Saturday, March 26, 2011

Falling Down. 03/2011

Felt like having a mix this afternoon. Nothing too crazy here, just a bunch of dubstep I'm feeling at the moment. New tracks from the likes of Distance, Rusko & Reso, Dodge & Fuski, Kromestar, Pixel Fist and more, with a few gems from Rusko and Joker to round things out. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD presents Falling Down. 03/2011

[video] The Primeridian "Drop The Needle "

Legit ft. Connoisseur "Seeing Is Believing"

Legit ft. Connoisseur "Seeing Is Believing": Chitown's finest sent over the first single from Coloring Inside The Lines, which truly should be highly anticipated from those in the know, or for niggas who dig fresh Hip-Hop from new(er) MCs. Connoisseur contributes both the hook and third verse, while Legit brings that "wise beyond his years" touch to his rhymes. Perfect track to blast on a Saturday afternoon, trust we. Proper throwback appeal to the sample used, and they both just cut through the track like a knife. On those days that I miss Common's old shit, I look to Legit for the next phase of that def poetry.

[preview] 2011 NJPAC Alternate Routes Hip Hop Festival

Here's some info on this year's NJPAC Alternate Routes Hip-Hop Festival, which goes down April 7th through April 9th, with a ton of talented artists:

MellowHype ft. Casey Veggies "LESS"

MellowHype ft. Casey Veggies "LESS": A lot of shit isn't known about this track - it's leaked as a MellowHype tune, but Pitchfork says it's a Hodgy solo track. Outside of it will be on the re-release of BlackenedWhite, this is fresh. White blazer rap; picture OFWGKTA doing a parody on some kind of spy flick, you could see these niggas really camping it up on the espionage tip. I'm hoping this is a Left Brain production, as I think dude's a great producer who needs some more love. Not that OF really needs more press - them niggas are on a run that seemed unimaginable this time last year. In any case, this is a different flavor for the crew, and something nice to rock to on a mellow afternoon.

MellowHype - LESS (Feat. Casey Veggies) by The Up-Turn

[video] Apollo The Great "Destiny"

Bonus Beats Apollo The Great "Destiny"

FuseBox Radio (Week of March 23rd, 2011)

[video] DviousMindZ "KeysofLIFE"

[video] Isaiah Toothtaker "Faith No More"

[video] Nero "Guilt"

Friday, March 25, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 3/25/2011)

Cat vomit.

Slim's Sugar Shack (Part II)

previous Slim's Sugar Shack (Part I)

[preview] Break & Die "Slow Down Remix"

Here's a radio rip of the official remix of one of my favorite Drum & Bass tunes of 2010, taken from Bailey's most recent 1Xtra show. I remember when I previewed the original, I was so enamored by their use of classic R&B vocals in a pretty sparse riddim. I'm not sure if it's just Break on the remix, but it definitely retains all of the brilliant qualities of the original piece, while injecting a nice edge into the proceedings. With a multitude of the EDM scene down in Miami, this time of year is one of the best for DnB, with new releases and dubplates galore, so I figure the timing on this one emerging is perfect. No word if/when this will drop, but enjoy this rip.

DOWNLOAD Break & Die "Slow Down Remix" [radio rip]

[video] Start Your Own Rebellion "Right Here"

Bonus Beats Start Your Own Rebellion "Right Here"

Babylon Cartel x Dj Ambush Presents: CHILLmatic

Chill Moody goes HAM over a grip of Nas instrumentals, blended by DJ Ambush.

Bonus Beats Chill Moody x Babylon Cartel x DJ Ambush "CHILLmatic"

Jermiside ft. Donwill & Spec Boogie "The Cookout"

Jermiside ft. Donwill & Spec Boogie "The Cookout" (prod. by Von Pea): Real fucking Lessondary party on this one! Let me just say, that beat that Von Pilsner cooked on this one? Straight off the grill. Feels like some shit your parents would get hype to during a Labor Day cookout. When Lessondary gets together on tracks like this, it's nothing but quality Hip-Hop, and with that BBQ beat and these meaty rhymes? Wild gems. Fucking radical, nigga. You need this.

This is taken from Live & Let Live, the follow-up to Die Jerm Die.

Slim's Sugar Shack (Part I)

[video] Freeway & Statik Selektah "The Flow"

The Combat Jack Show (3/25/2011)

Aww man! Another one in the bag. Big ups to DJ Ben Amin (@PleaseDontStare) who came through and spun on The Combat Jack Show. Tonight’s show was our last show on the Thursday nights/Friday AM timeslot. Please be sure to tune in to our new slot each and every Wednesday nights 10pm-Midnight. Our special guest tonight was none other than (journalist Newmanati) Editor -In-Chief of The Source Magazine, Bonsu Thompson. So many stories he spoke on from his tenure at XXL Magazine, working for Elliott Wilson (YN), Benzinogate and so much more. Shout outs to the homies Premium Pete and DDotOmen who were also rockin’ out with us. WARNING: There’s a lot of “pausing” going on, lmao!!!!!! Yall know what to do…..

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (3/25/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show 3-25-11 (Bonsu Thompson) by PNCRadio

[video] Red Eye ft. DJ Qvali "Never Relate" Global Presents Big S.I.N. Live at The Brewery (3/12/2011)

Grab S.I.N.'s State Of Emergency via iTunes.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A History Lesson For Chris Brown

Jay Smooth for Mayor of The World.

Benji B - Exploring Future Beats (3/24/2011)

Jelani "Paradise"

Jelani "Paradise" (prod. by Durkin): Jelani, I hate you – how you gonna blast this out and say some shit like “if a beautiful Saturday afternoon had a soundtrack, *this* would definitely be on that CD”? That sounds like some shit I’d say! Jelani said he fucks with music pon the regular (like, on some all day shit), and made this while thinking of the niggas he converses with on your Internets from the hours of 9AM to 5PM, where us unlucky fucks are usually chained to a desk, punching clocks and pushing pencils. An escape from planet Monday kind of thing. It definitely has that “I just got off work early on a sunny Friday afternoon, let me go drink and smoke this roach” vibe to it. That 3rd verse is the shit, too – when it’s just bangin’ drums and dude going ballistic with the flow? This is the stuff that makes quality Hip-Hop. Ride those horns, soldier.

Cymarshall Law "Cymar Fades Em All"

Cymarshall Law "Cymar Fades Em All": While Camp Lo and Pete Rock have their own collaborative effort(s) dropping on that ass this year, it looks like Jersey’s own Cymarshall is cooking up his Pete Rock Tribute Mix CD, Hip Hop In The Soul Brother #1, and this freestyle over the remix of Jamal’s “Fades Em All” (which in itself is a classic block banger) is a great intro to Cymar’s project, which is due out in April. Aside from this, check for Cy’s “Zion Land” video to drop next week (that joint was filmed in France, should be a fly one), as well as a new Everliven Sound LP, which is produced by a bunch of Dutch cats, as well as a new Cymarshall Law & Mr. Joeker project, Hip Hop In The Soul 2! This dude doesn’t sleep, apparently.

UllNevaNo x Logic Marselis "Wowsers"

UllNevaNo x Logic Marselis "Wowsers": The DMV is heavy on this track, with VA’s Logic and Bmore’s UllNevaNo linking up for a Instant Messengers FreEP that’ll be out sooner than you can imagine. This is some dope Hip-Hop, no additives or preservatives, created in a proper Internets style (trading vocals and beats via broadband connections). Love the way Logic keeps introducing the original sample, so you can hear how fly his beat is when it drops back in. Kind of shit you would ride to, waiting to hop into the cipher. Need a Jansport to fuck with this one properly!

Trinity "The Bronx"

Trinity "The Bronx": Here’s one for you fans of gritty NY rap and the rappers from that era. Trinity = A.G., Sadat X and DJ Jab. Full blown New York spit. The Bronx, to be specific, and this is their anthem to their borough. The hook is cool – I love homegirl’s message, but her singing doesn’t work well enough for that beat, in my opinion. I love hearing Sadat rhyme – he almost sounds like he’s going to fall right off the beat, but picks it back up. When it works, it’s awesome. This is a dope anthem, for the old(er) gods, and has been getting the trio a lot of love, from New Era commercials to other notable spots. Their debut LP drops on Fat Beats (which Jab owns) in late 2011.

Camp Lo "80 Blocks Intro (For Pete's Sake Freestyle)"

Camp Lo "80 Blocks Intro (For Pete's Sake Freestyle)": Respect to Trackstar for using a Rosenberg/Pete Rock conversation as the intro to the intro of the forthcoming 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s mixtape, which is due out next week, I believe. And props to dude for being such a Camp Lo fan – I remember being heavy into their album when I really started understanding flows. They were never the deepest MCs, but they had their characters and flows on point, and really did some fly shit… that ultimately got slept-on. Nothing like a Pete Rock collabo album to get people recognizing your chi – even if they’re 80 blocks from reality in their claims. We know what Sonny and Geechi been doing. Serve chilled.

80 Blocks Intro (For Pete's Sake freestyle) by djtrackstar

Aleon Craft ft. Backbone "Ghetto Dope"

Aleon Craft ft. Backbone "Ghetto Dope" (prod. by SMKA): The vibe between SMKA and Craft must be awesome to see creating music. There’s no need for a corny intro or some theatrics – Aleon comes on the 1 and flies into that fuzzy bass, gats blazin’. Something hot to shake this random winter chill out of the air. Just a fly track to wake the hood up with, so when the slowpokes peek out their window, they’ll see you, dutch in hand, blowing good in the air, posted on the side of your whip. Or, since this drops on Mothership Decatur, you’ll probably be posted on the side of your UFO (sitting on 20s). That DJ Smallz-hosted tape drops early April, so make sure you’ve got your flux capacitor fixed for the impending trip.

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (3/23/2011)

Whitefolkz "I’m A Dogg"

Whitefolkz "I’m A Dogg" (prod. by Benny Rome): In about a month’s time, Nu Revolution representer Whitefolkz will be dropping his Year Of The Dogg via Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and Revolt Radio, so why not start promoting that jammy? ‘Folkz is kind of like the party man of the crew – Words has a lot of raw lyricists in the crew (not to shit on Folkz at all), so it’s refreshing to hear Whitefolkz come in with some ish that’s easily digested and ready for club consumption. He’s been on the low bubbling – I think I first heard about his ish a couple of years ago, and he’s moving up and on. I kind of hope they drop a video to this track, it has the basis that a funny visual could help elevate, I think.

[video] Big K.R.I.T. "Dreamin'"

DJ MadLogic x Five Steez Yard Rebel

Here’s the 2nd Five Steez mixtape I’ve received recently, and I’m not mad at this Jamaican MC. This time, he links with DJ MadLogic, who is a Guyanese-American that’s based in Germany, but with the true ish spit and spun on this mixtape, the phrase “it ain’t where you’re from, it’s where you’re at” rings true. This is a mixture of freestyles and shit over original production, with Steez staking his claim to be heard. I’m actually more fond of the original beats on here – makes me want to hear some more of Steez’ original tracks. In due time, I guess. Five Steez and DJ Ready Cee will be following up Momentum: Volume One with a 2nd volume, dropping sometime in the Summer. Both of these projects lead straight to dude’s debut album, War For Peace, a title which makes sense when you hear the duality of dude’s subject matter. Should be an interesting time for Steez, nahmean?

DOWNLOAD DJ MadLogic x Five Steez Yard Rebel

NatStar ft. Bad Azz "Coast 2 Coast"

NatStar ft. Bad Azz "Coast 2 Coast": What’s funny about geography and Hip-Hop is, when I was a shorty, tracks like this made sense but not as much as they do when you actually go to LA or any ill spot in Cali and take those 20 minute drives from inner to outer city. Or fly a plane, escaping the chill of winter to some fucking beautiful sun. Feel good music to the nth degree. Big up Vick for this one – is that nigga doing promo for Nat? Who knows. I do highly doubt niggas ain’t drinking or smoking to this, though. Has that bounce – that “I’m trying to rub my pelvis on Big Booty Judy” bounce.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

J.Good Look On The Brightside

I’ve been patiently waiting for this project to get released; judging by the leaks I’ve already posted, it’s a no brainer – this shit knocks. J.Good is a competent MC, who isn’t afraid to speak on whatever he’s got on his mind. I did have a concern: I didn’t want the quality of the features (with MCs like Von Pea, L.E.G.A.C.Y., TiRon, El Prez and others) to overshadow dude’s skill, or be “the reason niggas check for it”, and I’m proud to say homey holds his own. “Crazy Dreamin’”, is an open and honest knocker, and not the only opportunity Good gives you to step into his world. With beats from Nefarious, Jansport J and others, the sonic liquor cabinet is well stocked. It’s all wins, really – and with a day like today, where it’s all rainy/snowy and dreary, you need tapes like this to help you search for that sunshine.

DOWNLOAD J.Good Look On The Brightside

[video] Theo Martins ft. Plan B "Turn It Up"

my life needs more @theomartins over dubstep. seriously. he gonna front on me but imma put it out there in the wind. nigga. do it.less than a minute ago via web

[video] Distance ft. Alys Be "Falling"

Kind of wish they played more off the lyrics in the song in the video, but I guess you can't win 'em all! Big tune nonetheless.

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 32: Boobs Radley

Twitter genius Boobs Radley joins the Hype Men to discuss raunchy twitter DMs + horrible movies + rumors about Left-Eye Lopez + the Celebrity Herpes Game + why Alicia Keys makes Jensen cry + hooking up at a funeral + watching sex scenes with parents + celebrity paramours + more!

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 32: Boobs Radley
Bonus Beats Hype Men Podcast, Episode 31: Sean C

[video] Pugs Atomz ft. Anton Genius "They Ain't"

The Combat Jack Show (3/18/2011)

This episode of The Combat Jack Show featured the almighty editor-in-chief/journalist/COO pioneer, Sir Datwon Thomas. Datwon is currently the COO of Global Grind and Editorial Director of VIBE Magazine. Also he is the founder and former EIC of KING (best magazine in life, word to the inmates in prison). Nothing but jewel(z) and pure humor as always. You want to know how many KING mag vixens Datwon finger-banged? Or how he made his way through this trifiling-ass industry? Hit that play and/or download button below.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (3/18/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show 3-18-11 (Datwon Thomas) by PNCRadio

[video] DviousMindZ "GHOSTS"

Bonus Beats DviousMindZ 002 Live From Rexdale

Half Past Never Band Cubicle Coma (Sampler 1)

Like what you hear? Pre-order Cubicle Coma today! It's officially out May 4th.

previous [preview] Half Past Never Band ft. Jon?Doe "Letters"

The Garden Variety Show (4/01/2011)

[video] Kooley High ft. Median "Somethin' Outta Nothin'"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Narduwar vs. Odd Future

Even more Odd Future footage from SXSW, this time being interviewed by Narduwar. Via Miss Info. This is great.

[video] Tali "Dark Days"

This track (produced by Ed Rush and taken from Tali's Dark Days, High Nights album), coupled with the recent release of Distance's "Falling", has me VERY excited for dubstep continuing to permeate the mainstream. Big tings! Sending this one out to DJ Nappy.

[video] Has-Lo "Utero"

And to clarify a previous post, it looks like the pre-release of In Case I Don't Make It is available on iTunes today. Good ish, great Hip-Hop.

AWKWORD ft. Y-Love "Mr. President (Wisconsin)"

AWKWORD ft. Y-Love "Mr. President (Wisconsin)" (prod. by The White Shadow): While we don't keep it political on RTD all the time, we're not just all music all the time. We come from the era of Public Enemy, where the music was a tool that helped the outside world understand what was going on. Also helped those within the scene get a better understanding of the ills that life tried throwing at us. On this leak from the forthcoming rockthedub fifth anniversary compilation, FiF, AWK and Y-Love don't hold back in trying to educate those who might sleep on the ills of the GOP, using the crazy shit with Governor Walker in Wisconsin as a jumping-off point. Crazy to think you could have so much taken from you while trying to provide for your family. Shit like this happens a lot, and with decisions like this going on, these two are right - it's only a matter of time that something like this spreads like wildfire across the country. Open your ears, Obama - don't let this go down!

Mr. President (The Wisconsin Song) ft. Y-Love (prod. The White Shadow) by AWKWORD

[video] Skream ft. Sam Frank "Where You Should Be"

[video] Indiana Rome ft. Erick Richardson "Let's Get Higher"

Apollo Brown ft. Has-Lo "Heirlooms"

Apollo Brown ft. Has-Lo "Heirlooms": Oddly enough, I was at my mom’s over the weekend, trying to figure out why she has Vista and IE8 and wonders why her PC is fucked the fuck up. While updates updated, I went to the lower and top levels, looking over the things still left in her crib, mainly some old toys and a couple crates of vinyl. As Has does atop this jacked beat from MMG-bredren Brown’s Clouds LP, it’s fun to trip down memory lane and see how those old items can spark memories, or help you use those memories to chart your own personal growth. Has’ growth has built up to In Case I Don’t Make It, which is set to drop next week, and highly recommended by nigga’s like me.

Whiz Kid & TSB "Lace Em Up (Chuck Taylors)"

Whiz Kid & TSB "Lace Em Up (Chuck Taylors)": I used to rock Converse back in the day (when I was like seven), and love the kicks, but I don’t think my grown-up style affords me the ability to rock them. I’d like to fuck with them and khakis on the reg, but I don’t rock khakis on the reg, and I’m not sure if I’m trying to rearrange my style for a pair of kicks. I might have to, b/c I fuck with their look the way Whiz and TSB do in this tribute track. Bouncy horn-driven beat opens these cats up about how they rock their Chucks. Need to open the closet door on a Saturday to this, trying to decide how you’re properly going to lay them jeans atop the Chucks.

[video] BLKHRTS "OVR" (Couch Performance)

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Few Words For Nate Dogg

Via Ill Doctrine.

What's Poppin at SXSW? Peter Rosenberg + Odd Future Pt. 3

Also, the tracklist for Tyler's Goblin has been revealed.

previous What's Poppin at SXSW? Peter Rosenberg + Odd Future Pt. 2

DJ Hipnotikk Future Soundboys Vol. 1

Wake yo punk ass up! This mix has been sitting around for a bit, for no good reason, so I'm glad Hipnotikk hit me up and asked if we could drop this future thinkin' tape to all of you freaks out there. As future soundboys, you have to not only have your ear to the ground, but the ability to sift through the muck and the bullshit for the true gems. On this hefty mix, Hipnotikk's done just that - loads of Hip-Hop mashed with dubstep and drumstep. I mean, you know we've been championing this sound for a while, but it always help to re-establish our pole position, throw a pigeon back so you guys can get our message. DJs included on this project include DJ Nappy, RidZilla, DJ Pinto, Griffey and others, including 'nuff refixes from Hipnotikk and the one like Daddy's Money. Something fresh to get your week started with, really. Put on the headphones and enjoy the ride...

DOWNLOAD DJ Hipnotikk & rockthedub Present Future Soundboys Vol. 1

[video] MiLKMEN "Nerd Struck Freestyle"

Sunday, March 20, 2011

DJ Premier - Live From HeadQcourterz (3/18/2011)

On this week's show, Preem not only drops a SICK Just-Ice and KRS-One track ("Blah! Blah! Blah!") to start, but goes in on this whole Canibus situation that's brewed over the last few days. The majority of this mix, however, is dedicated to the memory of Nate Dogg. Great show.

FuseBox Radio (Week Of March 16th, 2011)