Mothership feat. Lamar Harris by loosescrewz

[video] Tone Liv "Here We Come"

maticulous - mello instros

The Weeknd ft. Drake "The Zone (Ty Cody Remix)"

I'm still not the biggest fan of The Weeknd, but I fucks with what Ty Cody did to this track on the dubstep tip. It amazes me how much space The Weeknd leaves in his tracks - it makes it easy for some of the Bass music scene's refixers to drop something genre-specific and still keep the original in tact. This is some main room sub damage right here. Even Drake gets a lil bit towards the end. Rock that. Shouts to Barrelhouse BKLYN.

DOWNLOAD The Weeknd ft. Drake "The Zone (Ty Cody Remix)"

STS - The Illustrious

Pavy - The Book Of Pavy

Fakts One - The Chop Shop

DP In The Streets With Irene

@Dallas_Penn was in the skreets documenting #Stormaggedon2011 #HurricaneIrene.

DaVinci - Feast Or Famine

Mayhem - Early May 3: Mo' Retro

SL Jones - The Number 23: Editor's Cut

Sinitus Tempo - PEACELAND

Mark V. - Season Change (A Beat Tape)

FuseBox Radio (Week Of August 24th, 2011)