Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jean Grae ft. Styles P & Talib Kweli "R.I.P."

Jean Grae ft. Styles P & Talib Kweli "R.I.P." (prod. by Ski Beatz): I remember first hearing this back when I could still blog at work. I've been a fan of Grae since she was a Natural Resource, and everytime I hear her beasting over a dope beat, I get that old feeling back. I remember back when I first peeped this, they were calling for Cake Or Death. Now we're asking for Cookies Or Coma? Whatever the project is called, I'll take two.

Props to RR via NQM.

[preview] Mos Def "World Premiere"

Madlib's horns, Mos' mic, rings and attire... this feels like a Hip-Hop show from back in the '50s. Who knows where this is coming from or where it'll end up. Just savor the moment.

Kode9 - Essential Mix (3/12/2011)

Hyperdub honcho Kode 9 touched down for the Essential Mix overnight, with an astounding mix, with everything from Warren G's "Regulate" to bits from Nubian Mindz, L-Wiz, Mala and Zed Bias, as well as some of Kode's own productions. He's a vet in the game, let him show you how ill he is.

BassBoost Vol. 1: Sharkweek

To kick of SXSW properly, here's some bass for your face, no Lil B. Friend of the site Sol.ID put me on to BassBoost, a new movement from out in Austin, TX; these skilled DJs will help "educate & entertain the masses with a high-quality product at no price to consume". This first mix comes from Sharkweek, who won Best DJ at the 2010 Roaries Austin Music Awards, and holds down a residency at Mad Classy. Heavyweight selection includes the likes of MRK1, Aeph, DZ, DJ Madd, Silkie and plenty others.

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 27: Mr. DJ

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 26: Deep Sea

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 25: Random With @Illingsworth

[video] Joe Clark "Untucked Nunchucks"

Razors & Balloons

Friday, March 11, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 3/11/2011)

I gotcha back...

R.O.E. A Backpacker Named R.O.E.

FINALLY! I don't even know how long I've been waiting to provide this to you guys, but with life going on for everyone involved, this EP, a proper introduction to the one like R.O.E. is here. A Backpacker Named R.O.E. is a mixture of true school beats, captivating, heartfelt lyrics and a load of life experience from one of the underground's immensely talented writers. R.O.E. blends the same above and below ground tendencies, giving us tracks about the struggle of the everyman as well as his aspirations for more. Tracks like "Starship", which are definitive statements of his goal of getting known based off his talents taking him out of the galaxy, while songs like "Revive" are R.O.E. as a defibrillator to the Hip-Hop game. Beats provided by J. Slikk, Best Kept Secret, Trumaine and Chris Mathien, with Chris and Brecan Bland. Give a dope nigga a chance, you hockeypucks.

DOWNLOAD R.O.E. A Backpacker Named R.O.E. [mirror]

Odd Future In Billboard

So @noz not only wins at helping introduce OFWGKTA to the masses, but he's also got the distinction of getting the best article on them in a print mag, so far. I admire him, and the Odd Future crew, for their work. Great read - check it out!

This issue is on newsstands today, and also features Tanya Morgan. I might have to go seek this one out...

Benji B - Exploring Future Beats (3/10/2011)

REUPSPOT Presents Just Speakers, No Speakers

That title might not make sense, but think about it – this is an instrumental tape. No speakers (aka niggas or honkies rapping on the tracks), just speakers (aka the thinks emitting the sound that you enjoy listening to). REUPSpot brought some heavyhitters in on this one, from cats I already knew about (King I Divine) to heads I just got wind of (Trebles and Blues), to a grip of niggas I never heard of. When I’m at work and have some mindless work to do, instrumentals always get me through, and with the wealth of tracks here, of differing tastes, this would keep me so focused. If you MCs need some producers for your next project, you might want to investigate this tape, forreal. And for their next trick, REUP has Stereotypes out in April, which is a female-dominated project with Rah Digga, Dominique Larue and others on the menu!

DOWNLOAD REUPSPOT Presents Just Speakers, No Speakers
Just Speakers, No Speakers by reupspot

Wingspan "Hopeless"

Wingspan "Hopeless": Commenting on the current state of affairs is a conversation my peers and my engage in constantly. The cats who love and follow the mainstream don’t really go in on that topic – they’re actually getting it; a lot of that shit is dumbed down and mindless for a reason: niggas buy the shit to pop bottles and escape to, not really sit down with. For good or ill, of course. Wingspan adds his thoughts on the way things work these days, feeling “hopeless”, but when brooding horns and plodding drums sound this fly, it feels far from that. I’m not too versed on Wingspan, but look for Growing Wings, his next project, which is executive produced by Charlie Hilton, and will be released in April 2011. Another leak, featuring Frank Ramz and Treazon, is due out next week. Keep your chin up, nigga.

Devin Miles ft. Fashawn "So Real"

Devin Miles ft. Fashawn "So Real" (prod. by ID Labs & Big Jerm): Here’s a fresh cut from Pittsburgh’s own Devin Miles with Internets-favorite Fashawn, with a Cadillac crack track produced by ID Labs and Wired Weird alum Big Jerm. The actual content isn’t anything too distant – we keeping it real, we been doing that – but it sounds so smooth over that bass. Kind of just want that beat – shit like this would set a cipher off, you smell me? Drop the bass out then bring it back in, have some spitters smashtime over it. Anyways, watch out for Miles’ Finding My Own EP, which is out at some point. The e-mail I got sent didn’t really give me much info, but it did big up whomever donated clothes for Devin’s “Fire Flame” video, so I guess all debts have been paid.

Savant ft. Dominique Larue & Dee Jackson "Rely On Me"

Savant ft. Dominique Larue & Dee Jackson "Rely On Me" (prod. by ilL MeeL): Loving the track they spit over this one. Cool, soulful (loving the vocal throw in the beat) but with a heavy kick… just my kind of shit. If you’re a parent, or ever had to have someone in your care, the theme running through this track should resonate strongly with you. There’s nothing in life like having someone depend on you, and you be there to answer their call, be it for an answer to a question or a shoulder to lean on. Bump this, kiss your loved ones on the forehead and look towards brighter days.

M-Dot More Doubters Over Thinking

Here's the newest/latest collection of new and previously unreleased heat from EMS' M-Dot, charting dude's constant growth. Features include the likes of Big Shug, Jojo Pellegrino, Singapore Kane, Scoop DeVille, N.B.S., his EMS conglomerate and many, many others. Dope dose of raw, rugged Hip-Hop to kick your weekend off right, seen? Big up to Above Ground, Bostonianz 617, iLL Vibes & Shib Clothing.

DOWNLOAD M-Dot More Doubters Over Thinking

[video] L.A.N.K. "Waitin So Long"

FuseBox Radio (Week Of March 9th, 2011)

TRiLLBASS ft. CORE "Devastated"

TRiLLBASS ft. CORE "Devastated": If you checked out my Super Bowl mix, you should know that TRiLLBASS is still kicking some fresh futuristic bass for the masses. This free jam they sent out continues in that vein, with tearing bass is paired up with some funky drums for a truly crowd-pleasing tune. This track celebrates the release of The Trillogy, Vol. 1, which features six heatrockets, straight up and down. These cats are on something, too, as they’ve already got Vol. 2 lined up for April, with Vol. 3 coming in May. Too cold.

Bonus Beats TRiLLBASS "Chief Rocka (Psymbionic Remix)"

[video] Aleon Craft "Look Twice"

Bonus Beats Aleon Craft "Look Twice" (prod. by SMKA)

[video] Nomad Carlos "Welcome Me Back"

Bonus Beats Nomad Carlos "Welcome Me Back"

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tech Supreme Presents Supremacy

I've been championing Tech Supreme's production for years on this site now. Dude's got it, whatever you think it is (venereal diseases aside), he's on it. He can give you club bangers, slower tracks, more true school shit. True ambidextrous ass nigga. This compilation, featuring cats like Tef Poe, Rockwell Knuckles, Family Affair, Nato Caliph, Black Spade, Indiana Rome and plenty more talented artists over his beats, is a great look at his range, especially if you're new to the nigga's chi. Plus, he's part of The Force...

Yeah, I knew that'd get your attention.

DOWNLOAD Tech Supreme Presents Supremacy


Here's the final product from Sene and The Clubhouse, aka Recess. Some interesting shit here - leftfield Hip-Hop for freethinkers. Or Sene digging into his mental over The Clubhouse's intriguing soundscapes, with cats like Blu, Donwill, Fresh Daily and others hopping on for the ride. I kind of wish more artists would experiment - not exactly like this, just in general. Take a walk through your nearest wooded area, spliff in hand, and have this banging in your iPod. Go experience something!

DOWNLOAD recess.

Theo Martins Sincerely Yours, The Dancefloor

And here's the long-awaited, club-fueled coke romp from the one like Theo Martins. I guess you might want to thank his skills as a DJ for the eclectic taste he has for picking beats, either on this project or on his other bits. He goes from skraight '80s sheen to Electro, with a bit of dubstep and other tempos tossed up. I sometimes wish more cats would truly express themselves, if they fucked with these kinds of tracks, at least. If you're a fan of Theo, you already know what to expect. If you're a DJ and looking for some spice in your sets, fox with this. Or just cop an 8-Ball and throw this on repeat. All night. Big up DJ Booth.

DOWNLOAD Theo Martins Sincerely Yours, The Dancefloor

Black EL ft. Outasight "Go! (Remix)"

Black EL ft. Outasight "Go! (Remix)" (prod. by Durkin): For remix two of three from EL & Durk’s Color Commentary favorites, they called upon Outasight to lend his blend of middle class bars to the proceedings. While he definitely fits the molding of this funky guitar/piano romp (which EL says Durk wanted to create for his live DJ sets, in the vein of the remixes from the Native Tongues era), I’m not the biggest fan of this sound. I’m in a weird zone right now, maybe it’s the gray skies and the rain, or just the murkiness of my audio consumption as of late, but this is too bright for me. It works – and even feels like they could snag some of those Asher Roth / Shwayze lovers, but just not my cup of tea. Love hearing the variety these cats bring to the table, nonetheless.

previous Black EL ft. El Prez & 6th Sense "Sunday Drive (Remix)"

[video] The ILLZ "The Sun Doesn't Know It's a Star"

[video] GDP "Neural Circuitry"

Taken from GDP's Useless Eaters, which drops on March 29th; pre-order it now.

[video] Talib Kweli "How You Love Me"

Camp Lo "Jimmy Page"

Camp Lo "Jimmy Page": Whoa – why did I not know that Camp Lo and Pete Rock have a collaborative LP, 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s, due out this Summer? Big up to the homey Trackstar, who got tapped to cultivate a promo tape for Camp Lo, featuring Camp Lo blends and some exclusive freestyles over Pete Rock beats, including this freestyle over “Straighten It Out” (well, one part of it), as well as unreleased bits and remixes. Camp Lo always put me in a zone – I could put on “Luchini” or “Glow” right now and be off in another world, so to hear them getting their shit off on some Pete Rock beats? Need that. The DJ Mark DiVita-hosted mixtape should be out in two weeks (!!), so get familiar.

Jimmy Page (Straighten It Out freestyle) by djtrackstar

Jakk Frost & Benja Styles Throwbakk Jakk Vol. 2

Jakk Frost and Benja Styles linked up for another edition of, well, killin' classic tracks. Everything on here is a beat you needed in your life at some point, and Jakk brings along Philly spitters like Peedi Crakk and E. Ness along for the ride. Super fire shit.

DOWNLOAD Jakk Frost & Benja Styles Throwbakk Jakk Vol. 2

Soni ft. MC Lyte "My House"

Soni ft. MC Lyte "My House": Nice – this shit feels like throwback hours on VH1 Soul. If you grew up on ‘80s Hip-Hop, you should be feeling dumb amped when something like this drops. Word is Soni is Tony Touch’s artist, and hearing them interpolate some Mary Jane Girls over a classic loop? Alongside some funky fresh rhymes from L-Y-T-E? This is some shit to set my Saturday night off right!

[video] Nyle ft. Fresh Daily & Mic-L "Dundiddit"

previous Nyle ft. Fresh Daily & Mic-L "Dundiddit"

A.R.M. ft. Tumi "Get Proud"

A.R.M. ft. Tumi "Get Proud": If I had only heard some shit like this when I was in high school, I might not be where I am today. Not that I don’t want where I’m at right now, trust, but the depression I had then drove me to start writing… you get me? Anyways, those A.R.M. rebels are going to be calling it quits. Forrealsies. A.R.M. consists of producer Budo, M.anifest and the artist formerly known as Krukid. Krukid is now known as Ruyonga, a man who’s in a new space spiritually, and is working on faith-based gospel music now. Gotta be proud of him for that, right? These three completed their album, Uprising, a bit ago, and it’s set to drop last quarter 2011 (after Budo’s Rhymesayers project and M.anifest’s solo project drops), and they plan on leaking more material before it’s out. Get proud for what you do, be proud that A.R.M. had their time, and be prepared for all of their forthcoming bits.

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (3/09/2011)

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 30: Joe Mande

Comedian Joe Mande joins the Hype Men to discuss Rhymesayers and the Minnesota hip-hop scene + albino rappers + Chet Haze and the shitty keg-rap movement + WINNING + Scientology pamphlets + the NBA dunk contests + Joe's run-ins on twitter with Cam'Ron, Chamillionaire, Jesse Camp and White Castle + Wu Tang's mathematics + the "I Need a Doctor" video + much more!

itstheBino Interivew: The ILLZ

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Mister Cee - Biggie Tribute Mix (3/09/2011)

Like he always does about this time, Mister Cee dedicated his noontime mix to the one and only Notorious B.I.G. - love that he keeps this going. And for more things Biggie and Hot 97, Miss Info has some audio and other thoughts on her blog.

DOWNLOAD Mister Cee - Biggie Tribute Mix (3/09/2011)

Mr. Miranda "Miranda's Rights (A Tribute To Ernesto Miranda)"

Mr. Miranda "Miranda's Rights (A Tribute To Ernesto Miranda)": This is ill! I’m not up on Mr. Miranda, but if you’ve ever been locked up, watch COPS or anything police-related, you’ve heard about being read your Miranda Rights. Mr. Miranda’s uncle, Ernesto, is the reason the legal system had to enact them! Ernesto’s birthday is today, the same day Biggie passed away, and over DJ Quik’s “Safe & Sound”, Mr. Miranda sends some tributes to his uncle. Love life. Appreciate the trailblazers.

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 24: Mars

Jakk Frost, Nico The Beast & Reef The Lost Cauze "3 Headed Monster"

Jakk Frost, Nico The Beast & Reef The Lost Cauze "3 Headed Monster" (prod. by J-Scrilla, Cuts by DJ Trayze): Yo – Philly is active. I’m born, raised and will probably die in Jersey, but I always feel a kinship to Philly – it’s a working class city, who reps hard for whomever comes out that way. They don’t hold their tongues, and have a sick appreciation for the arts. My kind of town, really. Love hearing the Philly Elite go in over beats and just crushing them into submission. Stacked perfectly, too. Not angry rap at all – just some real shit that real dudes can relate to. Monstermash.

MP3 via Mr. X.

Trifeckta Presents (mixed by Trackstar The DJ)

You should be aware of the name Trifeckta - he's produced joints for a number of St. Louis' THE FORCE members, including Rockwell Knuckles, Tef Poe, Gotta Be Karim, Family Affair and others. While Trackstar the DJ might be playing Billy Ho out in Cali, his STL ties are skrong, and he whipped up this 29 minute tape to showcase Trifeck's nastiness. All kinda of win.

DOWNLOAD Trifeckta Presents (mixed by Trackstar The DJ)

[video] Vagabonds "Predictions"

The Notorious B.I.G. vs. Pendulum "Niggaz Bleed (Disc Jockey Nappy DnB Refix)"

For today, the 14th anniversary of Biggie's death, I had asked DJ Nappy if he could flip a Biggie acapella for me. What's he do? He grabs a first album Pendulum classic and laces this guitar-driven banger underneath Big's bars. There's no one out there who did it like Big did. Had a huge impact on my life, and the lives of others, and I kind of wish more heads would retwerk his work - maybe Puff can release some Biggie vocals?!?

DOWNLOAD The Notorious B.I.G. vs. Pendulum "Niggaz Bleed (Disc Jockey Nappy DnB Refix)"
Notorious B.I.G. - Niggaz Bleed (Disc Jockey Nappy vs. Pendulum D&B Mix) by djnappy

And for those who need some Biggie in their lives, here's episode 16 of rockthedub radio, which was my ode to The Notorious B.I.G. - lots of people dug this mix, so I figured I'd share with you today. Jadakiss and Puff also spoke out about Biggie during this time, and Chairman Mao even posted Biggie's final interview in The Source; do me a favor and take a half our out and celebrate Big's excellence. REST IN POWER, BIGGIE!

Notorious B.I.G. - Things Done Changed (Disc Jockey Nappy vs. A-Sides D&B mix) by djnappy

Notorious B.I.G. - Dead Wrong (Disc Jockey Nappy vs. Breakage D&B mix) by djnappy

Avionadramida "Wise Words, Real Niggas"

Avionadramida "Wise Words, Real Niggas": Hah, new jawn from the Kool Klux Klan, over a sick MF Doom instrumental from one of my favorite releases of his. Word is an album is on the way? I don’t even know what to think – dude’s got lines for days, and they have a knack for picking some leftfield beats. Loving the new breed of ill niggas coming forth, forreal. Some really intriguing shit here – some vulgar, some hilarious and some just WOW. Feels effortless.

Jadin Shropshire "All Y’all"

Jadin Shropshire "All Y’all": See? It’s not hard to make good Hip-Hop, right? Sick beat, with a fly Slick Rick sample? Check. Dope rhymes that document the rapper’s personality and humor? Check. Realistically, that’s all I need. I’m no radio programmer or record label exec, I just fuck with good music, and what I’m hearing from Jadin Shropshire is what it’s all about. Dude reps NY by way of Bmore, and dropped this (and the bonus cut) from his Penny Bucket album. You can feel his love for the Golden Era, and I respect that. Dude’s on it. More, please.

Bonus Beats Jadin Shropshire “Driftin’

Dregs One "Wake Up"

Dregs One "Wake Up" (prod. by Dregs One): Aside from the annoying hook on this one, I applaud dude’s theme here. Spike Lee wanted you niggas to “wake up” to real life and realize the situations that affect you, daily. Most cats are only concerned about their next blunt or the next chick they want to bone. Or the next remedial rapper that everyone says is dope. This San Fran spitter is trying to do all he can to make you cats take notice, including dropping The Wake Up Call Mixtape on the 27th of April. Gotta give it up for cats who notice the nonsense and are trying hard to steer peers away from it. Now that I think of it, that “wake up” might be annoying, but I’m already enlightened to the nonsense, so it’s preaching to the choir – this might be just the tool some lost souls need, nahmean?

Mr. Gat ft. Nico The Beast "Front Line"

Mr. Gat ft. Nico The Beast "Front Line": NY to Philly forreal, Gat and Nico kick some WWIII shit on this one. Just some hard shit. Sounds that would make Funkmaster Flex do that weird “grrrrrrrrrrrr” shit, grizzly bear rap. Gat does his thing, but I gotta say, Nico is one of those MCs that you wait to hear him just spazz on a beat. Almost like he just opens up the jacket and heats the entire party up. Timberland boot shit, with a Phillies cap on.

[preview] M-Dot More Doubters Over Thinking

Cover above, tracklist after the jump for M-Dot's forthcoming More Doubters Over Think, which drops this Friday (March 11th), and his hosted by a number of sites that aren't RTD (big up to iLLVibes, Bostonianz617, DJ Stress, DJ D-Rek and the other entities that made this one happen).

[video] Luck-One ft. Braille & Gen.Erik "Monotheism"

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

[video] Isaac Aesili ft. Aaradhna & Buff1 "With You In My Bed"

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 23: Dancin' Shoes

Roy Ayers Needs A Beat

Perfect opportunity for you beatsmiths out there. Hit up for more details.

[video] The Kid Daytona ft. Freddie Gibbs & Alex "Take Aim . . . . Bang!"

My absolute favorite track from Daytona's The Interlude. Shouts to L-R-G.

NatStar "Live Now, Die Later"

NatStar "Live Now, Die Later": Here’s a name I’ve seen a lot, but never really highlighted on RTD. Part of it’s the fact that I don’t really know much about him. One thing I do hear, though, is some fury. Almost like this twinkling piano of an instrumental is just the perfect soundscape for dude’s rhymes. I feel like I’m almost too old to be on these kinds of themes (even if I’m still months shy of my 30th), but that’s because I’m living now for my son. I respect cats who endure, though, and this sounds like Nat’s theme music. Shouts to Vick for asking me to peep this one.

i-EL & Juice Lee Are Double Dragon

Double Dragon = i-EL (aka Ilyas) and Juice Lee. Looks like they dropped a project, Double Dragon 2K11, last month. Lovin' it. Each track definitely references another video game. Features Jermiside, Mega Ran and Stella. Win. Shouts to Meka for the heads up.

Armond "Good Evening"

Armond "Good Evening" (prod. by Doc): My type of shit. Armond is one of those MCs who I got into by doing some work for THHE, and keeping a watch on via the New Internets. Armond speaks his mind about a grip of things – Charlie Sheen, Lupe, Manute Bol and more – over a beat from Doc, who many of his fans feel is one of his better collaborators. Super Saiyan status on this one. Word is Doc and Armond have an EP dropping sometime this year, so if you mess with their bits together, let this be an appetizer. And word is Armond will be contributing to the RTD Five Year Anniversary, FiF, which drops on the 31st of March. #winning

[video] Crew54 & CientifiQ "Da Sypha"

The Two. Fifteens "Tap Dance Massacre"

The Two. Fifteens "Tap Dance Massacre": After getting some good press with , The Two. Fifteens are back with the first leak from their forthcoming album, Effective When Used After, which is set to drop in April 2011. And this is a great look at their next chapter. Combining a sick set of drums, they get all IDM in the dancehall, pairing some eerie notes alongside some Aphex-esque vibes. The skittering of the drums kind of feel like an interpolation on some of Savion Glover’s hoofing, taking a pattern he might tap out and transporting that to Mars. I use the term “future music” a lot, but this is really that – the sounds of a Martian nightclub, drenched in intergalactic hydroponic. Catch a contact high, take off your spaceboots and jam out. Artwork handled by Darkie (who not only designed , but has handled things for Drake). You’re not ready.

DMZ 6th Anniversary: Loefah vs. Mala B2B Coki

Courtesy of YDK, here's an MP3 taken from the DMZ 6th Anniversary, which went down this past weekend. It features damn near two hours of supreme dubstep beauty from Loefah vs. Mala B2B Coki. No more words need to be said.

Good Hair ft. Approach & Tajai "The Funk Part 2"

Good Hair ft. Approach & Tajai "The Funk Part 2": Before their album drops for $Free.99 next month, Dekagon figured they’d send over a couple of leaks from the Good Hair project. Good Hair = Nezbeat and Joe Good, and judging by this track, they aren’t afraid to bring in diverse tracks. This track has that “down home” vibe, some shit you’d hear as a shorty upstairs while the grown folks drank cognac, smoked cigarettes and played some ill records on a Saturday night. Love the loop on this one – really unique, different. But still funky. The fact that Souls of Mischief’s Tajai is on this, alongside Approach? Perfection. Word is this Good Hair release had been sitting incomplete for a bit, with both members going through their own label situations and releases, but time afforded them to finish this one up. And these first two singles are fly. “The Funk Part 2” is actually the second single, with “Fuchsia” catching the ears of URB last year (jeez, I need to be kept abreast to this shit early!), for good reason. Releases like this restore your faith in the “true school”, nahmean? Grab all of these leaks via the Dekagon Records Bandcamp page.

Permanent Inc. "Super Sonic"

Permanent Inc. "Super Sonic": These days, I’ve been trying to attack my inbox more, and bring you some names you might not have heard before, juxtaposed with the cats I normally feature on RTD. Five years strong, and we’re still listening. Sometimes, you get genuine e-mails where you know a cat knows your site and what your voice is, and others where they say you have “got a Legit ass Website” where they love how you “make some tight Videos”. Those same cats will say things like wanting to “bring back that good Ol hip hop”, but they attach their new single and it’s an ode to blowing trees, soaked in now. Nothing vintage about this. At all. Unless “Ol hip hop” means Luniz “I Got 5 On It”. Big up to Southern Cali, but when I want “unique sound”, I go in. If you fuck with RTD, you know this… and this isn’t really unique to me. Talk of making it b/c you’re faded and shining with diamonds in the club actually could be considered “Ol hip hop”, if you’ve got a fondness for shiny suits. I’m not that nigga, nor is my site really the spot to go through for that “new shit” – we stick to more of the true shit. Basically, don’t send me a form e-mail trying to mask it as something that’s personal. BCC me the shit. Then again, without that ploy, I’d not be writing these words. You win?

junclassic "Stingray"

junclassic "Stingray" (prod. by Willie Green): First time I’ve heard jun kick a flow like this. He’s got a different fire in his voice – love hearing these cats I’ve seen mature trying different things. Might be this organ-fed instrumental Willie Green laced him – has a real cinematic, back alley brawl in a Blaxploitation film kind of flow. Standoff shit. Might need to hear these two link up more? You fuck with that artwork up there? Respect to T. Dragonette. jun’s Wunderkind-produced fifth album, Better Than Fiction, is due out Spring/Summer 2011, so keep it locked!

Maria Isa Raw & Uncut: Plenazo con Isa

Over the weekend, I got a trio of tracks from the one like Maria Isa, who I fox with. I don’t think I have heard too many Latinas kickin’ lyrics, and it sounds like this trio of tracks, produced by PLENA, find Isa in the pocket, forreal. What’s even iller is these three jawns were flipped during one weekend recently, using notes that were penned on the subway, creating some proper end to end burners. “Basilando” pairs up a live-sounding break with Isa’s cornucopia of thoughts, from Bill Clinton to Pac & Big. Just some real NY shit, taking in all of the stories, tweets, newsfeeds and blogs and siphoning them atop some some found noise and a fresh beat. “Are You Ready?” spices things up a bit, with a nice, understated sub atop a club thump, with Isa on the hunt for Richard Gere. One of those tracks you kind of wish that shorty you were eyeing would mouth to you from across the club. Pure strobelightsex. Rounding this out is Isa skraight freestyling over some quick drums. In English and Spanish. And #winning. She’s packing in a grip of appearances and output for the masses – the question is if you’re listening. Are you?

DOWNLOAD Maria Isa Raw & Uncut: Plenazo con Isa

[video] Shunda K ft. Shon B "I'm Da Best"

[video] Grip Plyaz "G.R.I.P.P.L.Y.A.Z."

Monday, March 07, 2011

[trailer] A Backpacker Named R.O.E.

The jam you hear in this video is R.O.E.'s "Starship", taken from A Backpacker Named R.O.E., which I've been waiting to drop on you lot. This Friday, the wait ends, as this BPA affiliate is finally ready to let the world into his cipher. I've been a fan of his since The Lightouse Project, and being able to be a part of his growth and presentation is awesome. Get familiar!

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 22: My Pride and Joy

[video] Kayo & Quake "Heavy"

previous Kayo & Quake "Heavy"

Prodigy vs. Heist "Keep It Thoro (Disc Jockey Nappy DnB Refix)"

Word is Prodigy, the incarcerated half of Mobb Deep, gets out of jail today. I'm not sure if Nappy knew this, but he got his mittens on the defining single from Prodigy, and flipped a track from bass music prodigy Heist into this recharged, jugular-slashing banger. We have no doubt that dude will come out swinging, and have a mixtape out by the Fall, but for now, just load up a ounce of the best your people can grab, head to the club and enjoy this first week. Nappy's actually been rocking more DnB refixes, as you should remember from FOTM #32. Sickness.

DOWNLOAD Prodigy vs. Heist "Keep It Thoro (Disc Jockey Nappy DnB Refix)"
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prodigy - keep it thoro (disc jockey nappy vs. heist dnb mix) by djnappy

And if you can't get enough Prodigy, celebrate his homecoming with Peter Rosenberg's Welcome Home Prodigy mixtape, which is hosted by Havoc. Or check out Mister Cee's Best of Mobb Deep tape.

Bonus Beats Mobb Deep "Shook Ones (DJ Zinc Remix)" [via dubplate digest]

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[video] Animalistic "Nobody"

[video] MiLKMEN "Ms. Fat Booty Freestyle"

Wise Intelligent On Halftime Radio Show (3/02/2011)

NOTE This video is the entire show; head on 56 minutes in for Wise's freestyle. Via THE HEREAFTER.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 21: Nature

[video] Tyler, The Creator "Yonkers" On The Piano

[video] Prodigy "Genesis"

[video] Planet Asia "Boiler Makers"

Chris Cuomo On Jay-Z

jayZ shoots his brother, dealt coke, stabs rival producer in '99, but now "legit famous" b/o wealth and famous wife. Redmption or ridculous?less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Earlier today on twitter, ABC's Chris Cuomo brought some interesting questions about Jay-Z's rise to fame, given the path he chose.

I like the music, I root for people to overcome, but I must ask what qualifies as "success". Most overcome hard life w/o gangbanging/drugsless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I read a lot of people getting heated at Chris, but truthfully, quality music aside, shouldn't we all be asking these questions of our artists? I won't get into a grandiose debate/rant about glorifying stereotypes and negativity, but I immediately thought about how some people might immediately put Hov in a different basket, because he might not speak as ignorant as a Gudda Gudda or whatever. At it's basis, they're both highlighting the same things in life, but one is seen as a remedial rapper, while Jay might be seen as more of an intellectual.

@jodivpei I did. Not judging, but "victim" label odd. I know too many who overcome poverty w/o turning to crime. Why not celebrate them?less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I respect Hov's ability, and get his story. I personally just wish there was a balance in who got highlighted and why for. Big up Chris Cuomo for the dialogue.

[video] RAtheMC "Victory Lap"