Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kjell "Grand Groove"

Kjell "Grand Groove": Normally, I'd just post this on DPD and call it a day, but damnit, the laurels that make up are built on hybrid sounds like this. Drum & Bass/Jungle like this takes me back to when I used to let a plethora of sounds emit through my speakers. Not to say my appetite for BASS is a single path, but these days it's only a few sounds taking up my normal aural meals. This feels like an odd track found on a dope Trip-Hop compilation, with it's heavy use of amen breaks and jazzy piano... Christ almighty. Just too good. Late night hype, you smell me? Apparently Kjell will be posting free tunes from time to time via SoundCloud, so follow him and listen to everything. Big up to Perpetuum for putting me onto dude.

Kjell-Grand Groove by kjell

What's Poppin at SXSW? Peter Rosenberg + Odd Future Pt. 2

Bonus Beats Mike G "Forest Green" (prod. by Left Brain) [via StartOfTheLine]

previous What's Poppin at SXSW? Peter Rosenberg + Odd Future Pt. 1

RayDawn "Heir"

RayDawn "Heir" (prod. by Cashous Clay): I love being asked to present projects, then getting sent something from the project that brings a smile to my face. Riding a flipped Boyz II Men Shai sample over some fat bass, RayDawn is doing the damn thing as we prep the release of Controlled Chaos 2, which RTD will be presenting alongside SMKA and YNotMyDream on April 29th. Esteemed company to be in, nahmean? Ray stakes his claim to the thrown with some shit you can't help but rockin' to. Niggas hear THIS coming out of your speakerbox down the block, they might get on one knee and send praise. Feels like the SUMMER is here right now!

Botchamania 164

Friday, March 18, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 3/18/2011)


Jakk Frost x Benja Styles Charlie Sheen Meets Mel Gibson EP

You need a proper funtime soundtrack for an ill Friday afternoon like this. Enter and Jakk Frost and Benja Styles, with their Charlie Sheen Meets Mel Gibson EP. Inspired by the offbeat ranting(s) of Sheen and Gibson over the last year, Jakk channels their aggro sides and beasted out this seven track EP. Add some heavy basslines and crackin' snares, and it's nothing but #winning, duh.

DOWNLOAD Jakk Frost x Benja Styles Charlie Sheen Meets Mel Gibson EP

[video] Versis "Life Story (Story Of My Life)"

B. Brown ft. Hollywood Floss "Love Changes"

B. Brown ft. Hollywood Floss "Love Changes": Apparently, this nigga Brown been on some “Wednesday Buzz” shit – I’m kind of tired of weekly leak series, but if all of B(enton) Brown’s shit sounds as dope as this, I might give him a pass. This one features the homey Flawse on this track that’s perfect for the incoming Spring. There’s a lot of sucker for love ass niggas out there, still boo’d from cuffing season, who aren’t ready for the change. That’s right, every situation changes, but some dudes and chicks don’t think/aren’t grown enough to realize that that’s a part of growing up. That “fake you” façade fades and the real nigga or bitch in you comes out, and smacks the other person in the face. Watch yourselves. Don’t get caught out there – once shorty or duke does something that leaves you confused, it’s fight or flight, people. Keep your guard up. Now B Brown used to be known as Boogi Milli (thanks for changing your name), and represents Miami by way of BKLYN. Be on the lookout for his new project, The Brenton Brown Affair, which should drop whenever these Wednesday Buzz jawns run out.

Frankie Phre$h "Who's Fault Is It"

Frankie Phre$h "Who's Fault Is It": Uh oh – new Spitzwell! Over Raekwon’s “Ice Cream” instrumental, Frankie just goes ham. Bacon flavored ice cream. Dude runs down the ills of a number of things going on – sounds like he took a look at nonsense on Facebook or twitter and decided to speak on some of the bullshit out there. There’s a lot of shook niggas who turn heavyweight behind QWERTY keyboards, but twitter definitely makes things hectic. I hope niggas keep fouling up, so we can get more dope freestyles like this.

Benji B w/ Chris Moyles - Exploring Future Beats (3/17/2011)

[video] Emalkay "Fabrication"

[video] Kozzie "Spartan (Remix)"

Featuring Marger, Merky ACE, Rival, Ego & Scrufizzer: Frankly Speaking

Tranzformer Snacks EP

The other day, I dropped an instrumental from Tranzformer, and he recently sent over the EP it’s from. The Snacks in the title must reference the munchies, b/c after “Blunt Running”, this is a soundtrack to an afternoon smoke out. Blasting this loud, blunt in hand, vibing to music or talking loud in the party. Love the bouncy bass in this one, too – nice mixture of more “organic” sounds with the synth funk. The bits with Honey Brown are personal favs (“The Shine” is so ill!), as well. And when it’s done, all you’ll want to do is light another one. #winning

DOWNLOAD Tranzformer Snacks EP
snacks ep ( preview ) by Tranzformer aka Dirtydome

[video] Six Reasons "Hello Goodbye"

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's Poppin at SXSW? Peter Rosenberg + Odd Future Pt. 1

Common - The Supa MC & Friends (mixed by DJ Books)

Picking up where he left off, DJ Books comes correct with a grip of classic collabos that Common did with the likes of Dilla, Q-Tip, De La Soul, Kanye West and plenty other MCs, as well as some fly freestyles. Happy Belated birthday to Com - enjoy this one while you're eating that leftover cake, nigga.

DOWNLOAD Common - The Supa MC & Friends (mixed by DJ Books)

DJ Trax + Assorted Anonymous Transmission 01

Being as today's St. Patrick's Day, this is the EP you need, namely for one track: "Pub Crawl". This EP comes from DJ Trax, who I initially knew for DnB (but also knew he had a great love for Hip-Hop), and the Assorted Anonymous crew out of the Midwest. This entire project was an Internets collaboration, but the fusion of AA and Trax's beats fits like a glove. Transmission 01, from what I'm understanding, is just the beginning, too. Oh, and AA have a track on RTD's FiF - hah!

DOWNLOAD DJ Trax + Assorted Anonymous Transmission 01

Co$$ The Future's Past

Many heads only know the NEW Co$$ - we're all not privy to niggas before they get some fame, so projects like this, that document a cat's material over the last few years, become dumb essential. Co$$ says: "'Future's Past' is a collection of material circa 09- present that I did not have exact destinations for. It is apart of the C.O.R.E.(collection of rejected excellence) series started by Blu and carried on by Sene and I a few years back. My first C.O.R.E. release was Tomorrow's Yesterday, this is the follow up....Some songs were cut from my debut project, 'Before I Awoke', and other songs were leaked on to blogs during the last year or so....I have dropped a lot of random material and I wanted to put it all on one project so heads who may have missed the leaks the first time get a chance to hear the songs..This is not my official mixtape, I'll be dropping that in the next month or so. The 'Sleep Walking' mixtape will feature 16 new songs, all original production, followed by my debut, Before I Awoke, being released on Tres Records early summer".

DOWNLOAD Co$$ The Future's Past

[video] Drea ft. Yasin "Legacy"

Camp Lo & Pete Rock "Mic Check"

Camp Lo & Pete Rock "Mic Check": To further promote the forthcoming 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s mixtape, instead of leaking just another freestyle, Track threw out a (tagged) track from the Camp Lo and Pete Rock ALBUM! Over a pretty minimal beat (claps, tom toms and air horns), the Camp Lo boys waste no bars. It’s actually dope – instead of vibing to a sick flow, this is more old school, lunchroom bangin’ on the table shit, letting Camp Lo just get theirs. And no Pete Rock verse! Winning!

80 Blocks from Tiffany's-Mic Check by djtrackstar

Bonus Beats Camp Lo "Summer Love (Trackstar's Skinz Blend)"

Vandalyzm "Nothing Ass Verse With A Hook On A Beat"

Vandalyzm "Nothing Ass Verse With A Hook On A Beat": To cap off SXSW, and to prove a point, Vandalyzm brings some no frills Rap to the scene. Straight up heat, everything done by Van… just some dope shit for dope shit’s sake. His album, Vandalyzm Is The Stepfather, is on the way, and features cats like Tanya Morgan, Naledge, Diz Gibran, Marvwon, Nickelus F, and others. Should be dope, and devoid of “rappin’ ass rappin’” in favor of some real spit. Or maybe it’s just a bunch of dope fi dope sake. I don’t know. I got the big beat, though.

Roulette Music ft. Grafik Ruffin & Jermiside "Winnin'"

Roulette Music ft. Grafik Ruffin & Jermiside "Winnin'": Based on the title and the Charlie Sheen mania going on over the last 2-3 weeks, I was waiting for the chorus on this track to feature a lot of samples from Sheen interviews. Nah, just some blah. With Nate Dogg passing away, makes you kind of look at all the hooks coming out right now. The beat on this isn’t bad – Roulette Music has an album, No Handouts, on the way, and their instrumental is nice. It’s got a nice bop to it, sounds like a HBCU marching band did the sounds, nice live feel to it. And Lessondary member Jermiside does the damn thing, as per usual, but that hook just irritates me.

E Dot Dizzy Flying Colours

I first got to speaking with E Dot via twitter, long before I knew he was an artist, and on Flying Colours, the God not only makes comparisons to the story of the Phoenix, but also weaves some sly bars, all heavy with bedroom eyes. No loud cracks or monstrous bass, this is all quiet storm smooth, and the subject matter doesn’t stray far from the fairer sex, be it love, lust or get the fuck out of my face. E Dot has gone from being homeless to now working and living life, so the comparison to The Phoenix is apt, although with the multitude of rhymes about women, I wonder if E Dot is more Scott Summers, wrestling with his infatuation of Jean Grae/The Phoenix Force. You play the tracks, you be the judge.

DOWNLOAD E Dot Dizzy Flying Colours

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (3/16/2011)

Odd Future At The 2011 MTV Woodie Awards

Tyler performs the beginning of "Yonkers", and Hodgy joins in for "Sandwitches", AKA they drop the only tracks we see video for, maybe because these are the only tracks available for sale. I'm not mad at OFWGKTA - this post right here is pure comedy. I also feel bad everytime I hear them self-edit - I know it's a necessary evil, but it always sounds weird. I also don't get how MTV will censor "goddamn" in "Yonkers", but will let "ashing blunts" fly. God > Drugs, I guess. Big up yardie.

[video] Mr. Sobers "Hustle"

[video] Action Bronson "Barry Horowitz"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

[video] Pusha T "Push It Down"

Small Eyez ft. Antonio Dye "2 The Sky"

It's been a minute since I've heard some new bits from Small Eyez; actually - it was SXSW 2010 when I got sent a freestyle from duke! He's got a new project sorted out for late Spring 2011, but right now he and a grip of other indie niggas *and some shark-jumpin' ass artists* are down in Austin now preppin' to go ham. Peep the track below, love it and revel in it, and get amped for the forthcoming release!

2 The Sky ft. Antonio Dye by CheSing

The Combat Jack Show Catch-Up

Finally, the last two Combat Jack shows have been uploaded today. They are from the 18th of February and the 11th of March, as PNC Radio is doing some renovations and whatnot. Glad we got these, I forever miss the show live. Via PNC Radio.

The Combat Jack Show 2-18-11 by PNCRadio

The Combat Jack Show 3-11-11 by PNCRadio

RIP Nate Dogg

RIP to one of the true G-Funk stalwarts, Nate Dogg. Dude's health was bad over the last couple years, suffering two strokes about 3-4 years ago. Not sure what the final cause of death is, but this is a blow to those of us who grew up on the early Death Row classics. Started out as the sangin'-ass member of 213 with Warren G and Snoop, it's his memorable turns on tracks like "Regulate", "The Next Episode", "Can't Deny It", "21 Questions", "Area Codes" and others that we all will remember... dude had a way of flippin' and bouncin' his voice, sangin' but keeping it so gangsta. I hate when an R&B singer tries to sound adult by cursing - Nate sounding like a G who just happened to harmonize.

Is there still time to trade Akon to get Nate Dogg back?less than a minute ago via web

We wish, young Ivan. We wish. Rest in power, Nate.

EDIT I contributed to "The 10 Most Memorable Nate Dogg Hooks" post over on TRU (big up Rizoh & Jaap); there's also a dope mix that dropped months back that's been doing my head in all day...

Nate In '08 (mixed by DJ Steve1der)

And finally, here are a few refixes that got posted today:

Eminem & Nate Dogg - Warrior Part 2 (Santi Junior Thugstep Refix) (Nate Dogg Tribute) by Santi Junior

Warren G - Regulate ft. Nate Dogg (Disc Jockey Nappy vs. Die vs. Clipz R.I.P. D&B mix) by djnappy

[video] Singapore Kane "Dividends"

Pro'Verb ft. yU "Too Hip-Hop"

Pro'Verb ft. yU "Too Hip-Hop": “Too Hip-Hop” is one of those terms I am trying to escape. I was actually in a contemplative mood on twitter this past Saturday, realizing that while RTD is very Hip-Hop heavy, I fucks with a lot of genres (hell, I AM the content side of Dogs On Acid!), but I can’t get non-Hip-Hop sites/followers/etc. to fuck with me, because they feel I’m “too Hip-Hop”. Oddly enough, Hip-Hop is all-encompassing, so why would that be a proper issue? Pro and yU expand on that over a headnodder forreal. Pianos and strings help weave these tales and feelings of how someone can be too Hip-Hop – or too ANYTHING. Definitely not a bad thing IMHO. Pro’s While You’re Waiting mixtape is mixed by DJ Yckor and due out… sometime. THAT’S HIP-HOP!

Quake x Kayo ft. SonReal "Go Hard"

Quake x Kayo ft. SonReal "Go Hard" (prod. by Scena): Not to sound like a dumbass, but this is the hardest track I’ve heard from this duo since they started promoting The Search. Heavy drums, louder vocals and an aggressive, poignant hook have this one rising above the other bits on the intensity scale. You have to go hard to get heard, it seems, so I feel the ambition. Let that animal out the cage and rip a nigga face off. The Search drops March 18th.

Armond "All Of The Lights"

Armond "All Of The Lights": Oddly enough, listening to this Armond freestyle is the first time I’ve heard the Kanye track. Try to tell you guys I’m on some other shit. Anyways, you gotta love when a nigga purposefully says they ain’t working, then put out some work. Nappy does that a lot, and I guess Armond got bit by that bug and had an epilepsy on this epic instrumental. Go ahead, Armond – take some more breaks.

Tranzformer "Blunt Running"

Tranzformer "Blunt Running": Tranz’ been affiliated with your favorite Brown Baggers, but every cipher has to have some greenery, right? Here’s an instrumental to roll a dutch to, from a producer who’s working hard on a few things, including the album version of More Than Meets The Eye with Koncept, as well as the self-titled EP with Jefferson Price. Need that!

Tranzformer - blunt running by Tranzformer aka Dirtydome

Venomous2000 "Drop Of Venom"

Venomous2000 "Drop Of Venom" (prod. by Red Eye Productionz, cuts by DJ Priority): Here’s some throwback fury from Venemous2000, taken from Red Eye’s Red Eye vs. The World album, bringing some proper Hip-Hop on a Canadian/Jersey tip. Love the dusty sample and drums – some shit that’ll send you into a fit via headphones in the subway. All the elements are here – just start breakdancing when it drops or some shit.

[video] Eternia & MoSS "To The Future"

Hellfyre Club Prometheus

I remember hearing Intuition bring this project up months back, but now the Hellfyre Club (which features Intuition, VerBS, Open Mike Eagle, Sahtyre, E.Super, Nocando, KAIL and others) going in over some leftfield productions. The bars are not even fuckwittable – so many supreme MCs here, that’s on lock. Hearing cuts like “Nosiree” – my lawd. Not sure what the track is or who produced it, but it has that bass-driven flavor that I’m all about, with a capable spitter dissecting it, verbally. Ginsu bars. Might wanna drop a tab to this.

DOWNLOAD Hellfyre Club Prometheus [via Pop & Hiss]

[video] Old Money "Maroon On The Move"

Bonus Beats Old Money "Maroon On The Move"

Flux Pavilion's Daily Dose Of Dubstep Mix (3/10/2011)

Here's Flux Pavilion's mix for MistaJam's "Daily Dose of Dubstep!" series.

Streets Buchanon "Keys"

Streets Buchanon "Keys": I’m not mad at this – Florida’s Streets is hungry. You can hear it; dude also likes sliding inside the beat like good pussy. I respect his thing, I’m just not the biggest fan of this beat – I love hearing people reimagine samples and bring it into their own zone, but that repetitive piano put me to sleep. Which sucks, because when I woke up and listened to Streets’ bars, I loved them. Someone get Numonics on the horn and give Streets some illers on the beat.

[video] A.M. Breakups ft. Teddy Faley "Amphetamine"

[video] Nutso ft. Panchi, Torae & Punchline "Street Corner"

Bonus Beats Nutso ft. Panchi, Torae & Punchline "Street Corner"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cutline - Chew The Fat! Mix

The duo known as Cutline move from strength to strength; if it's not a massive remix, it's another mix for another reputable outlet. This 60 minute journey through dubstep and Drum & Bass is thrown together as only Cutline can do it - some serious sounds in here, trust. In the tracklist, you'll even get a free Cutline remix! It's St. Patty's Day tomorrow - consider this mix as something to pre-game to.

DOWNLOAD Cutline - Chew The Fat! Mix


01. 16 Bit – Skullcrack
>> Emalkay – Fabrication
02. Katy Perry – E.T. (Noisia Remix)
03. Barbarix – Shiva Step
04. The Blackout – Higher and Higher (Tek-One Remix)
05. The Qemists Ft. Enter Shikari – Take It Back (VIP Vs The Prototypes Re-Edit)
06. Noisia – Friendly Intentions
07. Chase & Status Ft. Delilah – Time (Wilkinson Remix)
08. Herve – Together (DJ Fresh Future Jungle Mix)
09. Emalkay – Massive
10. Ellie Goulding – Lights (Bassnectar Remix)
11. The Agitator – Say No! (Cutline Remix)
12. Skism – Elixir
13. South Central – The Day I Die (The Qemists Remix)
14. Benny Benassi Ft. Gary Go – Cinema (Skrillex Remix)
15. Porter Robinson – The Wildcat
16. Wolfgang Gartner – Space Junk
17. TAI – Big Bass Drum (Bart B More Remix)
18. J Majik and Wickaman Ft. Dee Freer – In Pieces (Secret Lemon Project Remix)
19. Flux Pavillion – Bass Cannon
20. Downlink – Biohazard
21. Foreign Beggars Ft. Noisia – Contact (Trolley Snatcha Remix Vs Drum & Bass Mix)
22. Body and Soul and Fourward – Comply To The Rules
23. Breakage Ft. Jess Mills – Fighting Fire (Loadstar Remix)
>> Noisia – Diplodocus
>> Ed Rush, Optical and Fierce – Alien Girl

[video] maticulous "Body The Beat"

Featuring Ruste Juxx, RA The Rugged Man & Rock, taken from The maticulous EP. which is due out March 29th (but you can pre-order it right now):

The Source Interviews Prodigy

Combat Jack represents for his new gig and gets the first post-jail interview with Prodigy for The Source.

The first thing I noticed about Prodigy during our interview is how clean his teeth were. Dude now has perfect teeth.less than a minute ago via ÜberSocial

Has-Lo Antelopes & Lions

Philly links up properly on this mixtape, where Mello Music Group’s own Has-Lo and Mr. Sonny James (of the IllVibes Collective) linking up to show Has’ past, present and future in this scene, with originals and remixes from Has (with production from the god as well as DeeJay Tone & Culture I), showcasing what I’ve come to know for a bit – Has is a capable auteur, opening up a musical time capsule and allowing you to hear him do his thizzle. Dude looks like a 10th grader and spits like your Easy Jesus-guzzling favorite uncle, and sharts over whatever other flavor of the month rapper you fuck with puts out. His album In Case I Don’t Make It is due out on Mello Music Group on t he 29th of March (pre-order now), and I’m guessing whomever is reviewing it (a chosen few aside) aren’t getting homey’s chamber. I get it, but I mean who the shit am I but a fan with no plan? Do yourself a favor: if you smoke weed, go buy a good amount of your best green. Roll up something fat, dim the lights and press play as you light your L. Allow the music to soak over you as the herbs and spices entices your senses nicely. Then make sure you secure a copy of Has’ album.

DOWNLOAD Has-Lo Antelopes & Lions

Dev79 "In Grain We Trust"

Dev79 "In Grain We Trust": Currently out right now as an exclusive to Juno Download is Dev’s In Grain We Trust EP, and he recently leaked the title track. Dev, Starkey and their whole crew has been repping that “street bass” sound for years now, and it’s good to see them expanding and getting the sound out there. There’s a classic dancehall vocal sample in this, and this gets all (2-)steppy and (UK) funky on you. Something to ignite the dancefloors, trust we! And as a bonus, you might want to fuck with that Travis Porter bootleg Nappy posted over on HOODLUM today.

[video] Donwill ft. Nicky Guiland "Breathe"

[video] Oddisee ft. Toine "Different Now"

[video] Nato Caliph "Physics 720 (and the Universal Laws of...)" (Alternate Version)

Check out the original video HERE.

Dumhi The Whole World's Watching

I'd review this, but fuck Dumhi. I'd post the proper cover, but I like doing shit that says "I got something before you didn't". I'd laugh if you believed either of those statements, too. I will say that I talk shit on and about Haj, but the dude's a fucking talented producer. He's also nice as fuck - he dropped The Whole World's Watching on his Bandcamp for free until the end of March. I believe this album is set to be on sale digitally and physically, but this being leaked for freebie is essential. Featured MCs include Elucid, Scanz, Reef The Lost Cauze, Ethel Cee, Random and plenty others. I love the vibe on this, too - some interesting, dusty samples on here, punched up and funked out with dizzying effects. Feels like one of those early '90s longplayers, where you didn't know what to expect from track to track, and each song building in strength. And you fuckers still want to sleep. Fucking hate that. Grab this now, and thank Haj later.

DOWNLOAD Dumhi The Whole World's Watching

[video] Humble the Poet "Beautiful Mistake"

Bonus Beats Humble the Poet
"IAMTORONTO" (prod. by DviousMindZ)

[video] Smokey Robotic ft. Roscoe Umali & Styliztik Jones "Grace Under Fire"

Bonus Beats Smokey Robotic ft. Roscoe Umali & Styliztik Jones "Grace Under Fire"

[video] Moe Green "Cruise Control"

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 30: SXSW Bound

DJ Nappy Joins Generation Bass

Ever since he's returned to the scene, DJ Nappy has been "focused like he's magnified"; part of that focus has been an allegiance to Generation Bass, which boiled over today with the official declaration that Nappy's joined the GenBass fold, and will be doing posts over there for now on. He capped this off with a special exclusive he gave away for download...

Juvenile vs. Instra:mental "What's Happenin' (Disc Jockey Nappy Refix)"

Juvenile - What's Happenin' (Disc Jockey Nappy vs. Instra.mental Mix) by djnappy

Rickie Jacobs "Stupid Wild"

Rickie Jacobs "Stupid Wild": Jesus - this is straight short bus. Kind of reminds me of when Bus goes ham with that fast-paced flow. Straight disrespect over the Bangladesh beat here, homey. What's hilarious is Jacobs can do this all day, then send me some shit from the other side of the spectrum. I don't think you guys have fully understood or been privy to how deep dude's talent is. Keep close to dude - he's got some surprises.

Hawdwerk & Jansport J "You Ain't Sayin Nada"

Hawdwerk & Jansport J "You Ain't Sayin Nada": It's been over a year and some change since High Power Moves dropped, introducing the world to Jan and Hawd's cipher. Picking up (and advancing) from where they left off, here's the epic first single from BlackBalls, their debut album. Not much info came with the blast from @CovOriginal about the album, but I'm hoping these brothers got signed and this'll be available for purchase, with money and stuff. Or maybe buy a t-shirt of the ill artwork up above and the CD in a package, for like $20. Who knows. That's all blahblahblah.

The ILLZ :03 From Gold

Not too many people credit ColdKrushCuts as being where they grabbed a somber instrumental... then again, most cats aren't The ILLZ. One of Jersey's finest, his :03 From Gold EP (which just got released via DJ Wonder and 2DBz) is homey's 4th official release, and an air of the melancholy throughout. Almost like a Hip-Hop heroin high... not that I know what a smack session feels like, but this is what I'd imagine my dopefiend lean would be soundtracked with. ILLZ has a great voice - really draws the listener into his bars, and the flow of this is just perfect. Short and sweet, good to eat. Or inject. Take that.

DOWNLOAD The ILLZ :03 From Gold
:03 From Gold by TheILLZ

[video] Shy B "Desire"

Bonus Beats Shy B "Desire"

[video] Jake "Killin' Em" x "Hello Good Morning (Remix)"

Jake is the vocalist for a band Easy Does It, who is said to be hitting the studio with Benny Blanco; for now, peep dude's rhymes over some found beats...

Bonus Beats Jake "Killin' Em" x "Hello Good Morning (Remix)"

The BrainStormers "What's Mine Is Yours"

The BrainStormers "What's Mine Is Yours": Before there was a BrainStormers EP, there was this track, which Praverb tells me "introduces how we become The BrainStormers". Funky throwback instrumental here, and while I imagine it can take sharing all kinds of things with your crew members, I'm hoping these cats aren't sharing vagina. It's 2011 - we're too old to be trying to cuff homey hoppers. You don't want to share VD - that's not Hip-Hop.

DJ Premier - Live From Headqcourterz (3/11/2011)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jakk Frost "Winning Duh"

Jakk Frost "Winning Duh": I was trying to avoid this Charlie Sheen rap track shit, but I'm not mad at the boy Frost for this. Taken from his Charlie Sheen Meets Mel Gibson EP )which is due out on the 17th of March), Frost channels Sheen in the sense that he drops a whole box of crayola over his words, really making this shit bright and colorful. And straight to your jugular. With classic epic Sheen commentary interspersed. Just awesome. And the best track of it's ilk. And yes, that shirt is definitely for sale.

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 29: Producers

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 28: Kayo - Graffiti Rap

Bailey's Junglistic Version Excursion v1.5

During his most recent radio show, Bailey dropped a special updated version of his Junglistic Version Excursion, special for the Dancehall Takeover over at Radio 1 and 1Xtra. This mix throws up the original Dancehall and reggae tunes against the Jungle and DnB tunes that have utilized it. Loads of classics, as well as some newer bangers. Take a trip with this one!

[preview] Half Past Never Band ft. Jon?Doe "Letters"

Half Past Never Band ft. Jon?Doe "Letters": Here's an interesting cut from Half Past Never Band's second album, Cubicle Coma. Not sure how they found me, seeing as they represent Helsinki, Finland, but this track is ill. Nice mixture of thought-provoking rhymes with a heavy dose of live instrumentation. One of the iller tracks from a live band rockin' Hip-Hop since The Roots, no bullshit. Their album also features Sankofa and the homey Zilla Rocca. Trying to get more audio from this album - I'm intrigued! Be on the lookout for the "Letters" single, which drops in April.

Half Past Never Band - Letters feat. Jon?Doe by Halfpastneverband

Avionadramida "The Greatest Punch You Never Felt"

Avionadramida "The Greatest Punch You Never Felt": Hah - I love when MCs touch beats that a lot of cats tried to spazz on, and they just shit all over cats. Previously, it was Earl Sweatshirt over Rich Boy's "Drop", but now the Kool Klux Klan member adds his own bag of bars to this one. I'm surprised more MCs didn't try to beast this beat, but at this point it doesn't matter - the non-voters done sharted on it.

Mike Tyson Cures Angry Birds Addiction

Mike's #winning right now. Taking On Tyson might be a dope show, too.

Drastic "What I Do"

Drastic "What I Do" (prod. by Cynergy Soundz): Lovin' the vibe of this one from BPA affiliate Cynergy. The work on that vocal in the sample, and the overall brightness of that beat blends well with Dras' rhymes. Something to sip something strong to in a packed basement, reppin' with your peoples. Something to blow trees with that fly chick to... before you put your mack down, of course. Just a different sound from the cookie cutter norm out there. Rock to it.