Saturday, April 02, 2011

[video] Cody ChesnuTT "Do Better To The Young"

FuseBox Radio (Week Of March 30th, 2011)

[video] Louie Gonz "Mental Violence"

DOWNLOAD Louie Gonz The Extras

[video] Smoke DZA "The World"

[trailer] The Hangover 2

I finally saw The Hangover last month. Awesome. This looks awesome too - I can even look past at the fact that they did this shit a second time. So amazing. Can't wait. Memorial Day 2011.

[video] Chase & Status ft. Delilah "Time"

Fucking heavy story in that one. "Time" single drops in May.

Yasmin & DJ Cable - BBC Radio 1 Mini Mix

The homey DJ Cable has been on a ROLL lately, with touring as Yasmin's DJ, starting up his Triangulum imprint and doing other producing and stuff. Lots of good food on his plate. Last night, the premiere of his Mini Mix for Annie Mac's Mashup was played last night, showcasing 160 Hip-Hop tracks... in five minutes! If you're a fan of things like DJ Zinc's DnB Megamix, or just love Annie's show in general, you should know how this will roll out. He uploaded it earlier, and I wanted to share this with you.

[video] Dula-Mite "Middle Finger University"

[video] Silver Medallion "Live Forever"

Friday, April 01, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 4/01/2011)

Yeah, we still celebratin'


Wiz has to be celebrating this week: not only does he have one of the flyest chicks on his arm, but his debut album, Rolling Papers, hit stores this week. rockthedub turned five years old yesterday, so we're throwing celebrations all weekend. And Nappy's on the way out very soon - sooner than you think. So it made sense to drop a previously-unreleased refix of Wiz and Philly phenom Starkey. Shit like this makes so much sense - just listen to how Starkey's beat fluctuates and matures, and how Wiz's shit matches it beat for beat. Just excellent. Head into Wrestlemania weekend with this one, trust we!

DOWNLOAD Wiz Khalifa vs. Starkey "Say Yeah (Disc Jockey Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

J.Capri Face in the Crowd

I guess this wasn't a joke. I do feel odd that he calls his project Face in the Crowd, but then has it released by Refined Hype & BOTTOM SHELF. Most "faces in the crowd", within this Internets Hip-Hop game, don't get co-signs on their projects (and the fact that the cover doesn't have - wait for it - other people in it), but I digress. This is a good introduction to Capri's chamber. The intro/title cut feels like Nas' "Book of Rhymes", a lot of different themes/thoughts being thrown atop one beat (although this would've been doper with an ALC beat). Elsewhere, upcoming gems like King Mez help add some weight to this project, but Capri doesn't throw wild features all over - and has a variety of soundscapes to help him prove to you that he's singular. Despite the date on the calendar, this EP's devoid of jokes. Give it a spin.

DOWNLOAD J.Capri Face in the Crowd

The Combat Jack Show (3/30/2011)

New day, new time slot = NEMANATIIIIIII! Haha. Last night was the debut of CJRS in the new Wednesday 10pm-12am time slot. No more leaving the station at 4am. Primetime! In the building was the usual suspects Combat Jack, Dallas Penn, Premium Pete our newly appointed DJ Ben-Ha-Meen. Our special guest was none other than the author of “The Big Payback: The History of Business of Hip-Hop”. Dan has been in the music business for a while and was in the mix of some of the Hip Hop’s most monumental moments. Do yourself a favor, purchase the book and stream/download the show below…..

*Don’t forget, The Combat Jack Show can be heard live each and every Wednesday nights 10pm-12am on*

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (3/30/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show 3-30-11 (Dan Charnas) by PNCRadio

Benji B w/ Hype Williams - Exploring Future Beats (3/31/2011)

[video] Prince Ali "Rhythmicism Blvd"

[video] Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose "Lady Ideal"

[video] Apollo Brown "Time Passed Autumn"

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Why yes, it's definitely been five years since I first started rockthedub (back when I still had a "" attached). It's been a wild journey - I went from needing a spot to let some of my unpublished interviews and reviews breathe, and turned into a destination for heads who want a different take on the normal shit you find on music blogs. As we always do around this time, I felt like I needed to drop a special compilation, and tried to assemble a load of previously -unreleased/exclusive material, so on this project you'll find new shit from Brown Bag AllStars, Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro, Elucid, Scripts N Screwz, Pugs Atomz & DJ Vadim, The Two. Fifteens, Whygee, an exclusive remix of a J NiCS track from Numonics, two DJ Nappy refixes, Mario Dones, Rickie Jacobs with Artic, and plenty more tracks.

DOWNLOAD presents FiF [mirror]

I also got a grip of tracks that didn't fit the 80 minute length I place on my compilations, so here's a batch of Bonus Beats featuring heat from JSWISS, Elucid, Deal - The Villain, E Dot Dizzy, SUICIDER, R.O.E., Triple J, Stealth, Kenny Kenny and others.

DOWNLOAD presents FiF (Bonus Beats) [mirror]

That's a total of 34 tracks, for free. Not a number that's divided by five evenly... sue me. Big up to EVERY artist who sent me a track for this, or ever sent anything my way, as well as any head who has visited the site in the past five years. I do this for all of you. Shouts to my wife and my family for holding me down. I hope you enjoy this compilation, and help us celebrate our first five years. Thanks again!

EDIT I wanted to big up all of the blogs who've shown FiF love:

2 Dope Boyz | Passion of the Weiss | Knuckle Rumbler | Flawless Hustle | Audible Hype | Dot Got It | The Grind Daily | The Mad Bloggers | TRU | Boo Goo Doo Boom | Banana Clipse | Rickie Jacobs | Donwill | AWKWORD World View | Clap Cowards | Know The Ledge | YNotMyDream | Fly Definition | DEF!NITION OF FRESH | GYMRblog (if I missed your site, let me know!)

Thanks for your continued support. And big up to everyone sending well wishes to @khal via twitter! Loving the love! Share with your people. Appreciate that. Back to your regularly scheduled posts tomorrow.

EMS x RTD: ThrowBack Thursdays 021

So after a year hiatus from the EMS x RTD "ThrowBack Thursdays" series we bring it back and it's only right we kick it off with the EMS general, M-Dot, who is currently touring in Europe. This is a NEW remix of an Old track off the "Run MPC" album released last August (on Soulspazm). Remix by DJ Duke of France. Look out for the Exclusive M-Dot interview coming soon on RockTheDub and grab M-Dot's new mixtape "More Doubters Over Thinking" for FREE D/L.

DOWNLOAD M-Dot ft. Big Shug "Tap Out (DJ Duke Remix)"
M-Dot & Big Shug - Tap Out (DJ Duke Remix) by DJ DUKE

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (3/30/2011)

[video] Action Bronson "Forbidden Fruit"

Dallas is sick for this one. Make sure you check out The Combat Jack Show tonight from 10PM to 12AM on

Intuition I Ruined These Songs For You Too

I forgot to post these ruined jams on Tuesday when Intuition dropped them. That's my bad. With five years of rockthedub touching down tomorrow, I'm able to slip up, yeah? This Hellfyre Club affiliate cooked up some new (unauthorized) remixes of tracks from Erykah Badu, Raphael Saadiq, Frank Ocean, Sublime, Icona Pop and others. What's an Icona Pop? I don't know, name sounds dope. And these versions sound better than the originals I never foxed with. Thank you for your ruining, Intuition!

DOWNLOAD Intuition I Ruined These Songs For You Too

Blast: The Launch Event (4/05/2011)

Donwill says TM has special performance lined up for this event, which features complimentary Blast by Colt45. If you're in the NY area (this goes down at Southpaw), you need to be there.

[video] Jean Grae ft. Styles P & Talib Kweli "R.I.P."

previous Jean Grae ft. Styles P & Talib Kweli "R.I.P."

Lyle Horowitz ft. PreZZure & St. Vincent "Chain Reaction (Remix)"

Lyle Horowitz ft. PreZZure & St. Vincent "Chain Reaction (Remix)": I actually got to hear this remix a week or so ago, and instantly fell in love with PreZZure’s “I Gave You Swagger” take on the track’s title. So much so that I implored Lyle to do some kind of project with the two of them, on some narrative shit. Cohesion and all. Who knows if that present will ever be delivered, but PreZZ as a chain is dope in and of itself. This alternate remix (with the full St. Vincent sample) is taken from Horowitz’ Auteur: Director’s Cut LP, which finds Lyle updating his 2009 release. You need that.

Donny Goines ft. Bobby Creekwater & Mikkey Halsted "For The People"

Donny Goines ft. Bobby Creekwater & Mikkey Halsted "For The People" (prod. by SMKA): I almost feel like this track should’ve dropped in February for Black History Month, but each month should be dedicated to representing and remembering where we came from. This is another jawn from SMKA’s The 808 Experiment, Vol. 3, which drops on the 26th of April, and features a shitload of MCs – check that artwork above to get a glimpse of the talent SMKA has sorted out. Hell, he got three heavy hitters on one track right now! 40 artists, quality Hip-Hop. You need that.

[video] Curly Castro "Flatbush & Church"

Camp Lo & Pete Rock 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s Mixtape

We’ve been loving what the homey Trackstar the DJ and DJ Mark Divita did on this tape, based on the batch of freestyles and blends that have been leaked, so just enjoy this complete mixtape, which blends classic Camp Lo acapellas with vintage Pete Rock beats, as well as some new freestyles and album cuts. It’s a well-rounded mixtape, something that only a true fan and student of Camp Lo, Pete Rock and Hip-Hop in general could pull off. With the tempartures rising, this is definitely the shit you need to be blasting as you open up your windows and let the sun shine in.

DOWNLOAD Camp Lo & Pete Rock 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s Mixtape

[video] Koncept & Tranzformer ft. Jefferson Price "Change"

[video] Kyle Rapps "Me"

Re-Edutainment is out now.

previous Kyle Rapps "Me"

Skream & Benga - LIVE At Fwd>> + Rinse (Boxing Day 2010)

Recess x DNA

previous recess.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Elucid "My Blank Verse"

Elucid "My Blank Verse" (prod. by Small Pro): On the low, Elucid and Small Pro have a lot of material on the horizon, together and separately. This track just got passed over to me Sunday night for my rockthedub five year anniversary compilation, FiF, which drops on Thursday, March the 31st. It brings the best bits of both MCs - crisp beats and poignant rhymes. I was speaking to Small Pro earlier this evening, and he's got an album and a mixtape on the way - both should be out before the Fall. Elucid has this track and 2 others (3 if you count a refix Nappy did) on FiF, as well as two EPs (produced by Von Pea and Aeon, respectively), his Save Yourself album and other projects on the way, including the Concrete Sound System noodlings. I'm glad to have been featuring these cats during RTD's first five, and hope to continue seeing their creativity flow. For now, check out some blank verses.

Juan Epstein: Snoop Dogg & Daz (3/28/2011)

For the latest edition of Juan Epstein, Snoop Dogg makes his second appearance, and brings Daz along. Obviously, with Nate Dogg's recent passing (and Ciph's love of West Coast Hip-Hop from that era), the spend a good amount of the podcast speaking on their fallen brother. RIP, Nate.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein: Snoop Dogg & Daz (3/28/2011)

[video] Rome Cee "By Your Side"

Has-Lo "Fiber Optics"

Has-Lo "Fiber Optics": Loving this one. Has-Lo has sorted out one of the early favorites for the Best of 2011 with "In Case I Don't Make It. He was introduced to me as a rapper/producer, and while I LOVE his beats, I'm more partial to his lyrical fury, which is properly showcased on this track, dripping in calls for you niggas to escape the mental shackles. I'd go in depth, but just peep the lyrics here. In Case I Don't Make It is out today, via iTunes and UGHH, so if you're complaining about needing some proper Hip-Hop for your audio diet, go get fed.

junclassic "What It Is"

junclassic "What It Is" (prod. by J Slikk): Two of my favorite BPA niggas collaborate on this one. I’d go on about how I wish jun and Slikk would work together more, but I mean, I just deal with the few gems of their collabs that I possess. jun says that he was inspired by a piece he saw at 174 Street and Park Ave in the South Bronx, so I guess I need to accumulate a load of Slikk beats and take that nigga on a trip to varying graf murals. I could get the album I need in my life.

Jonny Walker "No Games"

Jonny Walker "No Games": Been a grip since this Superinternational nigga hit me with some new music, but at least he comes correct with the bounce. Walker is a smart nigga, Superintellectucal really, but knows that you need to get the brains to the party (and, coincidentally, AT the party), so he isn’t afraid to kick his bars over something a bit bigger. The hook feels kind of sparse – but I guess when you are truly “playing no games”, you don’t need to concoct some lamebrain chorus. Right? Just rock to this, hands in the air.

No Games by Jonny Walker

J. Capri ft. Charlie Smarts "All For You"

J. Capri ft. Charlie Smarts "All For You" (prod. by The Counselor): I apologize for holding onto this track, but say no more – this is ill. Love the strings over those weighty kicks. Something to instantly get your head nodding if your woofers are tuned that low. You already know Kooley High’s own Smarts, and Capri is capable as well – so capable that Refined Hype & BOTTOM SHELF are dropping J.Capri’s Face In The Crowd (which will also feature King Mez and beats by Johnny Juliano and The Best Kept Secret) on April 1st. Or maybe that’s just a joke.

St. Joe Louis "Show For It"

St. Joe Louis "Show For It": It's been a minute since we helped released 30,000 Feet High And Rising, and since then I've been trying to get tracks for the RTD digital imprint sorted out. I finally got a release date for SJL's "Good Morning" / "30,000" single (April 19th), but oddly enough, I'm NOT here to expound on that. This trio has been working on their next project, Basquiat Boyz, and I have a feeling I'll feel better about them using my favorite artist's name instead of niggas like Swizz. Even odder is this track isn't even on that release! Just something their recorded over this previous weekend, and on a more methodical, brooding tip. Also a motto for them in 2011 - niggas don't have time to hop on EVERYTHING, but at least have something to show for the time you do have. Be on the lookout for a split EP with Brokn.Englsh, produced by Jr and Ph7, as well as (hopefully) more projects from these EA representers. Jersey STAYS active.

Daddy Nino "Fuck Tha Police Freestyle"

Daddy Nino "Fuck Tha Police Freestyle": Damn skraight. Well, I don’t mind the popo – the ones who are doing the right thing and upholding the law. It’s the jakes who abuse and misuse their authority for their own gain, or to put another nigga down, those are the ones who need to be fucked the fuck up. Anyways, ATL’s own Nino follows up an awesome mixtape to weave a bad jake tale over some classic Lord Finesse. Dude must work a lot – he already has Something About Bowie, his next mixtape, penciled in for May. Keep on, fam.

Dave Ghet "Wake Up"

Dave Ghet "Wake Up" (prod. by Hezekiah): Here’s a fly, up-tempo track from Dave Ghet, ½ of Hustle Simmons. Love the way this track evolves – has some fly keys thrown atop that funk. Dave doesn’t water his bars at all, which I love; I hate cats trying to switch up their styles to “fit” different tempos. Do you, regardless of the tempo. My only wish? I need an extended version of this!

Bonus Beats Dave Ghet "On The Run Freestyle"

Wake Up + On The Run (Freestyle) by Dave Ghet

[video] Montana x Easy Yves Saint "Leaving Flo'"

[video] Cane "I Do Work"

B Breaks "Someone Important"

B Breaks "Someone Important": Here’s some interesting shit from Las Vegas way. 20 year old B Breaks drops off this cut from Wingless Pigeons // Brent Wraps. I’m not sure who dude is, so I don’t know if his chants of being “someone important” are braggadocio or reality. Like a great man said, though, you can speak things into being, so I’m not mad at ALL. What I personally fuck with in this track is the fact that the feel is more someone rhyming over their garage band guitarist’s riffing than someone really getting fat beats. Instead of blowing the party up with this, this is more of a dusty reel made at 3AM, after many of the “in-crowd” leaves and a core group of in-the-know patrons are sitting in a dimly lit rec room, passing a bong and just styling. Who knows what the rest of homey’s output is like, but I’d like more of THIS than some of the ish that’s out. Diversity, bitches.

Chill Moody ft. 5Grand "Open Up Ya Eyes"

Chill Moody ft. 5Grand "Open Up Ya Eyes" (prod. by Jahlil Beats): I recently got introduced to Chill Moody, and honestly wasn’t expecting this. It almost reminds me of when I first got introduced to Wiz Khalifa – off a cheesey sample. I won’t front – I’m not a fan of Jahlil’s beat. I understand that the BPM is making him use that loop at a certain speed, but it annoys me. On the flipside, though, this has potential to really touch the radio. It has that sheen of shit I could see cats mobbing to in the club. Philly’s got a lot of different zones, and this spaced-out trunk rattler has it’s place.

Dutch New York "Broadway Show"

Dutch New York "Broadway Show" (prod. by Broadway): I swear, DNY loves that araabMuzik sound – he might as well link up with araab and get the authentic block bangin’ shit, instead of the duplicated shit. This shit can be kind of intoxicating, and I figure if I was ¾ into a bottle of O.E., I’d be hypnotized. Sober? I’m nodding but not swerving. DNY is raw, though. Dude’s got that concrete hard flow. Sounds like anthems he spits while whippin’ up the babies.

[video] Tragic Allies "The Basics Freestyle"

[video] Tone Liv ft. DohBoi "Amazing"

Monday, March 28, 2011

[video] Tef Poe ft. Theresa Payne & Rockwell Knuckles "Crazy"

Bonus Beats Rockwell Knuckles You're Fuckin' Out, I'm Fuckin' In

Kyle Rapps "Me"

Kyle Rapps "Me" (prod. by Kev Brown): Jersey’s own is on his Re-Edutainment shit, dropping some shit that I need to blast in my hood to wake the dumb up. Dude took the success in his life and doesn’t sound like he’s boasting – he doesn’t have a full head or bloated ego; hell, he’s more apt to show you how to do it, too, than brag on his accomplishments. Within the scene today, that’s fucking DIFFICULT to find, so I’m glad we could hear him reppin’ himself and making you, the listener, feel good is just grand. Re-Edutainment drops tomorrow, March 29th.

Hodgy Beats "Mystery"

Hodgy Beats "Mystery" (prod. by Bambeeno): Thank you, Hodgy. Thank you for keeping your cool, being you and riding with this OFWGKTA ship. I feel like so many people get caught up with Tyler and Earl (for good reason), and assume (incorrectly) that all OF is “horrorcore”, as if they are spitting shit as terrifying as Brotha Lynch Hung or worse than Eminem Slim Shady (I don’t know if OF has done anything as disturbing, content-wise, as shit like “’97 Bonnie & Clyde”, FWIW). On this recently-leaked cut, Hodgy shows that OF is essentially just young niggas making quality music, not young niggas specifically trying to scare old niggas. Dude knows how to ride a beat and showcase his personality on any beat he touches, be it something dark and brooding or more flute-driven. No word on where this ends up, and really, who cares? You got it. Wolf Gang. Free Earl.

Nametag ft. Guily Simpson "Raw-Dirty-Filth"

Nametag ft. Guilty Simpson "Raw-Dirty-Filth" (prod. by Nameless): This is perfect. This track has a solid, West Coast-feel in the synth and melody, adding to the lazy drums perfectly. Nametag sets shit off, and I hope I’m not disrespecting, but beats like this are MADE for Guilty, who doesn’t disappoint at all. Something to vex to while mid-cipher with your crew – I dare a nigga to get mad when you run this one back! DubMD says this is the lead leak from ‘Tag’s Classic Cadence Vol. 3: End Credits, the end of the Classic Cadence trilogy. Vol. 3 is due out May 23rd, and features Nametag alongside cats like Black Milk, Flawless Tracks and more, with a grip of freestyles, collaborations and remixes, as per usual.

M-Dot "While I'm Breathing" [NoDJ]

Dear EMS crew,

Wwhat’s up, fam? It’s me, khal from I’ve been supporting you guys for a bit, presenting some projects and series at times, or just enjoying the dope shit you guys have been doing. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for providing the DJ-less version of this "While I’m Still Breathing" track. I don’t know if it’s Explizit One’s use of that vocal in the beat, or the message that M-Dot kicks in his rhymes, but this was one of my favorites from More Doubters Over Thinking.


DOWNLOAD M-Dot "While I’m Breathing" (prod. by Explizit One)

[video] Meyhem Lauren ft. Action Bronson "Got The Recipe"

Dallas' use Hulk and Herc as Meyhem and Action is so choice. Taken from Lauren's Self-Induced Illness.

Bonus Beats Meyhem Lauren ft. Action Bronson "Got The Recipe"

[video] Rob Jay "Do You Believe in the Rap Phenomenon?"

[video] MiLKMEN "Ransom"

[video] King Fantastic & Rusko "Why? Where? What? (Troublemaker Edit)"

This video is NSFW, but so worth it (the track is hot, and so is Kristina Rose). If you want to peep the censored version, head on over to YouTube. And if you want the full track, sashay over to The King Fantastic.

[video] Nico The Beast "Wake The Beast"

Sunday, March 27, 2011

[trailer] The Upsetter: The Life and Music of Lee Scratch Perry

Raphael Saadiq x Intuition "Good Man (Remix)"

Raphael Saadiq x Intuition "Good Man (Remix)": Intuition is a proper track ruiner. You can always count on him to take some shit you like and properly drop his essence all up in it. Pause. He leaked a Phantogram remix he did last month, and said I could go ahead and leak this Raphael Saadiq track he hopped on. Both of these are taken from his forthcoming I Ruined These Songs For You Too, which drops Tuesday (March 29th). Hopefully you will enjoy the ruining of tracks by the likes of Frank Ocean, The Strokes, Sublime, Erykah Badu and other bands I don't know 2 things a bout. Proper violations.

[video] Boog Brown "U.P.S."